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Hindu Metaphysics Section-6

Hindu Metaphysics Section-6

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Published by sdonthy
Hindu Metaphysics Journal
Hindu Metaphysics Journal

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Published by: sdonthy on Dec 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  t  h   o  m   a   s  k  e  l  l  y
  t  h   o  m   a   s  k  e  l  l  y
section six
  t  h   o  m   a   s  k  e  l  l  y
 A council of renunciate Hindu leaders gathered to discuss current ethical and religious issues in light of dharmic principles at the Kumbha Mela of 2004 in Ujjain at the camp of Maharishi Sarkhani Ji Maharaj (center left).
 A code of conduct, vegetarianism, sensitive medical issues, and ahimsa—nonhurtfulness in thought, word and deed
   a  r  t  b  y   a .  m   a  n  i  v  e  l
ow often do you see a professional team
f ppl
mbhav  h jb? Yu’r  a gh frm sa Fra  sgapr. D h gh a-da bkr  h al? of ur . Ppl a h lvl f bu hav rl f hr md ad m-. if hy dd’, hy wuld  b rplad. Wh hy ar  h jb, a la, hy fllw a d f du plld u  dal by h rpra. i’  ulk h mral d f ay rlg, ulg ud h fr rp ad harmy amg huma. th kg  b uful  lf rv  fulll a mral d whhr “ h jb” r ff. D Hdum ad  rpur  yga
hav uh a d? Y: wy hal gudl alld
 “r-ra ad brva.” th “d’” ad “d’” ar fud  h
makd’ ld bdy f rpur, ad  hr hly  pudg h pah f yga. th
 ar a mm- d r-rdd  h fal  f h Vda, alld
Upani- shads,
amly h
ad h
 Va  r 
thy ar al fud 
Hatha Yoga Pra dipika
 Swami Svatma-rama
, h
f trumular ad  h
 Yoga Sutras
f Pa ajal. th
hav b prrvd hrugh h ur a h fuda, h r ad d ag, f h gh-agd pra f yga. Y, hy ar fudamal  all bg, pd am f vry  y, ad aumd  b fully a fr ay- kg lf’ hgh am  h puru alld yga. sag Paajal
, raja yga’
frm pr-pudr
 ld u, “th
ar  lmd by la, ury, m (pa, pr r fuur) r ua. H hy ar alld h uvral gra vw.” Yg hlar swam Brahm aada sara wa rvald h r  f
thy ar h ma, h ad,  -rl h
h rul mal wav r hugh, ha wh ad up rul  jury  hr, uruhful, hardg, d, dl r lh. H ad, “Fr ah
 yu hav, yu a ra  pp hrugh
ad mak yur lf uful.” th fllwg paragraph, wh ampayg llura- by A. Mavl f cha, luda h
 ni- yamas.
Prd r ar h 
h d ’, whh har h v aur, wh  gvrg mpul f far, agr, jaluy, lh, grd ad lu. sd ar llurad h 
 ni  yamas,
h d’, h rlgu br-va ha ulva ad brg frh h rd ul qual-, lfg awar  h u f h hghr hakra
f lv, mpa, l, llg ad bl. tghr h
 prvd h fu-da  uppr ur yga pra  ha aam  hghr u a b uad.
∞‡⁄™  Ç—™‰æ ∏˘ “˜òæ@ 
chapter 42: hinduism’s code of conduct
what is hinduism?
Adhr  ruhful, rfrag frm lyg ad brayg prm. spak ly ha whh  ru, kd, hlpful ad ary. Kwg ha dp ra da, d’ kp r frm famly r lvd . B far, aura ad frak  du, a ragr  d. Adm  yur falg. D  gag ladr, gp r bak-bg. D  bar fal w aga ahr.
1. Noninjury,
2. Truthfulness,
Twenty Keys for Spiritual Living in Contemporary Times
 Ç⁄“Ä–Ÿ –´æ
Uphld h vru f -alg, hr hvg, vg r falg  rpay db. crl yur dr ad lv wh  yur ma. D  u brrwd rur fr udd purp r kp hm pa du. D  gambl r dfraud hr. D  rg  prm. D  u hr’ am, wrd, rur r rgh wh-u prm ad akwldgm. Pra dv du, rllg lu by rma-g lba wh gl ad fahful  marrag. Bfr marrag, u val rg  udy, ad afr marrag  rag fam-ly u. D’ wa h ard fr by pr-muy  hugh, wrd r dd. B rrad wh h pp . sk hly mpay. Dr ad pak mdly. shu prgraphy, ual humr ad vl. er pa, rra-g lra wh ppl ad mpa wh ruma. B agr-abl. L hr bhav ardg  hr aur, whu adjug  yu. D’ argu, dma vra r rrup hr. D’ b  a hurry. B pa wh hldr ad h ldrly. Mmz r by kpg wrr a bay. Rma pd  gd m ad bad. Fr adfa, vrmg prvr-a, far, d ad hagabl. Ahv  yur gal wh a prayr, purp, pla, pr ad puh. B rm  yur d. Avd lh ad prraa. Dvlp wllpwr, urag ad duru. ovrm bal. nvr arp r mpla. D  l pp- r far f falur rul  hagg rag. Pra mpa, qurg allu, rul ad v flg ward all bg. s Gd v rywhr. B kd  ppl, amal, pla ad h earh lf. Frgv h wh aplgz ad hw ru rmr. Fr ympahy fr hr’ d ad uffrg. Hr ad a h wh ar wak, mpvrhd, agd r  pa. opp famly abu ad hr rul. Maa hy, ru-g dp ad wrg-dg. A hrably v  hard m. oby h law f yur a ad lal. Pay yur a. B raghfrward  bu-. D a h day’ wrk. D  brb r ap brb. D  ha, dv r rumv  ahv a d. B frak wh yurlf. Fa ad ap yur faul whu blamg hm  hr.
