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Seven Samurai Screenplay

Seven Samurai Screenplay

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Published by Cinephilia & Beyond
Written by Akira Kurosawa & Shinobu Hashimoto & Hideo Oguni
Translated by Donald Richie
Written by Akira Kurosawa & Shinobu Hashimoto & Hideo Oguni
Translated by Donald Richie

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Categories:Topics, Japanese
Published by: Cinephilia & Beyond on Dec 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Written byAkira Kurosawa &Shinobu Hashimoto &Hideo OguniTranslated byDonald RichieConverted to PDF by mypdfscripts.com 
Credits fade in and out, white on black, with music associated with the bandits over: drums, gongs, and bassoons. After the credits, a title.Title: The Sengoku Period was a time of civil wars; it was a lawless era and in the country, the farmers were at the mercy of bands of brigands.Title: Around the time of the St. Bartholomew Day Massacre in France, Japan was in the throes of Civil War.Title: And the farmers everywhere were being crushed under the iron heels of cruel brigands.Dissolve into long shot, looking across a grassy, rolling plain to the horizon with the dawn sky above. Bandits appear on horseback on the horizon, and ride across towards camera,  which pans as they passMedium shot of one of the bandits galloping past, camera panning left with him; hold as the others gallop past after him.Long shot of the bandits galloping across frame, silhouetted against the sky. Pan left, then hold as they pass.Very long shot of the bandits galloping up a slope against the sky.Quick dissolve to a medium shot looking along a path; the bandits ride up in the foreground, and turn, going away up the path. Medium shot of another part of the countryside with grass and trees in the foreground. The bandits gallop past in the background. Pan left with them as they gallop up an incline. Dissolve to a high-angle medium shot of the bandits, seen from behind, where the roofs of houses can be seen. They move forward slightly, to get a better look. Medium close-up of the BANDIT CHIEF and his CAPTAINCAPTAINWe’ll take this place next.High-angle long shot looking down on to the village. It is peaceful and quiet. Smoke drifts up from one or two chimneys. The bandits agree noisily, off.Low-angle medium close-up of the CHIEF on his horse, with the horse’s head nearest camera.
CHIEFWe took it last autumn. They haven’t got anything worth taking yet. Let’s wait.As he speaks he has difficulty in controlling his horse,  which swings round and round,Low-angle medium close-up of the CAPTAIN on his horse,CAPTAINAll right. We’ll come back after the barley harvest.He turns his horse.Medium shot of three bandits wheeling their horses round and galloping past camera.Medium shot, looking up the slope. The bandits gallop from the foreground up to the top of the hill. The CHIEF follows. Loud sound of galloping hoofs. High-angle long shot from the ridge of the village below,  with a rough hedge of brushwood in the foreground. The hoofbeats gradually fade away in the distance. Silence. Suddenly part of the hedge begins to rise. It is the load of faggots carried by a FARMER as he waited, hidden behind the hedge, and listened to the bandits. His face appears from behind the hedge below the load of faggots, pale and scared. A bird sings, off. The farmer turns and runs down the hill.Wipe to a very long high-angle shot of the village. The villagers are gathered in a circle in the open space in the center of the village.High-angle long shot of the villagers crouched in a circle. The bird continues its song, off.High-angle medium shot of the villagers, crouched in a circle, motionless.Medium shot of some of the farmers right in the center of the circle, with women and children crouched down behind them, Someone is moaning and wailing, off. Medium shot of another group of villagers.Medium shot of another group, all crouched forward in despair.WOMANThere are no gods here anymore...2.

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