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Texas State Auditor's Office

Texas State Auditor's Office



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Published by Shirley Pigott MD

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Published by: Shirley Pigott MD on Sep 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Carol Ann DavisHouston, TexasSeptember 2, 2009
Lucy CantuOffice of the Texas State Auditor Austin, Texas
Complaint No.
# H-04- 4296
Dear Ms Cantu:I am assigned as a Plaintiff to the Honorable Judge Ewing Werlein Jr. in case no.4:03-CV-HO-02395 under a percolating rule 60 (b) (6) motion to vacate for the crimes of Texas Attorney General Karen Matlock and attorneys Ramon Viada, Stefanie Orr, andJames "Jim" Supkis for violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct.I allege thatundercover private investigator Cheryl Yates Webb has obstructed justice and interferedwith court operations.The purposes of the above crimes were both to obstruct justiceand conceal the negligent referral of Carla Roberson Cummings to George Buck CireJr. ETAL.Attorney Charles Soechting initiated a elaborate ruse with DPS Commander Guy Marshall Caskey, a former Harris County proprietor of the Golden Derrick Club.In case number 4:08-CV-HO-02784 the Honorable Judge David Hittner pronounced thatbillionaire attorney John M. O'Quinn has pled his best case.He will be divorced fromhis possessions, which are to be completely recovered by the United Statesgovernment to be paid as restitution to the innocent citizens who are RICO victims for the wide-spread, organized racketeering , antitrust violations of attorneys BroadusSpivey, Nick Nichols among others is detected. {See letter to attorney Lloyd Kelley as itrelates to the Ibarra Bros. v Harris County and the illegal advancement of billable hoursto the O'Quinn Law Firm and the ex- trooper Charles Soechting}In case number 4:08-CV-HO-02784 [Carol Ann Davis ETAL v. John M. O'Quinn andGuy Marshall Caskey connected to the Travis County Prosecution Team 480-735 i.e.State of Texas v. Carol Ann Davis for three (3) counts of "Unlicensed Investigations480-735" and the ORDER signed by Judge David Hittner and the referral back to JudgeWerlein has
been appealed to the New Orleans Fifth Circuit. The time to APPEALor PROTEST has long past to deny the connection to the "CAPIAS"client disseminatedNOT pursuant to the T
Subchapter "F"and specifically thecontinued professional misconduct of Texas Attorney General Karen Matlock [ Trooper (
first name) Terrones attorney incase federal civil rights case] andother supporting criminal evidence in the care custody and control of attorney Jerry S.Payne where Texas DPS troopers obstruct justice and court operations.The undersigned has a basis in fact and law that it is FALSE and MISLEADING for Allan Polunsky, Chairman of the Texas Public Safety Commission, to say"One of Gov.Perry's top concerns is the well-being and safety of every Texan," and"the TexasDepartment of Public Safety is committed to making Texas the safest state in thenation”. Mr. Polunsky is also impervious to the truth just like the O'Quinn lawyers in theIbarra Brothers civil rights litigation, and the recommendations of the “Deloitte Report “ {published ?].Mr. Polanski has refused to acknowledge and make reparations for the actions of TexasDPS troopers Alfred Ochoa and Daniel Terronez, on the night of September 29, 2007 inWharton County, Texas.These troopers and, subsequently, the Wharton CountyDistrict Attorney Josh McCown violated the U.S. and Texas Constitution, namely thecivil rights of Dr. Shirley Pigott M.D.They continued thereafter in a sophisticatedscheme to obstruct the law, violate common decency, and irreparably harm Dr. Pigott..The undersigned complainant advises the following agencies are
eligible toprosecute but are suspect/defendants/violators of law and thrive on misrepresentationsin criminal and civil litigations and disclosure filed in federal court as it relates to theactually innocent citizens, victims of the crimes outlined by the undersigned. The partiesdescribed in
Items 1-14
exhaustive however they are the suspects/defendantinvolved in theMURDER of United States Attorney Ronald G. WoodsnamelyMELINDA"LINDY HARRISON" HONERKAMP who delivered criminal evidence of racketeering and conspiracy of former Texas Speaker of the House Gus Mutscher whowas then the county judge of Washington County and or has and continues to obstruct justice, interfered in the undersigned’s investigation connected to retired Federal Bureauof Investigation Agent Ron Stern’s contract that bears the undersigned name to collectcriminal evidence and accept that ;a)The parties/suspects/defendants have violated state and or federal lawb)Presentlyengaged in RICO, the concealment of identifiers not pursuant to theTexas Government Code c) Title 18, Chapter 73 violations namely obstruction of justiced) RETAILIATION against two federal information sources (both who were married tostate officials) and as of August 27, 2009 Texas DPS troopers walk into WhartonCounty District Court with prosecutors and they violate the law, the right to fair trial andother criminal acts not authorized by the Texas Government Code continuing toracketeer and violate the United States Constriction.e) And the "Thouhy Letter” requirement has been satisfied.1.Travis County DA Ronnie Earle and Rosemary Lehmberg
2.Texas Municipal League specifically attorney Lori Gillespie [and theCity of Austin Police Dept.] and the $ 125,000.00 paid to Spanky Handleyfor a few terse words in his personal file because the other employees wereafraid to fly with him.3.Texas DPS General Counsel Office, Special Crimes Division and theTexas Rangers who are currently are advised the undersigned they wereinvestigating
and going to a grand jury. (Also please review the DeloitteReport located on the Texas DPS website)
4.Texas Board of Private Investigators [and Cliff Grumbles]5.Travis Co. David Escamilla (Ken Oden, John Lipscomb, Fred Weber,Mack Martinezin the "Unlicensed Investigations Travis Co. 480-735 ETAL6.Harris County (and the City of Jersey Village)7.Texas Medical Board (as it relates to
my witness
Dr. Shirley PigottM.D. {See Item No.8 }and my rule 60 (b) (6) motions percolating for JudgeWerlein Jr. and other motions to disqualify the TEXAS ATTORNEYGENERAL from representing my former husband Lonnie Ray Davis nowranked a Retired 'Special' Texas Ranger.8.Wharton County District Attorney Josh Mc Conn, and his assistantDistrict Attorney GordonDudley for prosecutorial misconduct with TexasDPS troopers Alfred “Freddie” Ochoa and his
trooper Terronezfor perjury, misrepresentations in litigation, violations of the DPS GeneralOrders and a host of other violations against state and federal law.8.Texas Attorney General Office--attorneys
AND DONCLEMMER (org from Harris County and the original source of theDEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE "PROBE" in the corruption and RICOviolations of lawyers and judges. [See Exhibit No. 1.]9.Texas Ethics Commission [Commissioner /attorney Warren "Tom"Harrison.]10. State Bar of Texas [attorneys Dawn Miller, Paul Homberg III andJeanette Duer 11.State office of Risk (SORM)

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