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CSS: First Nations Defense Assignment

CSS: First Nations Defense Assignment

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Published by neilstephenson

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Published by: neilstephenson on Sep 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 First Nations Defense Assignment
Grade Levels: 7Subject Areas: Social Studies
Outcomes (Alberta Program of Studies)
Students will build and understanding of First Nations experiences andperspectives
Students will demonstrate critical, creative and historical thinking
Students will use Oral, Written, Visual and Media literacy
Specific Outcomes from Grade 7 Program of Studies:
7.1.3 compare and contrast diverse social and economic structureswithin the societies of Aboriginal, French and British peoples in pre-Confederation Canada
Introduce and discuss the Andre Thevet quote
Provide students with copies of the
First Nations Defense Assignment 
andintroduce the historical background about Jacques Cartier
Set up the task – students must imagine themselves as a representative of aFirst Nations community, given the opportunity to defend their way of lifeagainst European critique
Students choose a First Nations group from across the country. (As asuggestion, limit the number of students per topic to 2-3)
Students begin by researching and building three arguments in response tothe Andre Thevet quote
Students should build a list of web and print resources used
If necessary, discuss argument building and paragraph structures, as well asintroductory and concluding paragraphs. ( 
Writing the First Nations Speech)
Peer edit scripts in expert groups
Complete scripts and record student voice track
Students collect images to build their digital stories. Students can accessimages online or by scanning from print materials. Students need to source allthe images used in their digital story using the
Sourcing Images
 Add additional sound files (sounds effects, music, etc)
Provide students (or generate as a class)
 iMovie Tips.
 Allow time for peerfeedback and revision
Peer assess with iMovie Rubric
 Assess final movie
“America (Canada) is occupiedby strange and savage peoplewithout faith, without laws,without religion, without anycivilities, but living likeunreasoning beasts . . . untilperhaps such time as they will befrequented by Christians, fromwhom they will little by little learnto put off this brutishness to puton more civil and humane ways? Andre Thevet, Paris 1681
First Nations Defense Assignment Name: _____________
BACKGROUND: In 1534, French explorer Jacques Cartier landed on the GaspePeninsula in modern day Quebec. There he encountered Donnacona, theIroquois chief of the village of Stadacona. At the end of his visit, Cartier seizedDonnacona’s two sons, Domagaya and Taignoagny and took them back toFrance to show the wonders of the “New World.” A year later, Cartier returned to the Stadacona, and Donnacona was reunitedwith his two sons. However, the relationship between the Iroquois and theFrench became tense, and in the spring of 1536, Cartier captured Donnaconaand nine other villagers and took them to France. In France, Donnacona waslooked after by the King, and eventually died there, never returning to his village.SITUATION: You are a representative of the First Nation’s community you havebeen researching. You have been captured by early European explorers andhave been presented in front of a royal European court. You have been giventhe opportunity to speak about the way of life of your First Nations communityand to defend your culture.TASK: Some Europeans believe you are a “strange and savage people withoutfaith, without laws, without religions, without any civilities, but living likeunreasoned beasts…” Like Donnacona and his sons, you have been taken backto Europe and have been asked to give an account of your people. This is youropportunity to convince the Europeans of the value of the way of life back inyour First Nations community. You must create a speech in support of yourFirst Nation community.Your speech must contain the following:
Information on the different elements of your First Nations community(social structure, art, spirituality, values, etc)
 Arguments why you are not “strange and savage” people in need ofcivilizing
Specific historical details about your First Nations community
Some piece of advice or lesson that the Europeans (our or world today)could learn from your First Nations way of lifeYour speech should be around 3 minutes long when read out loud. After wehave finished writing our speeches, we will record them, and they will be madeinto our first historical iMovie of the year.

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