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Is God Speaking to Me or is It My Illusion

Is God Speaking to Me or is It My Illusion

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Published by John Paily

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Published by: John Paily on Sep 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is God speaking to me or isit My Illusion?
[This is a shorter version of bigger chapter – under “Biology and Physics of BiblicalCreationhttp://sites.google.com/site/biophysicsofbible]
By John Paily
Grace New Age Research
Chapter -1
My Mind and My Thought 
It all started way back in 1980’s. I had just finished my Masters in Biological Science. Iwas not a believer.
I could only visualize God as an invention of the intelligent to rulethe ignorant.
I had seen from childhood the so called elite taking common man for aride. When I had to take up a career, after much deliberation, I opted to take a researchcareer. I just hoped to contribute some thing to humanity, in the process of completingmy journey. I think I did have some philosophical bent of mind.I put my mind on my consciousness as I took up some of the most challenging and toughresearch topic much against the advice of my teacher’s. My immediate choice wasCancer Research, but I ended in a lab that clones commercially important plants such asCoconut. Coming form a farming family, it naturally gave me impetus to attempt it. Thelab was an ordinary lab, not recognized by the University for Research Work. The lab belonged to a catholic priest and I was influenced by his sermon about Mendel, Meyer,Einstein and such greats who became famous, just because of their work. The topic I washandling was a topic of research for many multinational companies and government labswith a head start of over 10-15 years. After a year of day and nights works I did repentfor not taking my teachers advice. My research was a non starter.After a year, I took a break to spend few days with my friends in a reputed institute.During this period, I read a book by philosopher Jiddu Krishna Moorthy. Reading it Ilearnt an art of standing back from problems and observing it from a point of freedom or self. Through these exercises I found that the goal to which I am working[dedifferentiation and differentiation of information] is some thing nature does routinely.I began to observe the plants and nature intensively. A form of communication developedwith life and nature. My communication with nature changed my approach toexperiments. And success began to flow in everything I touchedBut my communication with life and nature also opened many questions. Nature and life began to reveal the ignorance on which I stand and work. Cloning assumes that biologicalinformation is stable and predictable. But my experiments were clearly speaking that theyare unpredictable. I could feel the struggle of pieces of tissues and cells in the artificialenvironment. I saw them react and emerge to sustain themselves in different manner.Further nature was reminding me that I do not know, why she mixes her information,why her genetic element is double helical, why gene is a triplet code, why dominant andrecessive and so on. The information I am dealing with is built up one there is some thingelse behind it that is surviving. The work I am doing appeared naïve, I just could not believe how the millions working in the temples of science are dumb to these basicrealities2
The result I obtained called national and international interest. Openings formmultinational companied came searching. But I felt uncomfortable to pursue my work onfalsehood. A short exposure to multinational company exposed dimensions of falsehoodon which we exist and build up our empire. I felt there is very little genuine attempt toknow life and its truth. Everyone seems to exploit the situation to advance “self” at allcost. Biotechnology is a field that probably has the highest investment in the modernworld. No body dares to touch the foundation and contradict it. This prompted me toretreat and take academic line and pursue the fundamental questions. However, on theeve of submission of my doctoral thesis, I revolted from the system to stay with myconsciousness than sacrificing it to gain a passport to academic world.A short stay in my interior village surrounded by virgin forests, my communication withnature intensified. My family and its financial state was in trouble, my mother who wasthe back bone of the family was sick. I was the elder and the only educated male. I perceived my need to the family. Further, nature around me was intensivelycommunicating to me. I enjoyed the freedom of enquiry. I slowly settled as a smallfarmer taking the responsibility of combined family. It was a tough task to stabilizeagriculture and family that was in downtrend physically and mentally. I noted that anindividual, a family, a community and the whole world falls or grows by virtue of itsthinking.Looking out to the world, I also felt the whole world is falling. I could perceive the statein which the world is in today. It is caught in a vortex of death, contributed by modernday intellectuals who heralded a science, which fails speak the basic interrelationship andoneness and does not answer fundamental questions of nature. I could bring a thousandwhy’s to which science has no answer. Science does not answer, why free fallacceleration is independent of weight? What gives gravity and mass to matter? Whywave particle duality? Why speed of light is the maximum speed? Why ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3 and so on.I converted my social situations, agricultural field, and the surrounding forests in to mylaboratory and went in search of Truth of Life and Nature. Nature began to reveal the pages of her book. Many simple solutions to complex problems emerged. I began to takea path opposite to the modern world. Modern world is directed to complexity. It splitsand generates its energy from it and moves into disorder. The self and perpetuation of self was its fundamental criteria. I could see the monster of “self” and its death forces dancingaround me, within my family and the whole world. These forces are interspersed with lifeforce, but the life force is appeared a recessive and looser. It was not long before Irealized that in those frits of emotional and instinctive reaction and I have taken a near impossible task of fighting a global force of death that is acting every where. There wasnow no way back for me but to fight the battle of life and death. Nature was inviting meto unravel her secretsAs I said, my search was directed to simplicity behind the complexity and the oneness of it. The
cutting edge questions of the modern day science and religion appearedsimple to me
. Every time nature revealed some insights I was excited and communicated3

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