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Pioneer Review, December 26, 2013

Pioneer Review, December 26, 2013

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Published by surfnewmedia

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Dec 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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H'' ") B'* M++/- N/)+ , !+' E'+ "'+
, "9D'' 57567#9*'<, D+)+(+26, 2013;;;. ++-++;.)
N. 18, $. 108
 '$  '$!"  #" & ! !# '$! $"""  &" '$   # "#
 
    %##  # 
 ! %& #  $!#   !"" # #  " $!! $! '# & !& "# 
E*  D'< 12/23/13
12  %/+ %+'........$6.00A< ........................$5.7014  "/- %+'........$6.05M/....................................$3.30C...................................$3.50M/+..................................$9.25"F" B/*++*...................$17.50
N+; C, 2014
12  %/+ %+'........$5.7514  "/- %+'........$5.85
 Nancy Haigh
Philip Family, Career and Community Leaders of America members A󰀀on Burns, le󰀀, and Caitie Pinela, 󿬁nish collectingthe gi󰀀s that were le󰀀 under the Maggie Grace Angel Tree at the Haakon County Courthouse. FCCLA advisor BrigitteBrucklacher said, the area around the tree over󿬂owed with generous gi󰀀s from the community. “Nearly all of the chidlrens'wish lists were ful󿬁lled ere were new basketballs and footballs for all of the kids and so much more. e cash donationswere also appreciated,” she said. Gi󰀀s were distributed to area families, to foster children, and through the Haakon Com-munity Health Nurse office.
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DG DD D AG>GH > =>>E GIN EGD-K> HH>HI ID I= CDJIGNCJEDG DD EIGN. = DDG DD =EIG D-I  K<IH GJ>IH H EGI D I= DG<>OI>DUHCG  =G GD<G.CG  =G >H  I>DL>EGD<G I=I DGH DGDD =EIGH  DEEDGIJ->IN ID EGDK> JE ID $250 D H>> HH>I>H ID >>K>JH >>H >  > I=>G DJ>-I>H. = NG GH GDDG I= 600 =EIGH EJG=H DI I=DJHH D DGHLDGI= D DD, DI=><  DG.R=  >N H =DJH-=D >IH IG  IJG >HHIGDG DI=G G>H>H, DG  H=IG DG DDEIGN H DG HJEE>H ID=E >>H, DG DDGH  =E I=GDJ<= I=>HJ EGDI,S H> D NH,D DG DD =EIGI>K>I>H DDG>IDG.CDDG>I N D DGDD GH, =EIGH EGD-K> DEEDGIJ>I>H ID I EGI >HD> I>K>I>H  DJ>INHGK> EGDIH ID I DH.DG DG >DGI>D DG ID <I>KDK, DII NH I 605-859-2778 DG L=NH@<LI.I. AJN, DG DD >IH GH EGDK> GN$29 >>D  1 >>D KDJ-IG =DJGH DG DJ>IN EGDIHI>DL>.
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Country Cupboard Director Carol Hoffman received a check from Mod-ern Woodmen chapter activities coordinator Don Haynes.
Laurie Hindman/Pennington County Courant
Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the Gem Theatre, Tuesday, December 17. Along withone-on-one discussions with attending youth, the two personalities also treatedeach child with a candy cane. “They are the best ever. They’re superb,” said SharMoses of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Local children also got to use the theater for indi- vidual performances. Some youngsters sang, while others performed on variousinstruments. “They did wonderfully. It was a great experience,” said Moses. Shownis Mrs. Claus down on face-to-face level with River Drury.
Courtesy photo
C*a# a G#+
 >MIN-><=I HD>GH D I=152 CDI JHI>IJEEDGI BII>D, DJI=DI AGN I>D #JG,GG>K  > I= >IIIH, G 10. =N = GIN HGK >K-DI= EDNI ID A<=>HI > HJEEDGI D +EG-I>D JG>< GD. <I. 1HI CHH D= GG,=>>E, >H  G D I= J>I. GH D I= >GG H152 GG>K > DGI DD,MH,  HEI DJI  LI=G DEI>< D>>OI>DGFJ>GIH DG GIJG><ID DJI= DI. = 152'H >HH>D LH IDEGDK> JI>-JI>D DIHJEEDGI  DI HGK> HJE-EDGI ID DGH I=GDJ<=DJI  H-H>< G D DEGI>D.JI>-JI>D GH >JHJEEN, IGHEDGII>D, >I-  DG HJEEDGI. =G LH  GDN DGGGUH <JG J>I, JHN,G 17, > >GG.  G-G>K > =>>E I=I K><. A <GDJE D =>>E G GH>IH> G>G AKJ DG =>H G-G>K. =N >HEN <H H=><=I H ID DD-GI GGUH H GIJG. AIIDGN #G GIN -N >H LG>< DJI= DI D-HJGH ID  K><>I DG JJI=D-G>O =G<H > GHEDH ID I=HH>K I G= I G<IHIDGH I>DL>. ADG>< ID  G<I HII-I, I= DEN =H IG-> I=I I= G>>H HHI >J>< JHIDG H,G>I  >I G JGH,G ME>GI>D IH,  I=G-><>I G>I G HJG>IN DH, CH. = I G= -I ED>I-D-H GI> JH-IDGH, DG > HIDG JHIDGH, JIDI D> JHIDGH. RCDHJGH  ID I I=I>  = I=>G G>I G  HIIIH DG NJJI=DG>O =G<H,S H> -N. R= EGI>JG I G=N =K DEGD>H DH ID 40>>D >>K>JH.  HDI=><DDH HJHE>>DJH DII NDJG DG G>I G DEN >>-IN ID GEDGI N EDII>GJ.S BDL G HD I>EH DG D-HJGH L=D N =K  >-EI N I= I G=. PD>IDG NDJG G>I G  HIIIH DG JJI=DG>O=G<H, HE>N DHJGHL=D JH  G>I DG >I G IG<I IL DKG 27 G 15. P NDJ H  JJI=DG>O=G< D NDJG DJI, DIINDJG G >HHJG G><=I LN JH><I= ID-G JG D I= G ID>HEJI I= =G<H. D G >H-HJGH ><=I GFJ>G I=I NDJ D-DL JE L>I=  LG>II >HEJI >DGG ID G>K  GJ. PK > NDJ D DI II JJI=DG>O =G<, NDJ  D-II NDJG G >HHJG JH>< I=ID-G JG D I= G >HJHH L=I=G >I >H EEGDEG>IID  NDJG G  DI> L DJI JG  G. PBLG D GH L=D > ID L>I= NDJG G >HHJ>< .=H H N   H. CD-HJGH H=DJ DII I=>G >GHI I I= ID-G JG D I= D NDJG G DG NDJ >H-DH N EGHD >DGI>D. PK>L NDJG   G>IG HIIIH >>IN.CDI>J ID GK>L I=H HII-IH > I= DI=H ID D DG>I>IN I=I I=I N DJGDL I= GD. G<I =H HI>H=  =DI>DG JHIDGH L=D >K I=NN =K  I N I=G=  G DJG< ID 1-866-852-8680. DJI= DIDHJGH N DII I= AIIDG-N #G'H CDHJG GDI-I>D >K>H>D I 1-800-300-1986 DGDHJG=E@HII.H.JH DG ->I>D >DGI>D.
Ta*e c+(e*+: *e#e/+aee'+, *e)(* e**(*+
 C= GN, +G>=H, LN GD I= G<G I>D>H DD, G 5-14 >H <H, K., L>I= I= LDGHI><H IDE EG>O DN G-><H D $204,432.
