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Mind Power

Mind Power

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Published by Lloyd
A short compilation of techniques to change the way you use your mond. And unlock only a bit of the practical potential you have.
A short compilation of techniques to change the way you use your mond. And unlock only a bit of the practical potential you have.

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Published by: Lloyd on Sep 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Goal Setting:
Setting goals gives you specific targets/objectives/destinations, which sortsout the passive notions from true things you want.Use the
S.M.A.R.TSpecific – Measurable – Action/Oriented – Relevant – Time Limited
The B.I.D. System:
“By the mile it’s a pile, by the inch it’s a cinch”Break-It-Down… Break your goal down into a series of manageable steps.Since your conscious mind can only hold seven things at a time. Its better to break things down so you don’t have to worry or concentrate on all of it atonce.Start with the big picture, the end result. Then sub-divide it into smaller tasks. Then divide those tasks down smaller until you have the utmost basis/basics to follow until you ultimately reach your goal. 
Problem Solving:
Sometimes problems do and will arise. And act as a road block on your wayto achieving your goal. These can be solved analytically... like a doctor diagnosing a patient based on the symptoms. But more than often this cannot be done for other problems.The answer to this is a term called the “EUREKA!” moment, when suddenlythe solution or the answer pops into your head. This happens because byfocusing on the problem with your conscious mind. Often you just make itworse, by worrying and doubting. But when you “Pass over” the problem totour subconscious… The subconscious has access to your entire memory band and problem solving processes. So it will sense the input and startworking on the solution… and when it’s done. It will pass it back to theconscious. “EUREKA!”Do this by focusing on the solution. Even if you don’t have the answer, youmust be in a state of belief of faith that the answer will come, that the answer is already there. The difference is you’re not focusing on an image like withgoal setting, but a FEELING of having solved the problem.
Lifelong Learning:
Earners are learners because they know that times change, old methods arereplaced by new ideas, and you've got to *stay* in the race before you canhope to win it.The future belongs to those who can think creatively, and who possess*specialized knowledge* that cannot easily be automated or outsourced.
1.Get into the Study Habit
Implement your own study program-Today!Choose a subject that gets you closer to your Goal, grab your readingmaterial, and get started.
2.Learn to speed read
Learning to speed read is the smartest choice you can make. Not only do you read double in the same time, but you remember it easier aswell.
Memorize anything with this technique:
All memory works by association, and creating mental connections tospecific pieces of information. “A well spun memory web allows access toall the information hung.”
Creating Memories Associations;1.Names
What you do is take what you don’t know (The name), and connect it towhat you do know (The association).For instance you meet someone new, try to identify one key feature that youremember about the person (Association). And create a Visualized/Mentalconnection to the name.So (Max) walks up to me and greets me. Max has short dark hair, a largenose and a scar above his left brow.
His hair is irrelevant and not a good association to choose… perhaps thenose? Or even better is the distinct scar above his brow? Now you have the (Name) and (Association/Link).Make a visual story in your mind.“A man carrying an axe (Rhymes with Max) with M carved on it,accidentally gashes his own left eyebrow.”The more extreme or abstract the better, this will be your glue to connect thetwo sides.
Memory and repetition:
Once you’ve made the association in your mind. You must cement it intoyour long-term memory.Repetition has proved to do this, as we recall better when something is periodically reviewed.So simply create your “Memory Movie”, and replay it over and over with brief sessions between.
Create movie
Repeat immediately
Repeat 10 minutes later 
Repeat 1 hour later 
Repeat next day
Repeat a week later 
Repeat a month later By this time the connection is so firmly in place, you will recall it instantly.This is called the
technique.Associate – Visualize – Repeat

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