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FUKUSHIMA_The Sky is Falling

FUKUSHIMA_The Sky is Falling

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Published by pearsch
Fukushima... is the sky falling?
Fukushima... is the sky falling?

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: pearsch on Dec 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FUKUSHIMA: The Sky is Falling!
26DEC2013, edited by PEARSCH, IAeSR.
 The terrib&e t!&& 'r!% (a)a*s ts#a%i ca%e 'r!% the wa+e.
"irst had re)!rt 'r!% traied S -a+y radiati! w!r$er ab!#t e)eriece ass!ciated with "#$#shi%aC!rrecti! ! a artic&e ! "#$#shi%a / radiati! &e+e&s !t as bad as we thi$
Not once has their state of art equipment picked up dangerous radiation.
reas actually have been tested with no radioactivity in harvests of fish.
 The "#$#shi%a Radiati! ea$ Is E#a& T! 6 4i&&i! 5aaas 78
 The a%!#t !' radiati! 9!i9 it! the Paci'ic cea is, c!%)ared t! !ther s!#rces that we &i+e with #ite ha))i&y, tri+ia&. It is, as that 'ia& )ara9ra)h )!its !#t, &ess tha that 'r!% a si9&e c!a& 'ired )!wer stati!. ;Ti% <!rsta&&
"#$#shi%a 'ear %!9eri9 is #'!#ded. -#c&ear )!wer is the sa'est, c&eaest '!r% !' eer9y we ha+e.
 It is a 9!!d sit#ati! that it ha))eed ! the east sh!re !' the is&ad !' (a)a. The !cea wi&& ta$e care !' %!st !' it.
M%&e 'INKS:
d! a =!!9&e search8
 I9!re the '!&&!wi9 &i$s i' y!# a9ree with the ab!+e i'!r%ati!.>-#c&ear Radiati!: There is -! Sa'e D!se> by Dr. R!%e! ". ?#i@a!Radiati! is !t !r%a&&y 'e&t !r see #ti& ab!#t 10 / 20 years a'ter the icidet The 2012 re)!rt 'r!% ited -ati!s Scieti'ic C!%%ittee ! the E''ects !' At!%ic Radiati! -SCEAR8Hir!shi%a, is*t there a cacer e)ide%icE-E-E<S: sai&!rs ! the SS R!a&d Rea9a wh! ha+e h!rrib&e hea&th e''ects which they be&ie+e ca%e 'r!% "#$#shi%a radiati!:
> T: 4ay .S. sai&!rs are s#''eri9 seri!#s sy%)t!%s !' radiati! sic$ess a'ter bei9 c!ta%iated d#ri9 "#$#shi%a #c&ear disaster B SS R!a&d Rea9a was as c&!se as a %i&e away as react!rs %e&ted d!w >
 > .S. -a+y Sai&!r: They had t! re%!+e three &ayers !' s$i !'' %y hads ad ar%s a'ter "#$#shi%a e)!s#re B Treated a&%!st as i' I had the )&a9#e >
 > Press C!'erece: Pe!)&e were tryi9 t! c!%%it s#icide ab!ard SS Rea9a d#ri9 "#$#shi%a %issi! B S!%e tried t! 9et !'' shi) B It was &i+i9 i 'ear e+ery day, it was h!rrib&e ><hat Is The ACTA Ris$ '!r Paci'ic C!ast Residets 'r!% "#$#shi%a Radiati!
 (a)a is )!ised t! )ass a bi&& which w!#&d
. Ad the .S. 9!+er%et is
not even monitoring
 radiati! &e+e&s i the waters !'' the .S. c!ast.
“We don’t have a U.S. agency responsible for radiation in the ocean!
5#esse&er said
. “"t’s really bi#arre.!
The government says we don’t really need to do that because we’re predicting very low levels
Physicians for Social Responsibility  notes: There is NO safe level of radiation.
 (!h a"!r9e writes:
“… every increment of radiation exposure produces an incremental increase in the risk of cancer 
 (a)a Ti%es re)!rts:
$rotracted e%posure to low&level radiation is associated with a significant increase in the risk of leukemia according to a long&term study  published 'hursday in a U.S. research (ournal.
 c!ses#s a%!9 radiati! e)erts is that re)eated e)!s#re t! &!w d!ses !' radiati! ca ca#se cacer, 9eetic %#tati!s, heart disease, str!$e ad !ther seri!#s i&&ess ad see this.8 I' a 9!+er%et a9ecy says aythi9 e&se, its &i$e&y '!r )!&itica& reas!s. The brie'i9 states that d!ses are c#%#&ati+e, citi9 the '!&&!wi9 %i&itary st#dies ad re)!rts:
ACE Directi+e 0/63, ACE P!&icy '!r De'esi+e 4eas#res a9aist !w e+e& Radi!&!9ica& HaFards d#ri9 4i&itary )erati!s, 2 A= G6
AR 11/G, The Ar%y Radiati! Pr!9ra%, 2 4A GG
"4 /02.23, Treat%et !' -#c&ear ad Radi!&!9ica& Cas#a&ties, 20 DEC 01
 (P 3/11, (!it D!ctrie '!r )erati!s i -5C E+ir!%ets, 11 ( 00
-AT STA-A= 23, C!%%ad =#idace ! !w e+e& Radiati! E)!s#re i 4i&itary )erati!s, 3 4A 00
SACHPP4 T= 2, The -5C 5att&e 5!!$, A= 02"#$#shi%a ea$ Is "ar <!rse Tha (a)a Is etti9 , -#c&ear E)erts <ar
><hether it*s te%)erat#re, radiati! e)!s#re, !r the #%ber !' )e!)&e e)!sed / a&& !' these statistics are '&awed. <e d!*t $!w aythi9 yet.>H!w Radiati! <!r$s <hat t! D! I' !#*re E)!sed t! Radiati!

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