 >H D=GI, +G>=H, D-EI > GG G>< I I= >HGDD N >< JD>>N G10I= > I= I>D.  I= 10I=GDJ D I= >H, H= G >GHIE L>I=  I> D 13.88 HDH.
 CD H=G, >I=, = FJ>-> I=>H NG ID DEI > I= N >< JD>>NG > 10I= E I>DN. AI I= >H, I=DJ<=, = > DI JE > N D I= IDE HEDIH. HH >GN, GDH, D-EI > I=  N >< JD>->N G > 10I= E > HIGGDE><  G 13I= > I= -GDJ.   LN L>I= DGMEG>, JI HD EIN=.
=>H NG GH GNUH HK-I=  FJ>>I>D.  LDH>M >GI GDHH>D DDCDLDNH AHHD>I>D KIH I=>HHHD, D >< I= JHI> BDDIHC=E>DH=>E > +=, . ADG>< ID I= CAUH GD-DD LH>I, GN, I= 2006LDG =E>D H GDG>G, DLH L=I >I IH ID L> LDG I>I  >H LDG>< ID-LGH DE>H=>< I=I <DD <>. R>E + LH DJI =GHI NG  CDGI =G  J DI= = =>, = >UI <I G> >I=G I>.UH  =J  = DHUI DNI=>< >GIN, L=>= >H >.  IDGIJI ID GL D I=I JHIJ G =G  I  D N D,S  GN. DG D=GI, D G>N I=13I=, K JN JGH  -D JJN. BJI JG >HIN IGJ DG GG GG D-=GI, L=D DG I= HD HIG><=ING LD I= >I= GDJ I I=
F#/*#5, L-)&a/4' a WNFR
)/+* 
FFA ' '+
M<<KK< L@K@FJ @J ?GGP KF I<<@M< <KK<IJ F<I@> F<KJ F P <NJ JKFIP FI G<IJF =<<@> F P JL- <K. < F I<J<IM< K?< I@>?K KF <@K P F==<J@M< K<I@  JF KF <@K KF =@ K?< FKK< JG<. < JF I<J<IM< K?< I@>?KKF I<<K P FI  <KK<IJ.LI <@< =FI @J<IK@F @ K?< ?LIJP @JJL< @J K?< GI<<@> FP K 5:00 G.. <KK<IJ @K<< =FI FI< K? F< M<<KK< L@K@FJ <NJGG<I J?FL < @< FI ? <@M<I< KF <? @@M@L<NJGG<I F==@<. A <KK<IJ
<I K?< FI@>@ J@>KLI<, I<JJ  K<<G?F< L<I F= K?< LK?FI.
%$!IICA! !EE' $ HE EDI$:
F GF@K@ <KK<IJ I< KF IL K?< KNF N<<J GI@FI KF  <<K@F.?< T<KK<IJU FL @J @K<< KF F==<I I<<IJ K?< FGGFIKL@KP KF <OGI<JJ K?<@I FG@@FJ. K @J FK <K KF I<G< -M<IK@J@> J  <J F= I<?@> G<FG<.?@J GL@K@FVJ >F @J KF GIFK<K K?< =@IJK <<K >LIK<< F= =I<< JG<<?. FLI F<KJ I< N<F<  <-FLI><.
 %=   %.$. B 788  %<, 'D 57567-0788(605) 859-2516  FA: (605) 859-2410
Ra3#**## P*'a'-, I.
Letters Policy 
D+)+(+ 26, 2013 = ++ !++;
 '>=<? ?>
: FI "F, JF,  F<J FLK@<J,CI<@>?KF, , L@, ILJ, "FN<J, @M@<N,  "P<J -I<JJ<J: $36.00 G<I P<I (+ O); EJ<N?<I<: $42.00 G<I P<I.
S&%h Dak%a #e$iden%$ a#e #e"&i#ed % !a* $ale$ %a.
 <I@F@J GFJK>< G@ K ?@@G, D. FJKJK<I, J< ?>< F= I<JJ FK@< KF:
Pinee# Re'ie,
BFO 788, ?@@G, D 57567; FI A KF: 605/859-2410.
+>? '>=<? ?:
E- =>>:
>?: .<=-=. E>?>  1906.
?< @F<<I <M@<N, K?< F==@@ <NJGG<I F= "F CFLKP, K?<KFNJ F= ?@@G  @,  "F ?FF D@JKI@K 27-1 @J GL-@J?< N<<P P M<<KK< L@K@FJ, .
Pinee# Re'ie 
F==@< @JFK< K 221 E.  KI<<K @ ?@@G, FLK? DFK.
%: (605) 859-2516;  FA: (605) 859-2410;
-: >@<=-=.
 C<=? 1981:
M<<KK< L@K@FJ, . A I@>?KJ I<J<IM<.FK?@> P < I<GI@K<, G?FKFFG@<, FI @ P NP I<GIFL< =IFK?@J GL@K@F, @ N?F< FI @ GIK, N@K?FLK K?< NI@KK< FJ<K F= K?<GL@J?<I.
DEAD!I#E':D>< & C>>A=?>:
L<JPJ K 11:00 .. ()
I@PJ K 5:00 G.. ()
