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Kissing Strangers, a Gakuen Alice Fanfiction

Kissing Strangers, a Gakuen Alice Fanfiction

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Published by fitha_blink
Everything began with a kiss, sneezes, and smacks. A one shot, Gakuen Alice Fanfiction.
Everything began with a kiss, sneezes, and smacks. A one shot, Gakuen Alice Fanfiction.

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Published by: fitha_blink on Sep 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Attention: Read in 1/2 page please, it won't load a new page! x)) Stupid me, I never knewthere's such feature in this site!-Disclaimer: If I own GA, Ruka would date Mikan. But because he didn’t, you can assume Idon’t own it.-Dedicated to: sakuraheartz-nee **thanks a bunch for everything!!! Gyaaaa!!!**Sweetsarcastic, for kindly beta-ing this story
-"Lookie here, Ruka, we must do this, or we will be drowned in our desperate thoughts of notbeing able to get a real kiss at the age of seventeen.""But... but..." he stuttered. "This seems so primitive. Why strangers, anyway?""Because it's challenging," I remarked without thinking, but the answer I gave was actuallyrational enough.Yeah right, we were going to kiss some strangers (of course the hot ones). We werecurrently on a train station, the clock’s arrows pointing at four in the afternoon, and we stillhad our school's bags on our backs. We changed our uniform's top for a t-shirt which hadbad words writtenon it, but we kept our uniform's trousers on. Now
not everyone could tellwhere we went to school, and we tried our best to keep it that way, because it would betroublesome if people acted differently towards us--colder and more obsequious. AliceAcademy had some reputations outside.We were in our late seventeen’s, and we had not had a real kiss. True, we had kissed girls,but it had all happened because of force
Ruka had it during a school play, and I had it whena maniac fan girl threw her arms around my neck and suddenly planted a disgusting wetkiss. Gross. We both were innocent victims, so we planned a revenge on innocent girls too.We would kiss them full on the lips and leave them dazzled with drools on the corner of their mouth. We were handsome after all, so I was sure they would not mind."Let's pick up the lucky girl," I said, and we chose our target at the same time.And unfortunately--or fortunately for her, we pointed at the same girl."Don't copy my taste, Ruka," I growled at him, and Ruka rolled his eyes."Why don't you select another girl?" he snapped back."Fine," I responded, but when my eyes had searched every corner of the place, I foundnothing as interesting as the brunette.
"Well?" Ruka demanded, and I raised my hand, signaling that I could not find any girl.The sound of a coming train engulfed us, and I said, "We kiss her, but on different days,” Idecided finally. Ruka agreed with that, but his face was still full of guilt. To reduce it, I added,"The girl won't mind. Just think how lucky she is. It's such a rare and lovely incident, eh, if two good looking men kiss her?"Ruka laughed. "This is just a game," he spoke, and I smirked."Yeah, a game,"-"Oh, I'm sorry," a weak reflex response escaped from her lips, even though Ruka was theone who ran into her on the first place. Her books fell on to the station's ground, and shebent down to pick them up. Ruka followed her, and he deliberately made his hand touchhers; making her produce a soft gasp and she looked up to meet Ruka's face. She smiledapologetically and when she opened her mouth to say something (maybe thanks or sorry),Ruka kissed her.The girl definitely didn’t have good reflexes because she did nothing when he kissed her, noteven tried to push him off, but just let her hands drop to her sides and her books hit the floor again. Or was it because Ruka was a good kisser that she did not struggle?Before I could think of another reason, the brunette had shot her arms right onto Ruka'sstomach and shoved him roughly, making him step back and flinch. He spun and ran away,and did not peer over his shoulder to check the girl. I closed my mouth and dug my nailsonto my waist to hold my laugh. It was so funny. Their face was worth something. WhenRuka made his way to me, we both scrammed with our bags jumping on our backs. I burstout laughing at his reddened face, and a smile crept up on his face a little while later."What did it feel like?" I asked, panting hard with a palm on my stomach. We were not far away from the train station, but had run fast enough for the girl not to chase after us.He looked around as if the girl was still there. "Vanilla latte," he replied, and I quirked aneyebrow."Vanilla latte? Is there any lip gloss with that flavor?""And orange. Or lemon. I'm not sure, but it was kinda bittersweet."I grinned impishly. "You like it.""I guess I do.""Can't wait for my turn,"-
The next afternoon, Tuesday, we couldn't find the girl. And the next day after Tuesday. Andthe day after. On Friday, Ruka was sick, and I did not have any intention of searching for thebrown-haired woman. There was no point in kissing her if he was not around, because if Ruka did not believe I had kissed her, I would have to kiss the girl twice to prove it. It wasinefficient, and I was an expeditious man.I stepped onto the train and sat on the only seat on the left. I turned on my iPod (I have noone to talk to, right?) and looked out of the train's door, hoping no more people entered inthe next three minutes. I hated whoop-de-doo, and I was thankful to have a seat. If I stoodup in a crowded train girls usually threw themselves into me, literally. I blinked my eyes thricebecause I thought I was seeing the face of the Vanilla Girl (Ruka and I finally decided to callher that), and I was not sure because her hair was somewhat blond. Slanting my eyes togain more focus, my body stiffened because Vanilla Girl imitation was walking in mydirection. Getting a closer look at her, she was indeed the Vanilla Girl.Holy, holy shit.Did she recognize me as Ruka’s friend? Would she slap me on the cheek?Suddenly she stopped in the middle of the way and reached for a hold. She did not glance atme even a bit. I sighed in relief and stared at her. The train moved.She was kinda cute. Her hair was changing from light brown to blond due to the sunlight,and it was tied in a mess of low pigtails. Her bangs reached her eyes and she blew it upchildishly. She wore a public school sailor uniform (tight and short skirt, I smirked at that),with a school badge ‘Osaka High School'. She was petite and -ahem- curvy."Excuse me," she suddenly said, her head turned towards me, "Would you please stopstaring? My body absolutely belongs to me, and I need it back."Plus a point: she had funny glares too."Pervert," I heard her mumbling and she looked away. I could not help but snicker, and as if she had eyes behind her head, she spun ninety degrees and scowled. I chuckled andteased her by giving her a judging look--observing her from the tip of her hair to her toes--and waved my hands lazily as if to say she was not worth my observation. She gasped andmade a face (maybe it was supposed to be scary, but I found it entertaining, though), andnearly would have killed me if she had not reached her destination. Mouthing 'watch your butt', she stomped out of the train.-Monday. A week right after Ruka's kissing scene and two days after my commotion with her.I was so ready to 'fight' her, but Ruka was not. He was freaked out and kept chanting not tomeet her anymore. Thus, when I was ready to sit on the bench to search for the girl, hepulled me onto the train. I sighed--now he was pathetic. The train moved.

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