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2009-07-28 Radio Mix 107.3 Interview w Jack Diamond Transcription)

2009-07-28 Radio Mix 107.3 Interview w Jack Diamond Transcription)

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Published by Closeyoureyes

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Published by: Closeyoureyes on Sep 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7/28/09 RADIO (audio/video) Mix 107.3 Interview withJack Diamond (Audio Version) Podcast
Jack: David Cook from American Idol! Good Morning!David: Good Morning, how are you?Jack: One day, the American Idol thing will go away, and you’ll just be David Cook David: Uh, no, man, I’ll take it. I love the applauseJack: It’s nice – you do give kudos and you do give credit where credit is due, and thank,obviously, them for the great exposure, as everyone shouldDavid: Everybody’s got their idea of what the correct formula is to do well after theshow, and, um, I don’t know, for me, uh, it’s not even really part of the formula. I don’tknow, I just enjoyed my time on the show, so…Jack: Yeah, it was fun, wasn’t it?David: I like pointin’ out people that I like, so…Woman: ExactlyJack: That, and some of the mentors…David: I will never forget our first mentor session was with Dolly Parton.Jack: Isn’t she the best? Just the sweetestDavid: Ah, dude. Yeah, she walked into the room and she started like – I mean she’s gotthose, like, 5 inch nails, and she starts running them together and I was like, I don’t know,man, anybody else does that and that and it’s like, that’s kinda creepy. But you’re DollyParton, so it’s the coolest thing I’d ever seen.Jack: She says that’s the way she writes songs.David Yeah, yeah, yeahJack: By playing her nails against each other Woman: PercussionDavid: Yeah, she, uh, she was runnin’ to, she told us how she wrote 9 to 5 by doin’ thatJack: YeahDavid: It was fun for me, and actually a really cool learning process, as a musician, tofigure out what works for me, and how to, how to try new things, and all of that.Jack: What did Idol change about your approach to writing, or performing.David: You know, I think more than anything, it caused me to kinda, uh, I’d gotten sofocused in on where I wanted to go, um, that I kinda had blinders on. It’s actually been areally an amazing experience, you know, going through the Idol process. And I’m kindaon the other side of it now, and I’m where I spent 10 years trying to get to.Jack: RightWoman: You’re very restrained, sort of, in person and there like this, there’s that mildthing…David Um HmWoman: …and then there’s wild thingDavid: Yeah, yeah.Woman: Like, you’re a little different on stage
David: Yeah, no, there’s definitely two different, two different Daves. And, I don’t know,I like it that way. And there’s…Jack: The alter ego DaveDavid: Yeah, Yeah Yeah. We’ll have to think of a different name or something.Woman: That’s funDavid: Yeah, being on stage is fun. I don’t want to say it’s playing a character, ‘cause I’mnot misrepresenting myself, but it’s an amplified version of myself. You know, and then Iget off stage and people, I don’t know, it’s funny ‘cause people kind of get intimidated…Jack: LaughsDavid: …kind of vibe and I’ll be like “Hi How are ya? Man, thanks so much for comingout” and it freaks ‘em out more than anything. They’re like “What’s happening? He’s being nice, it’s strange…”Jack, Woman: LaughingJack: Well, you wouldn’t walk into your living room and go “thank you, Washington!”David: Well, maybe now…Jack: You do things on stageDavid: … I should start. It would be great.Jack: Were you more nervous before you walked in the, uh, room to audition in front of Paula, Simon, and Randy, or the Finale?David: The finaleJack: OhDavid: I knew what was on the line at the finale. Everything happened so fast at theaudition ‘cause I didn’t, I hadn’t planned ahead very well. I didn’t have time to psychmyself out, so I was just like “all right, it’s just another performance, you know, walkedin and did my thing. But the finale, it was like “Ok…”Jack: Laughing, yeahDavid: I’m very firmly aware of what could happen.Jack: Come Back to Me. Let’s talk about the current single.David: YeahJack: And the video filmed in reverseDavid: YesJack: And you had to learn the song backwardDavid: Yep. Emuck skymuck, avushni howfutJack: LaughingWoman: Wow! That took a while, huh?Jack: I love it!David: It took, ah, it took two weeks. On the road, uh, uh I got a version of the song backwards with just the vocals and I typed it out phonetically and learned it that way.Jack: Did you really?David: Yeah. Never again. The next one better be animatedJack We’re not doing it…Woman: But if you do all animated stuff, then you don’t get to be kissin’ the girlsDavid: That’s trueWoman: There you go…David: There was the payoff at the end. I have to say, that was probably the mostawkward part of the whole experience, ‘cause
Jack: The kiss?David: Yeah, well,’ cause, well, I mean, it was my first timeJack, Aw, dude, not kissing, not kissingWoman: Oh, get out of hereJack: Not kissing. No, no no. On-screen kissingDavid: No, not kissing (under breath: I’ve done, I’ve kissed plenty of girls, man) No, but,um…Jack: You happen to be a rock star Woman: LaughingDavid: You know, cause we’re doing the song backward, and I’d have to go in for thekiss, and then you’d back away and you’d have to look longingly into her eyes and speak gibberish.Jack: SnickeringWoman: YeahJack: Well it must be… you go from standing in line, you know, in Nebraska, which, inlife itself it probably felt like a month standing there, even though it was a short amountof timeDavid: Chuckles, awwwJack: But then, when you go and you…Woman: Not NiceJack: …and your record is released, and you’re in a commercial, you know.David: Ughhh – uh GodJack: Being Tom Cruise in the Guitar Hero. I’m sure that was fun, being in your briefs inand…David: I can’t believe they talked me into that. I was so excited to do it and then…Woman: Eye candy. You looked good, thoughDavid: Well, you know, that’s what spray-on tan’ll do for ya.Woman and Jack: LaughingDavid: And I still looked pale. That was brutal!Woman: That choreography was rough, tooDavid: But, it was, I remember being so excited going into it because they had, like, BrettRatner directed the commercials…Jack: Um hmDavid: And they were like, all these, all these other names were gonna be doing all this…Jack: Brett Ratner, for those who don’t know, is a move director David: Yeah, yeahJack: I think he did the X-Men moviesDavid: Uh, and then, you know, I get into wardrobe, or whatever, and they walk me toset. I take the robe off Jack: laughingDavid: Which sounds way more lurid than it is, but then they’re like you know “Quiet onthe set” and it gets, like, dead quiet, and I’m standing there in my underwear like “no,no,… Welcome to Hollywood, right!”Jack: You would have preferred all the conversations continuedDavid: Yeah, absolutelyJack: Everybody do what you’re doing

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