DF M<<KK<
G. "=.  $<=?>/A D>:
<P <K@F== 
E?=/#> <=?=:
D< BIK<J
<=?=/A D>:
P "@>?
A '>:
B<L M<<KK<
E-MAIL ADDE""E":AD": )+@67-7;<.*3 NE": <+@67-7;<.*3
%<, 'D .'.%.'. 433-780
F#EE "#I'A%E "E$%ICIDE A""LICA%!# %#AIIG
L> = D DN, JGN 6, I 1:00 E.. I I= B >KG >DGC>I>OUH CIG, =>>E. H = NDJG JGGI A G ID H> NDJG >H =H ME>G. DJ JHI G><  G>KGUH >H DGE=DID .. L>I= NDJ L= NDJ II I= IG>><.
#IDE#$ & #ACE#$ 4-H CLB 
>H =DHI><  DD GDE-D H>IDG I= CDJIGN CJEDG DD IGN > DJI>D L>I= I=>GIG > I= G D GH I I= D CDJIN CDJGI=DJH >=>>E.  G ID GDE NDJG D-EG>H= DD >IH > I=>G H-IH D I= HD DDG D I= DJGI=DJH.
% *= ?< !-"#!FI% ; ; , * <+-; ; +? *: 859-2516,  -* ;: *@-=>. .  > < ?< =; ; ; ;><;?<=;*;  *.
L/? A=
"<* I;'
 =G G  DI D <DD, >EDE GDJ =G,  I=N E-EGIN HIGI DJI EGIIN NDJ<.=>H L, DG >HI, L <DI = GD I= D DJGI=-<GHH. = DEN>< IIGG:G G.  GH. L, DDL>< I= >< HIDG > +ID-G, HD D I= DJGI= <GGH -> I=I L LI ID D  >IIHDI=>< DG HD D DJG DJ->IN GH L=D DHI  DI D I-I. =GDJ<=DJI I= NG, LDI ID =G>I>H IG L > DJG<DD-=K>DG G G  -> L LDJ > ID DI IDNDJG JH.  HD I=DJ<=I >ILDJ  <DD ID D   H IDG>H MIG DN HD L DJ <>KDG IDLGH NDJG DHHH. >I= I= =E D DJG I=G, LDG<>O   H DG I=D/>I= DJ =G DIJGN. +JG EGIH  DI=GD JIDGH EGDK> I= <DDH.  G>H  IDI D $506.12 I=GDJ<= DJG  H DI>DH. H JH I=>H DN DG L=I-KG NDJG H N .  =DENDJ =K  GGN C=G>HIH  EEN L G.>GN,D DJGI= #G = IIG LH H>< N I=I=G, GH. #GJE, K HIJIH. HUI I=I <GI?  HHJ EGD-N DI=G ><=I EDE <DI H>->G IIGH  =H. =N GEGDN H>>< IDD. IUH >GNO>< I=I DJGI= <GGH DJ LDJ LDG =G DJ<= ID DKG >K-=JG DGH I= <>K >I LN. BHH I=>G=GIH. =N JHI  LJN <DD>H ID  I=I DG DJII= EDE > I=>G DJ>IN.  =K I L>I=  DI D DI=G> IH JG>< I= EHI NG HL. N JGHH  DIDGH=K H=DL JH <GI >HH >G>< DG  IGN>< ID =E DJGHD, C=. DI>H I=IIH FJ>I  >I D EI> J IDC=UH JI>H.  IG>H ID LDGL>I= I=DH L=D G =E>< =>,JI = =H KG>DJH GH  -H =>HH I=I JH G-I>DH I=I =K ID  LDGGDJ. =I >H HDL=I O->< >H I=I N JGHH =K IDJH = >H D D I=>G KDG>I E-I>IH. I JHI  I=I H> D =>H I=DH >< GDL NH. , IDD,>H  KGN > EGHD,  EDEE> JE D I=I >GN HDD. K =JIGH   I=DJ<=IJEDE. A J= D DLH L=D> ID =JI D DJG G= <DI ID-<I=G  E>I DJG G <G<IG >I LH GE>G I=>H HJG.I LH DD>< EGIIN GJ DLI=>H HEG><  DL DDH <GI.+ DJGH I=H DLH IDDGH GD I=>G E>I>< ID =JII=>H  I=I, JI I=N HD <DI I=E>I>< D  I= >H>HFJG LN. =IUH DG, L =K G>KKG>DJH <>IH GD EDE JHI DJID I= J--DD>H, DDH, L=I DI.  IG EDEDUI <>K <>IH. #GDJH EDED.  I=>H HI EGI D I= NG, LH, D DJGH, I= <GIHI <>I D  > DJG K>DG D>< ID GI=H  N > BI==. BN I=II, = EGDK>  LN DG JH IDHE IG>IN > =K L>I==>. +JG DG >H >HH EGHD->>.  =DE NDJG C=G>HIH HHD=H  <GI DG NDJ,  I=INDJU =K  > L G >L>I= <DD, > EDE. =G GDIH I= GDJ,  I=I >-JH I= D DJGI=-<GGH.= NDJ KGN J=, DJGI=<GGH. DJ =K LG DJG=GIH.
