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Programa Ahorro Energetico.doc

Programa Ahorro Energetico.doc

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Published by cicognad

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Published by: cicognad on Dec 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Objective
Energy Conservation Programme with schools
The Energy Conservation Programme with schools was initiated in Mumbai by The Tata Power Company Limited in July 2007 The ob!ective o" the programme was to sensiti#e schoolchildren about mitigating the energy crisis in the city by curbing waste"ul usage o" electrical energy The programme comprised a "ilm provided by Tata Power highlighting common areas o" energy wastage and measures to control such wastage This was "ollowed by a Power Point $ession which e%plained energy and power& generation and distribution o" electrical power& the interpretation o" electricity bills& e%amples o" common high'power home appliances ( devices& optimi#ing the use o" these devices on a day'to'day basis& limiting the use o" these devices to o""'pea) hours& dependence on "ossil "uels& limitations o" "ossil "uel reserves and alternative sources o" energy The schoolchildren were then ta)en on a guided tour o" the Tata Thermal Power *enerating $tation at Trombay to show them the enormous amount o" capital and resources necessary to generate power "or the city +"ter the 2 audio'visual sessions and the Plant ,isit& the assimilation and understanding levels o" students was assessed by a -ui# on the concepts discussed The top .0 per"ormers on the -ui# were pronounced Energy Champions "rom each school + letter was sent to the parents o" every Energy Champion in"orming them about the per"ormance o" their child in this initiative and see)ing their encouragement to help their child achieve his(her goal The programme was carried out in .2 schools Encouraged by the initial response& Tata Power Energy Club covered 2/ schools across Mumbai and elagum in 200/ The total primary sensiti#ation numbers were ..&1.7 who in turn reached out to a secondary sensiti#ation o" 2&322 citi#ens The students were enthusiastically involved in wor)shop and campaigns to understand the crisis and wor) towards reducing energy wastageToday& in 2003& Tata Power Energy Club became a national movement and covered more than 240 schools across Mumbai& 5elhi& Pune& +hmedabad& angalore& Calcutta& elgaum& Jamshedpur and Lonavla on the sub!ect o" energy conservation To spar) o"" a youth initiative "or curbing energy wastage through active measures it has also been inducted college students in Mumbai and Pune this year 6ver "ive la)hs citi#ens have been sensiti#ed so "ar in an attempt to create awareness about this issue and our target "or this academic year o" 2003'.0 is to cover . million citi#ens Today it has grown into a nationwide movement bringing together the youth& parents& teachers and the society at large

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