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Mahmoud Shaaban, Curriculum vitae

Mahmoud Shaaban, Curriculum vitae

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Published by Mahmoud Shaaban
M.Eng., PhD student, Research Assistant
M.Eng., PhD student, Research Assistant

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Mahmoud Shaaban on Dec 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mahmoud Shaaban
PhD student, Research Assistant, Teaching AssistantAeroacoustics and Noise Control LabUniversity of OntarioInstitute of Technology2000 Simcoe st. N.,Oshawa, ONCanada L1H 7K4Phone: +1.905.721.8668Fax: +1.905.721.3178Home:691 Simcoe st. N.,Oshawa, ONCanada L1G 4V6Mobile: +1.289.600.6430E-mail: mahmoud.shaaban@uoit.ca
MSc. Eng, Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, CairoUniversity, 2013.Distinction (GPA 3.95), 1st Position Honors.BSc. Eng, Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, CairoUniversity, 2010.Distinction with Honor Degree (93.91%), 1st Position Honors.
Ontario Trillium Scholarship 2013A significant initiative to attract more of the best qualified international students toOntario for PhD studies.
Teaching and Research Experience
Faculty of Engineering,Cairo University 
Research Assistant, MSc student 2010-2013Teaching Assistant, Mechanical Power Engineering Department(2011-2013):Tutoring, grading, and lab instructing for the courses:- MEP 407: Mechanical Engineering Laboratories- MEP 403a: Fundamentals of Terbomachinary- MEP 403b: Applications of Terbomachnary
YJ-STRC, American University in Cairo
Research Assistant, School of Science and Engineering (2011-2013)Desert Development Project in collaboration with KAUST: Modeling and develop-1
ment of thermoacoustic prime-movers on a large and micro-scale and performanceinvestigation with integrated solar power input.
University of Ontario Institute of Technology 
Teaching Assistant and lab instructor, Faculty of Science (2013-present)- Physics PHY-1010- Physics PHY-1020Reseach Assistant, Aeroacoustics and Noise Control Laboratory
Journal articles 
[1] Shaaban M. and Mohany A., Control of Acoustic Resonance in Shallow RectangularCavities Using Surface Mounted Blocks,
 Canadian Acoustics - Acoustique canadi-enne 
 , Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 78-79, 2014.[2] Sadek O. and Shaaban M. and Mohany A., Suppression of Acoustic Resonance inPiping System Using Passive Control Devices,
 Canadian Acoustics - Acoustique canadienne 
 , Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 58-59, 2014.
Conference proceedings 
[1] Ibrahim, Abdelmaged and ElBeltagy, Ahmed and Emam, Mahmoud and Abdel-Rahman, Ehab, Development and Analysis of Non-linearity in the Pressure WavesResulting from Thermoacoustic Heat Engines,
 Proceeding of Acoustics 2012, Nantes,France 
 , 2012.[2] Ibrahim, Abdelmaged and Emam, Mahmoud and Elbeltagy, Ahmed and Omar, Hosnyand Abdel-Rahman, Ehab, Performance Evaluation of Thermoacoustic EngineUsing Different Gases,
 Proceeding of 9th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, Vilnius, Lithuania 
 , 2012.[3] Ibrahim, Abdelmaged and Elbeltagy, Ahmed and Emam, Mahmoud and Abdou,Moamen and Omar, Hosny and Abdel-Rahman, Ehab, Suppressing Harmonics inStanding-Wave Thermoacoustic Engines,
 International Summer School and Work-shopon Non-Normal and Non-Linear Effects in Aero- and Thermo-acoustics, Mu-nich, Germany 
 , 2013.
 Master Thesis, Mechanical Power Engineering Dept., Cairo University 
July 2009 to Aug 2009:
 Internship in the Institute of Thermal Technology and Ther-modynamics, Technische Universitaet Freiberg, Germany: Project on Gas ThermalConductivity in Porous Materials” under supervision of K. Raed and U. Gross.
Research Motive
Aeroacoustics is the study of noise generated either by turbulent fluid motion or aero-dynamic forces interacting with surfaces. Aeroacoustics is important in the design of buildings, heat exchangers, bridges, wind turbines, vehicles and aircrafts to minimize vi-brations and noise. Aeroacoustics is a growing area and has received fresh emphasis dueto advances in air, ground and space transportation as well as power transfer. Havingworked as a part of a thermoacoustic project team, my experience in the laboratory tech-niques of the acoustic field gave me the chance to interact with the field of aeroacoustics.I developed an experience in the measurement techniques that are vital to the researchin aeroacoustics. Measurement of acoustic field using particle image velocometry (PIV)and measurements of acoustic power using the two-sensor method are regular proceduresin the thermoacoustic research labs.Acoustic resonance is a design concern in many engineering applications such as tubebundles in heat exchangers, boiler plants, turbomachines, piping systems, and reactorvessels. It occurs when the flow surrounding a bluff body, such as a circular cylinder,vibrates in a resonant manner. This often leads to the generation of acute noise problemsand/or excessive vibrations. Since the acoustic resonance phenomenon is not yet fullyunderstood, it can be dangerously unpredictable and may cause catastrophic failures inmany applications such as power generation and transport. Due to the complexity of the flow-sound interaction mechanisms in tube bundles, the simplified cases of a singlecylinder and two cylinders in various arrangements (tandem or staggered) have beeninvestigated in some detail. However, it is not clear whether this knowledge can beapplied for the case of multiple bluff bodies (e.g. tube bundles) or not. Therefore, themain objective of my PhD research is to investigate the flow-excited acoustic resonancefor the case of multiple bare cylinders in cross-flow. Research will significantly contributeto the growth of the energy and environmental technologies in Canada, which are amongthe top strategic sectors that the Canadian government supports in order to achieveeconomic sustainability.
 Native speaker
 Fluent, TOEFL score of 113 on October 2011.
 Fair oral and reading skills, Goethe-Zertifikat B2 test score: gut on Jan. 2012.
Dr. Atef Mohany, PEng,
 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering and AppliedScience, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Email: atef.mohany@uoit.ca,3

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