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The St. William Church children's Christmas program, “The Birth of Christ,” was performed by some young members of the church. From left: Kaelan Block, Karlee Block, Ellie Nemec, Gus Gregg, Cole Finn, Cass Finn and Kash Block.
Courtesy photo
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Fa-)h Ma')$1() g'adeD-#%$d L*'2$d g'adeE)ha$ Fe'g*(%$4)h g'adeD-"a$ Pac!a'dM"e(+""eLa-)%$ Te'!"d(e$3'd g'ade
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Del Bartels
When the basketball players were between halves or taking a time out, Philip fanTaylor Ross had a cozy spot to also take a break. He won’t be able to fit in to theside window of the concession area very much longer.
. RDUI I=> HJEGHI>I>D =NI=>< ID D L>I= >I.  JHI=  <DD ><=I,S D=GI H>.RAIG =>II>< I=I GG (=JGH-N) ><=I,  = ID <I  >II<G>IIN   >I LDG ID><=I.S D=GI GD =G =DGH, DJ>,ID DI I= >GHI E = D $18,630, L=>= >GH =G G><H ID $52,885  =G H-HD L>><H ID $134,922, >I= >I= LDG. D=GI =  =DHI D >NH D G>N, >J>< =GI=G=>G. R LH GN =EEN IDD DJI D IDE ID><=I JH D N >N LH =G, I=N LGUI D DN,S H>D=GI, L=D LD DNUHGDJ > 13.72. RI H  DI=K>< I= >H =G ID H L>.S CDIHIIH > I= G G>-><, HIG LGHI><, I GDE><,H GD G>><, I>-DL GDE-><  J G>><, D< L>I= I=DUH GDHH>D DD AHHD->I>DH HI>D GG G, DEI DG  IDI EJGH D $6.25>>D I I=>H NGUH .
)/+* ,
 DJI= DI GIGN D IIHD #I DJ  HDJI>DID GHH  I>D EGD I=IHGK>  LD DKGHHMEG> > HI><  DI. DJI= DIUH L HNHI GK-DJI>D>OH HI KDI>< ND>>< K I=DD<N I= CDD AHH CG >H-HJ N I= EGII D -H. = L HNHI,  DK-I>K +KGHH AHI-BDI><NHI (>+A), >GHH I=EGI< D DIH HJHHJNGIJG N GI>N GJ><I= EEGLDG L=> >GH><HJG>IN. R= >+A EGD<G >H HD  DEI D H>E>>IN. =HKDIGH L> DL   ID G<>HIGID KDI, GFJHI  HI -DI, G>K  HI DI G  HI DI > H-DH. = DI >H I= EG>I GIJG DG DJI><,S H>GIGN #I. = >+A EGD<G =H HJHHJN IHI GN 1,000I>H L>I= I= HH>HI D I=DJI= DI I>D #JG.
E;* N*:
B(b Fa''#'. F#e%d S)ec#a%#+W#''e* Re#('a% E0e'+#(' Ce'e*
 L?
D+)+(+ 26, 2013 = ++ !++;
Friday:Partly cloudy skies.High 39F. Winds WSW at 10to 15 mph. Friday Night:Mainly clear early, then afew clouds later on. Low around25F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.ursday: Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High34F. Winds WNW at 10to 15 mph. ursday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 19F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.Saturday:Partly to mostly cloudy. High 34F. Winds NWat 15 to 25 mph. Saturday Night:Cloudy early withpartial clearing expected late.Low 13F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.Sunday:Partly