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Microsoft Word 2003 Training Manual

Microsoft Word 2003 Training Manual

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Published by febri_clp

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Published by: febri_clp on Sep 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table of Contents: Module 1
Starting Word 2003
How To Start Word 2003What's New In Word 2003
Getting Familiar With The Word 2003 Screen
How To Use MenuHow To Show Or Hide ToolbarsHow To Move Toolbar And Menu BarHow To Use Toolbar buttonHow To Use Shortcut Menu Using Right mouse ClickHow To Use Shortcut key
Getting Help
How To Use Search HelpHow To Use Contents HelpHow To Use Microsoft Office OnlineHow To Type A Question For Help BoxHow To Use Office Assistant HelpHow To Use Get Help In A Dialog BoxHow To Use Research Task Pane
Creating A New Document
How To Create A New Blank Document Using Task PaneHow To Create A Document From A TemplateHow To Enter Text Into Word Document
Creating A New Document
How To Save Document For The First TimeHow To Save Another Copy Of The DocumentHow To Save To Another FolderHow To Save A Document Onto A Diskette
Closing a Document and Existing Word
How To Close A Document And Exit Word 2003How To Open A Word Document
Automating Text Options In Word 2003
How To Enable Or Disable The AutoCompleteHow To Use AutoTextHow To Create An AutoText EntryHow To Change An AutoText EntryHow To Delete An AutoText EntryHow To Use Use AutoCorrect OptionsHow To Set The AutoCorrect OptionsHow To Use Quick Spelling CorrectionHow To Use Quick Grammar Correction
Inserting, Overtyping And Deleting Text
How To Insert Text in a DocumentHow To Insert Date and Time in a DocumentHow To Overtype Text in a DocumentHow To Enter Text With Click And TypeHow To Delete A WordHow To Delete A SentenceHow To Delete A ParagraphHow To Delete An Entire Document
Selection Techniques
How To Select a WordHow To Select a Line of TextHow To Select Multiple Lines of TextHow To Select a SentenceHow To Select a ParagraphHow To Select an Entire Document
Moving and Copying Text
How To Cut And Paste TextHow To Copy and Paste TextHow To Move and Copy Text with Drag and Drop
Using UNDO and REDO
How To Use UNDO To Reverse Your Last ActionsHow To Use REDO To Redo An Action
Viewing a Document
How To Switch To Normal ViewHow To Switch To Web Layout ViewHow To Switch To Print Layout ViewHow To Switch To Outline ViewHow To Switch To Reading Layout View
Using Reading Layout
How To Page Through The DocumentHow To Navigate A Document With The Document MapHow To Jump To A Particular Screen Using ThumbnailsHow To Highlight Content You Want To RememberHow To Revise The DocumentHow To Add CommentsHow To Turn Reading Layout View Off 
Changing the Font and Font Size
How To Change Font TypeHow To Change Font SizeHow To Change The Default Font
Formatting Text
How To Bold TextHow To Italic TextHow To Underline TextHow To Change Text ColorHow To Format Font Using Font Dialog BoxHow To Format Font Using Format PainterHow To Change The Font CaseHow To Apply Text Effect
Using Drop Caps
How To Create A Drop CapHow To Add More Than One Letter To A Drop CapHow To Remove A Drop CapHow To Add A Clip Art Drop Cap
Aligning Text In A Document
How To Align LeftHow To Align RightHow To Center A ParagraphHow To Justify A Paragraph
How To Create Left Indent And Right Indent Using RulerHow To Create Left Indent And Right Indent Using MenuOptionsHow To Create First Line IndentHow To Create Hanging Indent
Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
How To Create Bulleted ListHow To Create Numbered ListHow To Change Bulleted and Numbered Lists Style
Adjusting Line Or Paragraph Spacing
How To Set Line SpacingHow To Set Spacing Between Paragraphs
Adding Border And Shading To Paragraph
How To Add Border To A ParagraphHow To Add Shading To A Paragraph
Using Tab
How To Use Default TabHow To Set Left TabHow To Set Right TabHow To Set Center TabHow To Set Decimal TabHow To Enter Information Using TabHow To Adjust Tap Stop PositionHow To Adjust Tap Stop TypeHow To Delete All TabsHow To Create Leader TabHow To Create Form Using Tab With Leader
Table of Contents: Module 2
Setting Page Margins, Paper Size and PageOrientation
