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Published by Susan
The meaning of SCOTUS' direct action on 11/20/08 as it severs any legal ties we had to Britain and made us uniquely American as I named the Iroquois confederacy and the albany plan and the Confederacy is older than the Magna carta plus is an exact match as a model to our own law. It's not British common law now but American common law.
The meaning of SCOTUS' direct action on 11/20/08 as it severs any legal ties we had to Britain and made us uniquely American as I named the Iroquois confederacy and the albany plan and the Confederacy is older than the Magna carta plus is an exact match as a model to our own law. It's not British common law now but American common law.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Susan on Sep 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You do realize that my actions are the first ever on the historical record of Earth?I, Susan, am organic to the Constitution and it is organic to my person. I, Susan, then acted uponthe words and spirit of our governing documents including Marbury to then become the very firstact of an actual living government exactly named in our law as “WE, the People”, or, as my ownindependent, sovereign power and authority as defined by those documents as that is organic tohuman beings as it is the divine spark the Creator endows us with when we are born.
 Emotional reasoning ability and capacity constitutes our humanity.
Then the SCOTUS actions became the first act by a named institution or officer of the livinggovernment; it changed the I to WE thus an actual living government of people like no other inworld history came into being at long last as it takes two to tango (or make a baby, lol).Thus these are the very first acts of an actual living government of people ever as we lived outthe governing documents absolutely and wholly or as purely as possible. We then committed thefirst legal actions that are uniquely American as they were based upon nothing other than originallaw as authored by our Founders and US case law as authored by our Founders and supported byUS history. We used only our unique intellectual property and the things our physical labor created thus we gave birth to a living government that is elegant and so matches our governingdocuments. Before 11/20/08 WE as a living government did not match our governing documents. NOTHING about these actions was derived from anything foreign whatsoever as I named theConfederacy as our model as it is and it is older than the Magna Carta. We are the first actualAmericans as we are actual in all ways possible unlike those who came before us. They did nothave the ability to invoke actual power and authority as we did; they were willing but never hadthe chance as conditions were not perfect.Thus if you look you will discover that not only is this a first in American history but it is a firstin all of world history: never before did any people declare themselves sovereign and thenmanage to make it actual and real by living it out. In the past each time a citizen of an earthlygovernment made an attempt to do this the institution or lone officer failed to act; never beforehas any citizen been able to demand that the institution or officer act as the sitting governmentdefaulted thus assume power and authority – in order to restore justice. If an institution or officer acted in the past? They acted for other reasoning but not only to restore justice thus no other nation or people has been able to do what we did as it is not possible if you act for any other motivation than liberty and justice as that is the very design of the universe. If your governmentand law does not match the design of the universe you are destined and fated to fail unless youadapt. Of all people ever only We, The People were able to do this!
SCOTUS, either Roberts or a clerk, did it as by hook or by crook it is. Ialways knew I was entering the largest single legal challenge in all of world history. What I didnot know was
I was going to be forced to enter it: Backwards and by making the single mostoutrageous and even dangerous claim any citizen could make but one that is solely based uponfact plus the words and spirit of our law:
 I am Thomas Jefferson.
 If I knew that was coming I might have thought twice about entering the world record book! Ivividly recall the second I owned the entire case; I stood where I was as I was horrified:
 HOW  DO YOU ENTER THIS??? How do you make them understand??? How do you enter the largest legal challenge ever and do it in a way they will own it? Part of this will never ever translate to paper as you must say it out loud not write it down! But w/o an appearance in person it then isimpossible!!!
That’s why I would not look up the rules: I feared I would be so dismayed I woulddefeat myself, lol. So I phoned the clerks instead. The Creator aided and abetted me: I ended uparguing and winning my case over the phone! Then I wrote it out formally as back then I still hadthe ability. On 4/3/07 when I acted to print it out? My PC crashed. When I acted to rewrite it? Ihad lost the human ability to write like a lawyer; formal legal language would not come out! Inless than two hours on 4/4/07 I had to rewrite the entire complaint as if writing it for the firsttime as I borrowed MLK’s will so I could not break the promise I made to enter it on that exactday, the day he was shot as his will got me over the fear as I knew how dangerous this was goingto become before it was over.That ability to write formally never returned and now I know
: It caused me to write it so thecitizens would understand it and caused me to take the longest route possible thus more people became aware of my case as I went along thus now I have lots of support. It was about more thanego; it is as if the Creator could not or would not let me fail nor would he let the People fail. It’sabout unique gifts only I and then WE possess.
Who wouldn’t want me to address taxes byaddressing election 08?
In his dissent of Pollack Harlan came extremely close to having thecorrect application; his reason is correct but he missed the correct application of it! He missedsomething tiny that translates into the biggest or most important thing! I realized: The Peopleneed a leader who can slowly walk them through the knowledge and resulting changes and alsowarn them about sacrifices they may have to make.
 I made those sacrifices so I uniquely and intimately know it.
If I entered this formally? Then SCOTUS might have missed the boat. WeThe People might never have been found!
I told Harvey Schlesinger of the Jax Federal Civil Division after he sent me useless discovery papers and when he always intended to dismiss and deny me in direct violation of our Constitution (I actually wrote this down): What discovery? We have been discovered! I knowmyself and my case; I know US law. We do not need to discover it! What’s left to discover if Iknow it??? We call them FOUNDers. Trust me – we are founded today. I have unearthed thecorrect application. The expedition is successful: I happened upon actual liberation. My son’sname is Christopher, as in Columbus; he’s been discovered too as he is a named, legal, unborn person. We all know US history: We won the Revolution. What? Do you want me to ask Robertsvia discovery if we did or did not win the Revolution???
Schlesinger was furious, lol.
 He still is.
Anyway, you can and may claim that SCOTUS and/or Roberts alone became legal on 11/20/08as they made their own self legal, actually constitutional, for the first time by ACTING UPONOWNERSHIP OF THE KNOWLEDGE SUSAN ENTERED REGARDING HER PERSON,WOMEN, CHILDREN, THE POOR, THE ETHICAL, NONLAWYERS, THE SITTING USGOVERNMENT, THE VOTE AND OUR GOVERNING DOCUMENTS or OUR LAW.
In other words SCOTUS acted upon the whole truth of our Declaration, Constitution,Marbury and our humanity born of a divine Creator thus it proved it is actual law of thisuniverse. First you make yourself legal or constitutional and then you make each otherconstitutional.
On 11/20/08 America aka WE The People took its very first steps.“Look George Washington – no hands!!!” True, correct and fact as SCOTUS and I had no safetynet at all for the very first time and still do not: no SCOTUS employee could know as fact w/oquestion what would happen if they docketed a case in which they are named as a party whocommitted a violation of our law and case law, could they? You cannot know unless you go there by doing it.
That’s faith and only America has actual faith thus it is logical that we would become the People who united faith with reasoning.
Where else do you go to unite faith and reason if not SCOTUS? No other place exists thus youmust have SCOTUS which is ours alone and then you must have one willing voter as the vote isours alone as no other vote has actual power but only says it does:

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