cloudy skies inthe morning will give way tocloudy skies during the a󰀀er-noon. High 18F. Winds NNW at10 to 20 mph. Sunday Night:A few clouds. Low 4F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.Monday:A mix of clouds and sun inthe morning followed by cloudy skies during the a󰀀ernoon. High26F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.Monday Night:Partly cloudy. Low 17F.Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.
% B ";<
  GIN II D D I=R2013 >IG D =DLS LDG-H=DEH EGHI N I= DJI=DI #GHH CD>I>D, H MEI, G HD I=><H.=> I=>H LHUI I= > D KID LDJ I=>  I I=DD<NMIH>D > E>>HI LDJ> D >IGHI,  II DG HK-G GHDH. UK LNH =  >-IGHI > <GO>< <I;ILD,    G D I= #GHH CD>I>D;  I=G, LH > I= DJ>IN L=G >ILH = DG  I>HI EED>III=I DG><. BDI= D I= IJG HEGHLG DGI= DI II G=-GH,  >DGEDGI DKG GDEH>ID I=>G <GO>< HNHIH, HD I=GLH HD GG ID <GDDN.I >HHH  J<> LG HDI>D HKG I>H, L=>=GI>N J<=I N III>D.BDI= EGHIGH GGG ID =DL >->K>J <I >H>DHDJI LNH I DI=G H-EIH D I=>G DEGI>DH, = I=I>I D I=>H DJ, R= B>< >-IJGS. # #DK H=G I=DJ<=IHDJI =DL = JHH GDII>D <GO->< ID >EGDK HD> =I=,  I=>IH D D>< HD. >EN >->< ID >EI  GDII>D <GO->< HNHI >HUI <D>< ID  II EGDJG HJHHJ L=I=N DI=GL>H LGUI. DII>D<GO><, D-I> G><  NDI=G EGI>H =K  EGDKID  >>, JI I=N H=G DD =GIG>HI> I=I HGHHD EDE LN GD DEI><I=,   JH >JG, =><=G K D <I.KGNDUH H>IJI>D >H J>FJ, I=G >H D DDDD LN D D><I=><H, HD >IUH JE ID = G=G GG ID DI>JN EIEGI>H I=I L> LDG > I=>G DE-GI>D, ><DG DG D>N I=DH I=IDUI DG ><=I,  D JE L>I=HD D I=>G DL. BDI= #  GGN D, I=IGDD HEG, >HJHH EG-I>H I=N JH ID DIGD L >HI EGDH > I=>G EHIJGH II =GH N =DL I=N -< <GO><. DI DN G I=HDIGD EGI>H DE>H=G<N DG DEIN L>I=DJI=>H, JI DI I= JH D =>H <I>KN IH =DLI=>G I=>FJH LDG. CGI>NDI=>< <>HI I= DE>HI=I KDE  GI I=H=>H, I=NUG H>EN HI>HN-><  , DG GFJHI, JI I=HEGDJGH =K DJI I=II=G G DI=G LNH ID  L>I=I= EGDH. # > EGI>JG, HIGHH I=>EDGI D EI >KGH>IN >>EGDK><  >I>>< HD>=I=  EGDJI>K>IN. + DJGHI=I <DI N III>D IDD, H > I=EGDJI>D D H= GDEH, I=DH D JH > <GDDN HD EGDDI >KG-H>IN N GD>< GDE GDI-I>D  I= JH D DKG GDEH.>KHID DEGI>DH  I -KI< D EI >KGH>IN J=DG I= HIG>IN GDE EGDJGHJH >H  HI L=IEIH I=N L>H= ID <GO GD KG>IN D HE>H >  EHIJG, DG > EI ID  >MIJG D DKGGDEH. =>H LDGH=DE LH D D NUK II I=I =< II-H ID I=> D >DKI>K LNH IDHDK EGDH. DI>H L  ID  G> I=G >H DGI= D LN ID H>  I.
 1-6: A, 1:00 E, , G. C>I->OUH CIG, =>>E 1-13: A, 1:30 E, C, MIH>D CIG, >G, (HD I I= >GG  D MIH>D CIGH,  I=HI >KG A< CIG > E>C>IN) 1-17: A, 1:00 E, , >-GGN CDJ>IN DD, GI>
Pioneer Review • 859-2516 www.pioneer-review.com
 '  !$ % !! ! # % !$ #  # &#( ##( #$%$  ""( ' #  " 
         
