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CSU and Homeopathy.doc

CSU and Homeopathy.doc

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Urticaria or nettel rash or hives can be easily treated and cured with homeopathy medicine ,,,, Dr. Rajneesh kumar sharma , a homeopath from India tells about it....
Urticaria or nettel rash or hives can be easily treated and cured with homeopathy medicine ,,,, Dr. Rajneesh kumar sharma , a homeopath from India tells about it....

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Published by: Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD Hom on Dec 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (CSU) and Homoeopathy 
© Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma M.D. (Homoeopathy) Homoeo Cure & Research InstituteNH 7! Mora"a#a" Roa"! Kashipur ($ttarancha%)INDI! 'in 7*+'h. ,-7 /,+7! 07/*0-"rrajneeshhom1hotmai%.com! "rrajneeshhom1yahoo.co.in
$rticaria ('sora2223 Sycosis223 Syphi%is2) is a transient con"ition o4 the s5in! usua%%y cause" #y an a%%er6ic reaction ('sora)! characterie" #y pa%e or re""ene" irre6u%ar! e%e8ate" patches an" se8ere itchin6 ('sora).
$rtication! urticaria! hi8es! nett%e rash! rash! roseo%a! e44%orescence! s5in rash! hypersensiti8ity reaction.$rticaria may #e acute or chronic.cute urticariaIt appears an" "isappears su""en%y 9ithout many recurrences. ('sora)Chronic urticaria:hea%s an"3 or an6ioe"ema %astin6 ; / 9ee5s ('sora3 Sycosis)C%assi4ication o4 Chronic $rticaria Su#types*CS$ Spontaneous appearance o4 9hea%s ('sora)! an6ioe"ema (Sycosis)! or #oth ;< / 9ee5s "ue to 5no9n or un5no9n causes. Kno9n causes inc%u"e in4ections or auto reacti8ity (Causa occasiona%is3 =o%%e causum) i.e. presence o4 mast ce%% acti8atin6 autoanti#o"ies ('sora).In"uci#%e $rticariaa.'hysica% urticariai.Symptomatic "ermo6raphism a%so ca%%e" urticaria% 4actitia or "ermo6raphic urticaria% ('sora)ii.Co%" urticaria% a%so ca%%e" co%" contact urticaria% ('sora)iii.De%aye" pressure urticaria%a%so ca%%e" pressure urticaria% ('sora)i8.So%ar urticaria% ('sora)8.Heat urticaria a%so ca%%e" heat contact urticaria% ('sora)Chronic Spontaneous $rticaria (CS$)It is the type o4 chronic urticaria 9hich is spontaneous (No e>terna% physica% stimu%i) an" has "e8e%opment o4 9hea%s! an6ioe"ema! or #oth 4or ; / 9ee5s ('sora3 Sycosis)*:hea%sa.Centra% s9e%%in6 o4 8aria#%e sie! usua%%y surroun"e" #y a re4%e> erythema ('sora)#.ssociate" itchin6 or! sometimes! #urnin6 sensation ('sora)
c.Reso%8e 9ithin *  hoursn6ioe"emaa.Su""en! pronounce" s9e%%in6 o4 the %o9er "ermis an" su#cutis ('sora3 Sycosis)#.Sometimes pain rather than itchin6 ('sora)c.?re@uent in8o%8ement #e%o9 mucous mem#ranes (Sycosis)".$p to 7 hours 4or reso%utionNA :hea%s reso%8e as ne9 ones 4orm! such that CS$ patients continua%%y ha8e 9hea%s 4or ; / 9ee5s
Prevalence of CSU
*$rticaria o4 any type is 8ery common an" increasin6 in inci"ence:omen to men ratio is B*+%% a6e 6roups are a44ecte" #ut pea5 inci"ence is #et9een , , years o4 a6e (:or5in6 years)No re%ationship #et9een urticaria pre8a%ence an" e"ucation! income! p%ace o4 resi"ence or ethnic #ac56roun"
Pathogenesis of CSU