How To Set MarginsHow To Change Paper SizeHow To Change Page Orientation
Creating Page Break
How To Insert A Hard Page BreakHow To Delete A Page Break
Creating Section Break
How To Insert A Section BreakHow To Delete A Section Break
Creating Headers, Footers and Page Numbers
How To Add Headers And Footers
Proofing Your Document
How To Use Spelling And Grammar CheckHow To Use The ThesaurusHow To Find And Replace TextHow To Find And Replace Specific Formatting
Previewing And Printing Your Document
How To Preview A DocumentHow To Print A DocumentHow To Use Advanced Printing Options
Creating Tables
How To Create A Table From The Menu OptionHow To Create A Table Using The Table ButtonHow To Enter Information Into A Table
Selecting Parts Of A Table
How To Select CellsHow To Select RowsHow To Select ColumnsHow To Select The Entire Table
Resizing Parts Of A Table
How To Change Column width Using MouseHow To Change Column width Using The Menu OptionHow To Change Row Height Using MouseHow To Change Row Height Using The Menu OptionHow To Change Make Multiple Columns/Rows the Same SizeHow To Change The Space Between Cells In A Table
Adding And Deleting Columns And Rows
How To Add Columns To A TableHow To Add Rows To A TableHow To Delete ColumnsHow To Delete Rows
Formatting Tables
How To Format A Table AutomaticallyHow To Add Border Line To A TableHow To Add Shading To A TableHow To Merge Cells In A TableHow To Split Cells In A TableHow To Convert Text To A TableHow To Perform Calculation In A Table
Inserting And Formatting Text Boxes
How To Inserting A Text BoxHow To Format A Text BoxHow To Modify Colors And LinesHow To Apply Text Box Fill Effects
Adding AutoShape
How To Insert An AutoShapeHow To Color An AutoShape
Inserting Pictures And WordArt
How To Insert Clip Art/Picture From The Clip GalleryHow To Insert A Picture From Another FileHow To Insert A WordArt Drawing ObjectHow To Create A Picture WatermarkHow To Create A Text Watermark
Table of Contents: Module 3
Creating And Applying Styles
How To Create A Character StyleHow To Apply A Character StyleHow To Create A Paragraph StyleHow To Apply A Paragraph StyleHow To Copy Styles Between DocumentsHow To Modify A StyleHow To Delete A Style
Working With Templates
How To Create Documents From TemplateHow To Create A Document TemplateHow To Modify A Document Template
Automating Tasks With Macro
How To Record A MacroHow To Run A MacroHow To Edit A MacroHow To Delete A Macro 
Creating Mail Merge
How To Select The Document TypeHow To Select The Starting DocumentHow To Select The RecipientsHow To Add Records To The Data SourceHow To Write Your LetterHow To Preview Your LettersHow To Perform A Mail MergeHow To Print The Letters
Customizing And Enhancing The Mail Merge
How To Modify The Main DocumentHow To Insert Merge Fields Using Mail Merge ToolbarHow To User IF...Then...Else FieldsHow To Change The Format Of The Merged Data
Creating Mailing Labels
How To Create The Mailing LabelsHow To Locate A Data Source For Your Mailing LabelsHow To Arrange The Content Of Your Mailing LabelsHow To Complete The Mailing Labels
Creating Columns
How To Create Columns For An Entire DocumentHow To Create Columns For Part Of A DocumentHow To Create Columns For An Existing Section
Formatting Columns
How To Change The Number Of ColumnsHow To Change The Width Of ColumnsHow To Add Vertical Line Between ColumnsHow To Use Column Break 
Creating Footnotes And Endnotes
How To Insert A FootnoteHow To Insert A EndnoteHow To Convert Footnotes To Endnotes
Creating A Table Of Contents
How To Create The Table Of ContentsHow To Update The Table Of Contents
Organizing A Document In Outline View
How To Create A Document In Outline ViewHow To View A Document's Organization Using Outline ViewHow To Reorganize A Document By Using Outline View
Table of Contents: Module 4
Creating Online Form
How To Create The Main DocumentHow To Design And Lay Out The Form
Inserting Form Fields
How To Insert A Text Form FieldHow To Insert A Date Form FieldHow To Insert A Number Form FieldHow To Insert A Check Box Form FieldHow To Specify Check Box OptionHow To Insert A Drop-Down List Form FieldHow To Assign Help Text For A Form Field
Preparing The Form For Distribution
How To Protect A Form In Word 2003How To Fill In A Form

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