   
    
    
 G =JIGH L=D =K J>IGHH G I<H DG I= HI HI >KG G HHDH L>=K > >I>D NH K>- ID =GKHI IGHH G -<>>< G 28  ><D JGN 5. DJI= DI # >H= GH GGHIG> C=> D>GH= H> I= =<LH > I HI HHD H L. R+JG D>H =K I NH H>< DJI J> TNGU I<H. G>DG ID HI NG, TNGU I<H DKGI ID TIGHHUI<H DG I=H HI > NH D I=HHD,S >GH= H>.R=I >H D D<G I= H. +NJ> TIGHHU I<H G K>JG>< I=>H I> G.S = =<H LG  > 2012H EGI D G =G <IDI>KH ID >GI >I>DIGHH =GKHI > I= GH D I= HII I=I  >I DHI L=>JGI>>< I= D =GKHI L=GG EDEJI>DH G I DG DLEDEJI>D DI>KH. =H =<H L> HD EEN IDI= G=GN  JOODG H-HDH H L. +N J> TN IGHHGU I<H G K> GD JGN1-15. DG HE>> >DGI>D D I=GHEI>K G HHDH, K>H>I=IIE://<E.H.<DK/=JI></><-</G/JI.HEM.
R#+'"#/ $-/ *a##a- "##/ &#/
e happiest of New Years … to one & all!  May the fun never end! 
    
     
Good cstomers.Good neighbors.Good friends.
It$s been a er#good #ear and "ehae #o to thank,so please acceptor gratitde andbest "ishes for aer# health#, andhapp# Ne" Year.
K"% acHiE & Eldig
Jeff, Lori, Jade & Jaslyn Konst Rudy, Jim & Jace 
         
     
   
   
  
  
   
  
   
   
    
H?  H @ +;!
B;=< E=;4
B+a & L Lac, K$, B+d$, Ca++ & B
Here’s to a ne "ear that’s oerfloing ith health, happiness and harmon".We appreciate "our filling us ith so much jo" this past "ear.
73–Saloon Motel West 
DFL> & FA <JK & EGFP<<J
To All Our Valued CustomersAt Year 
s End
Before another year begins, we’d like to lift upour glasses and wish you a year that’s as wonderful as you’ve been to us. Your goodwilland generosity make it all worthwhile!
3B$s Heating & Cooling
Brian, Heather, Brock,Brice & Taylor Hanson
Here’s to a New Year!May it bring you andyours health, happiness& prosperity …
Happy NewYear 2014!!
Gibson Concrete Construction
 Ray & Karen Gibson& employees859-3100 • Philip
G+ <9 )-++ 9--+-9+)' +)':
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