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Certification Questions

Certification Questions

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Published by Amit Sharma

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Published by: Amit Sharma on Dec 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Why do you import different databases into different namespaces? A. To avoid duplication of data. B. To keep databases separate and distinct. C. To ensure silo characteristics of reporting data. D. All of the above. 2. What is a package in Cognos Framework Manager? A. The filters and namespaces used in Report Studio. B. The source code from which objects in Framework Manager get their information. C. What is actually published to the IBM Cognos BI server, and it is used to create reports, analyses, and ad hoc queries. D. The components imported into Framework Manager for use in namespaces. 3. What are the two types of Dimensions in Framework Manager? A. Measure B. Crosstab C. Regular 4. What are the types of query subjects? A. data source, dimensional, integrated B. dimensional, model, stored procedure C. data source, model, stored procedure D. dimensional, function, macros 5. What's the best way of describing a query item? A. Similar to a table in a relational database. B. A branch in the Cognos Star Schema. C. The smallest piece of a model that can be in a report. D. A set of objects used in Report Studio. 6. What are the objects associated to a one-part identifier? A. shortcuts to namespaces B. namespaces C. packages D. shortcuts to folders E. functions 7. What are the objects associate to a two part identifier? A. query items B. measure dimensions C. shortcuts to query subjects D. query subjects E. regular dimensions
8. What are the objects associated to three part identifiers? A. query items B. query subjects C. hierarchies D. measures 9. What is the objects assoicated to four part identifiers? A. levels B. query subjects C. packages 10. What do five part identifiers consist of in most cases? A. namespace name B. dimension name C. query subjects D. hierarchy name E. level name F. query item name G. captions in member unique names H. business keys in member unique names 11. What are the types of authentication in Framework Manager? A. IBM Cognos service credentials B. external namespace C. no authentication D. token 12. What is synonymous with a table in a relational database? A. query item B. package C. dimension D. query subject 13. What is synonymous with a column in a relational database? A. table B. column C. stored procedure D. function 14. What are isolation levels in Framework Manager? A. Specifies how transactions that occur at run-time are handled. B. Levels at which namespaces are separated. C. Specifies how transactions that modify the database are handled. D. Specifies the way database connections are integrated in Framework Manager.
15. What are levels of isolation in the order of lowest to most isolation? A. Read Uncommitted, Cursor Stability, Read Committed, Reproducible Read, Serializable, Phantom Protection B. Read Uncommitted, Read Committed, Cursor Stability, Reproducible Read, Phantom Protection, Serializable C. Read Uncommitted, Cursor Stability, Read Committed, Phantom Protection, Reproducible Read, Serializable 16. How do you import metadata that has the same tables names? A. Create three names spaces and merge the tables separately, then merge the two tables into one consistent table. B. Create one namespace and merge the tables. C. Create two namespaces and import each table into a different namespace. D. Create one namespace and duplicate tables by using metadata wizard. 17. What happens when you reimport a table that you have already imported but renmaed in a namespace? A. Framework Manager recognizes the object already exists. B. Framework Manager will automatically crash and you may lose your entire project due to inconsistencies. C. The originating table is deleted. D. The table being imported is deleted. 18. What a view synonymous with in Framework Manager? A. Query Item B. View C. Query Subject D. Package 19. What is a synonym synonymous with in Framework Manager? A. Query Subject B. Query Item C. Package D. Synonym 20. What is a procedure synonymous with in Framework Manager? A. Query Subject B. Query Item C. Function D. Macro E. Expression 21. What is a function synonymous with in Framework Manager? A. Query Subject B. Query Item C. Project Function D. Project Expression

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