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Gary Renard Special Report

Gary Renard Special Report



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Published by Fernando Tiberti
Interview with a guy that saw two "ascended masters" for nine years and wrote a book about it.
Interview with a guy that saw two "ascended masters" for nine years and wrote a book about it.

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Published by: Fernando Tiberti on Jul 15, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why I Wrote The Disappearance of the Universe..............2HOW ADVANCED FORGIVENESS CAN LEAD TO....5THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE................5An interview with Gary R. Renard...................................5I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO...................12Discussion Group Sessions...............................................14
Why I Wrote The Disappearance of the Universe
ByGary R. Renard (www.GaryRenard.com)On December 21, 1992, I was meditating in a chair at my house in Maine. I did thisevery day and had gotten pretty good at it, achieving absolute stillness with no interferingthoughts present in my mind. When I was finished, I opened my eyes as usual, notknowing that my life was about to change forever. Sitting there on my couch was anattractive looking couple who would eventually identify themselves as “disciples of Jesus.” Over the course of the next 9 years and 17 discussions they would tell me manyinteresting and amazing things, not the least of which was that in one of their incarnationstogether they were none other than Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus, two of theoriginal disciples of “J,” as they called Jesus. They said that despite what many peoplethink, those lifetimes as disciples were not their final ones. They also told me a great dealabout spirituality and talked about their personal experiences with Y’shua, his namebefore translation. They spoke from a Jewish perspective, noting that there was no suchthing as Christianity two thousand years ago and that it was never J’s intention to start areligion. Wanting to set the record straight, they also explained about 20 Sayings to mefrom “The Gospel of Thomas” and spoke about the suppression of the truth by thechurch. They then went on to share the secrets of the universe and why we exist, andtaught me the way to return to God, which they described as the form of “advancedforgiveness” that is also taught in the modern spiritual guide, “A Course in Miracles.”Bluntly clarifying the Course’s principles and exactly how to apply them to our everydaylives, they made a strong, clear connection between the Voice of “The Gospel of 
3http://www.garyrenard.com Thomas” and the Voice of the Course. They emphasized that Christianity got J wrong,and that they had come to me “as symbols whose words will help facilitate thedisappearance of the universe.”Let me emphasize that events in the book are my true experiences. I’m a messenger.That’s why I wrote the book and also pass along the details of the teachings in myworkshops. The appearances by Arten and Pursah, which were Thaddaeus and Thomas’names in their final lifetimes and which they now use as teachers stopped, at leasttemporarily, on December 21, 2001, nine years to the day since they first appeared to me.During that nine years they spoke hundreds of quotations from “A Course in Miracles”which are included in the book. I also tape recorded all of our conversations, except forthe first, for the purpose of accuracy.The book is having a major impact on people and their journey home to God, whichis actually an awakening from our dream of separation from Him. By always followingthe masters’ instructions, I’ve never ceased to be amazed at how easy it was to get thebook finished, published and available to the public. The first five printings sold quicklyand at this writing the book has been sold to a major publisher, Hay House, which took over November 1, 2004. I’m thrilled to know that what Arten and Pursah did for me ishappening for others, helping to accelerate our spiritual progress to the point where thelessons of many lifetimes (which they said are really illusory dreams) are learned in justone lifetime, rendering many future incarnations unnecessary.The enthusiasm that is being expressed for the book has been very gratifying. I’llalways be grateful to Arten and Pursah, and as far as my many new experiences are

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