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50 Greatest Mysteries in the Universe 2012

50 Greatest Mysteries in the Universe 2012

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Published by Parvez Ahamed
50 Greatest Mysteries in the Universe 2012
50 Greatest Mysteries in the Universe 2012

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Published by: Parvez Ahamed on Dec 25, 2013
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1. How old is the universe? 2. How big is the universe? 3. How did the Big Bang happen? 4. What is dark matter? 6. How common are black holes? 7. How many planets are in the solar system? 9. What is the fate of the universe? 10. What will happen to life on Earth? 11. What is dark energy? 12. What are gamma-ray bursts? 13. Will asteroids threaten life on Earth? 14. Is water necessary for life? 15. Is there life on Mars, Titan, or Europa? 16. Why did Mars dry out? 17. How did the Moon form? 18. Where do meteorites come from? 20. Did stars, galaxies, or black holes come first? 21. Where do cosmic rays come from? 22. How are comets and asteroids related? 23. How many planets surround other star systems? 24. How many asteroids are locked up in the Kuiper Belt? 25. Does string theory control the universe? 26. What creates gravitational waves? 27. What happens when black holes collide? 28. Why does antimatter exist? 30. Does every big galaxy have a central black hole? 31. Does inflation theory govern the universe? 32. Should Pluto be considered a planet? 33. Why did Venus turn itself inside-out? 34. How could we recognize life elsewhere in the cosmos? 35. What created Saturn’s rings? 36. Could a distant, dark body end life on Earth? 37. Do we live in a multiple universe? 38. How did the Milky Way Galaxy form? 39. How did the solar system form?  41. How do massive stars explode? 42. What will happen to the Sun? 43. Did comets bring life to Earth? 44. How did quasars form? 45. Will the Milky Way merge with another galaxy?46. How many brown dwarfs exist?47. What happens at the cores of galaxy clusters? 48. Is Jupiter a failed star? 49. How many galaxies are in our Local Group? 50. Do neutrinos hold secrets to the cosmos?
. . . and 150+ of astronomy’s greatest images!
5. How did galaxies form? 19. Can light escape from black holes?29. Are there other planets like Earth?40. What happens when galaxies collide?8. Are we alone?
Each issue includes:
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Photo by: John Chumack Illustration by: Theo Cobb
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