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OLD Original

OLD Original

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Published by ganyesod

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Published by: ganyesod on Dec 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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on old
Tnanslated fnorn
7Lg0r1 r
(TransIated, out of Latin)
The Philosophers f the past, in deep meditatisn on theuniyerssl miserg brought on bg Adam's sll and he followingcurse, searched hrough oll divine crestion hoping o findsomething hat would helf them avert or olleviate the worstafflictions of mind and bodg. For no one at all can resistdeath when t comes. And so theg hoped o direct the briefspsn of their liyes, in heolth of botlg and serenitg of mind, othe treasures and jogs of God, using their knowledge f allmarvels hat occur, E knowledge hich is also a gift of Hisnsture. Theg were roined n virtue and ntegritg, so th0t theghormed o one but instead helped reserye ife.For this purpose heg found no substance more noble hangold, ond no art more valuable han Hermetic pgrotechnics For of all created hings that exist below he sphere of thel'loon here s nothing more perfect or more asting than gold,which no element an destrog ecause f the verg structure ofits perfection. The Philosophers concluded hat 0severgthing was created or man's use gold w6s extremelgI
effective not onlg against ong oss of bodilg heolth but alsoagoinst ang mperfection of its specific metallic noture. Infoct, the bonds hst make up gold are so tighilg knit that thegcannot be undone U natural orces alone. Even hough naturerepeatedlg hatters and destrogs what it has brought orth, os
can be seen n metals that have travelled down to the depthsof the eorth, nevertheless gold, when found apparenilg n justsuch a state of destruction, in deep mineral deposits, hos nomedicinal power at all. For, ss has been noted, as long as goldis bound ogether in its natural state of perfection, it is noteffective for either of the above-mentioned urposes definedbg the Philosophers. The Philosophers applied alt theirdiligence and effort to breok up or dissolve the structure ofgold, using their own skill, the aid of nature, and especiallgthat ingenious art of pgrotechnics or olchemg which can beconsidered he mother of oll arts. ilext theg planned o renewor enhance gold, raising it to E state more perfecl thanperfection. Finallg, when theg had come through all toils anddongers, heg would achieve heir fervent hope and purpose bgthe grace of God.Later, theg must have rerlized - this is easu to surmise -that no door csn be opened without a keg. Furthermore, goldcannot naturallg be combined with 0r improved bg angsubstance except its specific and original -mother- substancein which it was formed at the beginning. Theg called thissubstsnce bg its true name, irst matter or Frima llateria. so,

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