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Published by bettyKalo

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Published by: bettyKalo on Dec 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 1 “
the teaser 
a d i c a l
u e e r
Radical & Quee
Why produce yet another magazine? Thismagazine is the realisation of an idea that has been neglected since Oct 1996. During ameeting in a pub someone said “lets produce azine” but like many ideas discussed at pubsnothing came of it, until now.
 stands for 
 and is named after anactivist group called
 thatformed in Melbourne in Sept 1996. Thegrouped changed its name to
quickly made a name for it self and quicklyfell apart.
 exited because
 just isn’t queer enough and mainstreamqueers ain’t political enough.We need change and we need it now. We needto challenge the half-arsed ideas concerningsexuality held by
 and the mainstreamLesbian and Gay community. We needsophisticated ideas that can push the struggleforward. We have to understand that untileveryone is free nobody can be free.
People who don’t need people award.
 Dedicated to arseholes who shouldn’t breath,breed or feed.
 is making a strong running for thisaward as after winning 11 seats in the Qldelection on a racist and protectionism platform.
Senator Alston
 has stop masturbating in frontof the telly long enough to denounce channel10’s rather tame
“I don’t think thatanyone in this country wants to see anelectronic version
Sodom and Gomorrah,and that won’t be tolerated”, said the flushedminister. Unfortunately the senators commentswhere enough to intimidate channel 10 intoaxing the program. Is this a new era of censorship? Apparently the community is sick of
“gratuitous titillation”
. Someone shouldinform the porn industry this, it appears they’reon the verge of collapse.The three votes for “
arsehole of the season
though goes to
Ron Owen
, publisher of “
 Lock Stock and Barrel”
. Mr Owen said (
June 4) “One Nation offered hope to those who believed ‘we have to get rid of the filth’ of homosexuality and prostitution”. Oh dear, prostitution and homosexuality don’t sound evilto me more like hot Saturday night
.Perhaps we should tell Mr Owen and the armedthugs who support One Nation that many of usQueer folk also know how to use weapons. Theweapon of love, the weapon of organisation andif need be the weapon of righteous anger!
Cheers Trudie
Kinsey the Great:
50 years since “Sexual behaviour in the human male
Pauline Guns & Gays:
 How can we stopOne Nation?
Straight women and Gay men:
“Nochicks allowed” 2 gay venues win the legal right to exclude women.
The Tender Trap of Monogamy
 Monogamy in a socialist society? Well there’s not now anyway
Non-Monogamous Agreements:
 A real life and funny look at fooling around in the90’s.
Trudies Sex Advice:
What to do if you fall in love with a friend?
Poetry 4.
It seems to me that there are four possible approaches that can be taken if you fallin love with a friend.
The "Continental" approach
So called because no one in this country iscool enough to make this approach work.The first step is to be honest about your feelings and tell your friend about your attraction. After you’ve bared all both of you have a laugh and deal with it likemature adults. You may or may not havesex, the important thing is that thefriendship doesn’t change, if anything itgets stronger. It’s rumoured that somelesbians have actually put this approachinto practice but gay men, bisexuals andheterosexuals alike are not considered"continental" enough to take this path.
The "you idiot" approach
Highly popular amongst straight men: Thisapproach is jointly named after Sam Newman and the guy from the film "Boogie Nights" who made a move on John Holmes.In this approach one of the parties attemptsa clumsy pass or an inarticulate expressionof their affection, hence- "you idiot".Rejection is almost instant and the resultantawkwardness and guilt effectively kills thefriendship. We shouldn’t be too judgemental about this approach
 of ushave either taken this path ourselves or  played this nightmare scenario out in our minds and then adopted the pragmatic"Homer Simpson" approach.
The "what have we done" approach
Most practiced under the influence of drugs. In this approach there is no rejection,the friends root each like farm animals. Theapproach is characterised by speed, there isno preamble and foreplay is kept to a bareminimum. Two distinct possibilities ariseonce the foreplay has finished, hot sex or awkward sex. If the sex sizzles friends oftenfeel they could go never back to being "justfriends" and romantic fascism dictates thatthe love of your life can not be someoneyou’ve already known for five years. Not being able to go forward or backwards thefriendship stupidly ends.The other end of the sex temperature scaleis slimly cold sex. The sex fails to meeteveryone’s expectations, even your housemates in the next room. Like the hot sexscenario the friendship comes to an end butthis time the friends even avoid each other at parties. There is only one saving gracefrom the "what have we done" approach.As it is often experienced under theinfluence of chemicals both parties canresume their friendship by mutually blamingthe indiscretion on drugs. This is called thedefacto or more precisely the DefaultContinental approach.
The "Homer Simpson" approach
Recommended by no one but practiced by just about everyone. Named after Homer’s philosophy on life, "don’t attract attentionand keep you fool mouth shut". This is themost popular approach because most people aren’t cool enough for the"Continental" wish to avoid the "you idiot"

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