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Grammar With Humor 15

Grammar With Humor 15

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Published by Bro. Oh Teik Bin
A Grammar Lesson with a Humor touch
can help grammar learning so very much.
A Grammar Lesson with a Humor touch
can help grammar learning so very much.

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Published by: Bro. Oh Teik Bin on Dec 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Past Perfect
Grammar With Humor 15
Presentusedfor future
The Present Simple and the Present Continuous can both be used to refer to events happening in the future. Underline the examples below which have future meaning. The first is done for you.
1 We’re sending our son to a holiday camp next week. > Oh! Does he need a holiday? No ut we do!" # hear you’re mo$ing to %ondon next week. > &es # ha$e to ecause o' my (o. )re you working 'or the same people? > &es * my wi'e and our six kids!+ What are you gi$ing your ay rother 'or ,hristmas this year? > # don’t know. What did you gi$e him last year? > -easles # think.) oy was up an apple tree stealing apples. ) policeman came along and caught him. /e looked up at the oy in the tree and said0 > When are you coming down young man? When you go away! replied the oy.We’re ad$ertising 'or a new cashier in next week’s -orning 2ost. > 3ut you hired a new cashier last week! # know ut he isn’t honest. > 3ut you can’t (udge people y their appearance. #’m not. #’m (udging him y his disappearance!4 # egin work at the 5wan %aundry on -onday. > 6hat’s wonder'ul! 3ut tell me how do you wash a swan?7 -y daughter gets married at three o’clock in 5t -ary’s ,hurch on 5aturday. > /ow do you 'eel aout it? Well #’m losing a daughter ut # am gaining a telephone!

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