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Table Of Contents

Aghora - A true treatise
Philosophy of Aghora
Aghora - Beginning Stages
Aghora - Beginning Stages - Agni
Aghora - Beginning Stages - Vayu
Initiation into Aghora as a Disciple
Mantra Sharira
Kula-Akula-Cakra and understand the relevance of sanskrit
Individual Sadhanas
Sadhanas for Mother Goddess Tara
Mantra Siddhi on Tara Ritual
Tara Ritual Blessing
Tara Yantra & Benefits of Wearing the Yantra
Adya Ma
Tara Ma
Tara Ma Mantra Variants
Tara Trijada Ritual
Tara Ma and Vedas
Nyasa in Vedas and Tantra
Neela Saraswathi Sadhana
Saraswathi Sadhana
Tara Saptakshari(mantrantara)
Modes of Worship
Yakshini Sadhana
Yakshini Sadhana Siddhi
Vada Yakshini Sadhana
Vada Yakshini Sadhana and Siddhi
Madanamekhala Yakshi Sadhana
Madanamekhala Yakshi Siddhi
Vishala Yakshini Sadhana
Vishala Yakshini Siddhi
Bhadra Kali Sadhana
Kali Sadhana
Kali Sadhana Siddhi
Kali Sadhana - Satwic and Madhyama Ways
Raktheswari Sadhana
Raktachamundi Sadhana
Raktachamundi Siddhi
Prathyangira Sadhana
Ugra Prathinkara Sadhana
Prathinkara Siddhi (Shanta)
Prathinkara Siddhi (Ugra)
Aghorarudra Sadhana
Karnapischaachini Sadhana
Karnapischaachini Siddhi
Vatukabhairava Sadhana
Vatukabhairava Siddhi
Cchinnamasta Sadhana
Cchinnamasta Sadhana Siddhi
Dhoomavathi Sadhana
Dhoomavathi Sadhana Siddhi
Jayestalakshmi Sadhana
Jayestalakshmi Sadhana Siddhi
Bagalamukhi Sadhana
Bagalamukhi Sadhana Siddhi and Prayoga
Kubera Sadhana
Kubera Sadhana Siddhi
Shulini Durga Sadhana
Shulini Durga Siddhi and Prayoga
Hanuman Sadhana
Hanuman Sadhana Siddhi & Detailed Prayoga
Relevance of Various deities
Deity Infusion
Panchamakara Sadhana
Panchamamsa Sadhana
The world of Projections
Cosmos and Beyond
Revisiting the Cremation ground
Across The Worlds
The Astral worlds
"Death" of the Sthula
Final Post
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06 Aghora eBook Draft

06 Aghora eBook Draft

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Published by Diwanand Davar

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Published by: Diwanand Davar on Dec 21, 2013
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