 =ri66erin6 =ri66ers %i5e heat! co%"! e>ercise or un"e4ine"! inc%u"in6 anphy%ato>ins! neuropepti"es! #acteria! inter%eu5ins! chemo5ines! o>ytocin! %eu5otriene! 'MCs ('roopiome%anocortin)! prosta6%an"ins! canna#inoi"s! a"enosine! uro5inase! capsaicin etc. a44ect I6! ?CeRI! SC? (Stem Ce%% ?actor)! I6E! ?cyR! F'S! =FRs (=o%%%i5e receptor)! Comp%ement. (=o%%e causum3 Causa occasiona%is). =hese 4actors 9or5 to in"uce mast ce%% acti8ity. Mast ce%%s are the 5ey e44ectors ce%%s in the in"uction o4 urticaria symptoms.Mast ce%%s acti8ity Cutaneous mast ce%%s re%ease me"iators in response to 8arious 4actors inc%u"in6 "ru6s! pepti"es an" 8asoacti8e amines ('sora). Mast ce%%s acti8ity %ea"s to the secretion o4 IF*! IF! IF+! IF! IF-! IF/! IF0! IF*,! IF*+! =N?! MI's! I?Ny! EMCS?! =E?A! #?E?! G'?3GE?! '6"! F=A! F=C! '?! Histamine! serotonin! heparin! chon"roitin! su%phate! chymase! tryptase an" C'.
Mast Cell Activity
Symptoms in"uction an" mani4estation 8ia me"iators
In turn! these 4actors in"uce*cti8ation 'ruritus ('sora)Gaso"i%atation rythema ('sora)+>tra8asations :hea% (Sycosis)Recruitment In4i%trate ('sora3 Sycosis)
Signs and symptoms of CSU
'ruritus is usua%%y 9orse in ni6hts causin6 s%eep "epri8ation ('sora3 Syphi%is) an" conse@uent%y! chronic 4ati6ue ('sora3 Syphi%is). 'sycho%o6ica% comor#i"ities are common 9ith CS$. It a44ects the person as a 9ho%e in 4o%%o9in6 9ays*Dai%y %i8in6physica% acti8ities! chores! eatin6! concentratin6! s%eepin6. ('sora)Se%4perception Fone%iness! conspicuousness! an>iety a#out 4uture! 4ee%in6 unhy6ienic. ('sora3 Syphi%is)+Menta% status =ire"! stresse"! o8er9he%me"! an" an>ious. ('sora3 Sycosis3 Syphi%is)=reatment in"uce" restrictions44ect on e8ery"ay acti8ities! 4inancia% #ur"en! an" "iscom4ort. ('sora)-Socia% 4unctionsImpact on re%ationships! impact on se>ua%ity. ('sora3 Sycosis)/Feisure Restricte" choice o4 c%othin6! %imite" ho##ies! a8oi"in6 sun e>posure. ('sora)
Autoimmunity in CSU
*$p to , o4 CS$ cases may #e autoimmune re%ate". ('sora)a.I4 the thresho%" 4or mast ce%% acti8ation is %o9ere"! patients ha8e a hi6her suscepti#i%ity to histamine re%ease. ('sora3 Sycosis)#. "ecrease in thresho%" o4 mast ce%% acti8ation occurs in a certain 6roup o4 patients 9ith CS$! nota#%y those 9ith an autoimmune component. ('sora)'ossi#%e autoimmune path9ays in CS$a./, o4 patients ha8e an anti#o"y "irecte" a6ainst ?ceRI ('sora)#.*, e>hi#it I6 anti I6 ('sora)c.+,,o4 patients ha8e histamine re%easin6 autoanti#o"ies "irecte" a6ainst hi6h a44inity I6 receptor or! %ess 4re@uent%y! I6 itse%4 ('sora)".In some patients 9ith I6! autoanti#o"ies a6ainst thyropero>i"ase ha8e #een i"enti4ie". ('sora)
Diagnosis of CSU
*Routine patient e8a%uation 9ith thorou6h history an" physica% e>amination 9ith specia% stress to the 4o%%o9in6a.=imin6! 4re@uency! "uration o4 attac5s#.Shape! sie! "istri#ution an" associate" symptoms o4 %esionsc.?ami%y an" me"ica% history inc%u"in6 a%%er6ies".#ser8e" corre%ation to any tri66ers e.6. 4oo"s! e>ercise! "ru6s etc.e.=ype o4 9or5! ho##ies! smo5in6 ha#its! stress4.'re8ious therapy an" response to treatment

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