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Caged for Christmas (foie gras)

Caged for Christmas (foie gras)

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Published by Vegan Future
A VIVA leaflet about the cruelty of foie gras.

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A VIVA leaflet about the cruelty of foie gras.

Find out more at

Make a donation to VIVA

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Published by: Vegan Future on Dec 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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At first light he hears the door slam in the distance, an icy blast rattles theinside of the cavernous shed and then begins a familiar, terrifying noise: theshrieks of other ducks and the repeated whoosh of a pneumatic pump.The noise and the clamour get nearer but this little white duck can’t run or flyaway – in fact he can barely move.His feathers are stiff, filthy and mattedfrom yesterday’s vomit and he is held firmly in a tiny cage as tight as a coffin –one of many stretching almost as far as the eye can see. There are hundredsmore like him, row after row of young male ducks, their heads poking outthrough the wire to facilitate the routine of abuse.And then it happens! With practiced brutality, a gloved hand grabs his head, along metal tube is forced down his throat and a ridiculousamount of boiled corn with fat is pumped into his stomachin seconds.Not force-feeding but
to the French. The little white duck pants heavily because his distendedstomach makes it hard to breathe and he tries to shakethe spilled yellow muck from his eyes. If he’s lucky, histhroat won't have been ripped and he won’t die in agonyas the crumpled bird in the cage next to him did – just oneof a million in France who die this agonising way each year.
Help Viva! to free them and make Britain
www.viva.org.uk/foiegras | 0117 944 1000
 f o r  C h r i s t m a s
 C a
 g e d
“We used Viva! leaflets to helpmake Winchester foie 
 gras free!Everyone should get peacefullyactive for animals.”
Marjorie Pooley
“We were appalled to see thisdisgusting
 for sale at our local garden centre and so we complained.So we are delighted the companyhave taken the decision to remove it.”
Irene and Mike Mason of Nailsea
“Viva! helps uscampaign withconfidence and great free materials. We were delighteda localrestaurant dropped foie 
 grasrecently. We couldn
t have done itwithout Viva!”
Jan Yarker of Passive Pressure in Bromley
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Viva! and our supporters work together for a
free Britain!

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