 3. Nonstealing,
4. Divine Conduct,
5. Patience,
6. Steadfastness,
7. Compassion,
8. Honesty,
Pra jury,  harmg hr by hugh, wrd r dd, v  yur dram. Lv a kdly lf, rvrg all bg a pr f h o Dv rgy. L g f far ad ury, h ur f abu. Kw-g ha harm aud  hr ufalgly rur  lf, lv pa-fully wh Gd’ ra. nvr b a ur f drad, pa r jury. Fl-lw a vgara d.
   a  l  l   a  r  t  b  y   a .  m   a  n  i  v  e  l
 ÆŸ≤ÇŸ⁄—™èæ  ⁄„–≥™ËŒ  ⁄º™Ÿ“Ÿ¿ –Êò
culva dv hrugh daly wrhp ad mda-. s ad  rm f  yur hm a Gd’ hr. offr fru, wr r fd daly. Lar a mpl puja ad h ha. Mda afr ah puja. V yur hr bfr ad afr lavg h hu. Wr-hp  harfl dv, larg h r ha-l  Gd, Gd ad guru  hr gra w ward yu ad lvd .eagrly har h rpur, udy h ahg ad l  h w f yur lag. ch a guru
fl-lw h pah ad d’ wa m plrg hr way. Rad, udy ad, abv all, l  radg ad d-ra by whh wdm w frm kwr  kr. Avd dary  ha prah vl. Rvr ad udy h rvald rpur, h
Dvlp a prual wll ad ll wh yur
guda. srv fr kwldg f Gd,  awak h lgh wh. Dvr h hdd l-  ah pr  dvlp a prfud udradg f lf ad  yurlf. thrugh mda-, ulva u by lg  h ll, mall v wh, by udradg h ubl , r wrld ad myal .
5. Worship,
embra rlgu vw, rul ad brva ad vr wavr  fulll-g hm. Hr vw
a prual ra wh  yur ul, yur mmuy, wh Gd, Gd ad guru. tak vw  har h v aur. Fa prdally. Plgrmag  yarly. Uphld yur vw rly, b hy marrag, mam, add-, hg, lyaly  a lag, vgara-m r mkg.
6. Scriptural Listening,
 Siddhanta Shravana
 7. Cognition,
8. Sacred Vows,
cha yur hly mara
daly, rg h ard ud, wrd r phra gv by yur guru
Bah r, qu h md ad ra fully  l
harmz, purfy ad uplf yu. Hd yur ru ad ha h prrbd rp whu fal. Lv fr f agr  ha
 rgh- yur hghr aur. L
 qull m ad qu h rvr f hugh.Pra aury, r-u dpl, p a ad ar. B ard  wrhp
mda ad plgrmag. A fr mdd hrugh pa (
, uh a
 prra r fa-g. Prfrm lf-dal, gvg up hrhd p-, my r m. Fulll vr au r a pal m, udr a
guda,  g h r r f lf-rafrma.
9. Recitation,
10. Austerity,
Fr a full luda f h
 yamas and niyamas,
 Yoga’s Forgotten Foundation,
avalabl a www.hmalayaaadmy.m/bk.
 ™¥–Π º⁄™  ∆˘ ™  Ñ@Õ∆¿¥› ú≤  ⁄–ØÛ Ÿ≥™Ã˘∆®
chapter 42: hinduism’s code of conduct
what is hinduism?
9. Moderate Appetite,
10. Purity,
1. Remorse,
B mdra  app, hr ag  muh r umg ma, h, hllh, fwl r gg. ejy frh, whlm vgara fd ha val-z h bdy. Avd juk fd. Drk  mdra. ea a rgular m, ly wh hugry, a a mdr-a pa, vr bw mal,  a durbd amphr r wh up. Fllw a mpl d, avd-g rh r fay far. Uphld h h f pury, avdg mpury  md, bdy ad ph. Ma-a a la, halhy bdy. Kp a pur, ulurd hm ad wrkpla. A vruuly. Kp gd mpay, vr mg wh adulrr, hv r hr mpur ppl. Kp away frm prgraphy ad vl. nvr u harh, agrd r d- laguag. Wrhp dvuly. Mda daly. Allw yurlf h pr- f rmr, bg md ad hwg ham fr mdd. Rgz  yur rrr, f ad mak amd. srly aplgz  h hur by yur wrd r dd. Rlv all  bfr lp. sk u ad rr yur faul ad bad hab. Wlm rr- a a ma  br-g yurlf. D  ba. shu prd ad pr.nurur m, kg jy ad r y  lf. B happy, ml ad uplf hr. Lv  a graud fr  yur halh, yur frd ad yur blgg, D’ mpla abu wha yu d’ p. idfy wh h ral Yu, rahr ha md, bdy r m. Kp h muap vw ha lf  a ppruy fr prual prgr. Lv  h ral w. B gru  a faul, gvg lbrally whu hugh f rward. th, ffrg -h f yur gr m
(dashama- msha
), a Gd’ my,  mpl, ahram ad prual rgaza. Apprah h mpl wh ffrg. V guru
wh gf  had. Da rlgu lraur. Fd ad gv  h  d. Bw yur m ad al whu kg pra. tra gu a Gd.culva a uhakabl fah. Blv rmly  Gd, Gd, guru
ad yur pah  lghm. tru  h wrd f h mar, h rpur ad rad-. Pra dv ad
 pr pr ha buld advad fah. B lyal   yur lag,  wh yur
. shu h wh ry  brak yur fah by argum ad aua. Avd dub ad dpar.
 3. Giving,
4. Faith,
2. Contentment,

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