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Pharmaceuticals is Not Endorsed by God

Pharmaceuticals is Not Endorsed by God

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Published by cocoy777
Because it uses poison which has bad long-term effect, God did not endorsed the pharmaceutical system.
Because it uses poison which has bad long-term effect, God did not endorsed the pharmaceutical system.

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Published by: cocoy777 on Dec 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Their chemical drugs/medicine simply make you return to the hospital more frequently.
 And develop at an average of 11 new diseases, depending on your immune system’s
power, and an average of 70 side effects, minor to major, spread throughout your whole lifetime! Dr. Joseph Mercola
Cocoy: “
Yes, An, because
 came from the Greek root word "pharmakiea" and "pharmakon" which means "sorcery" and "sorcerer" respectively, see Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. Then look at any collegiate dictionary, you will find that pharmaceuticals derive from the Greek word "pharmakiea/pharmakon." So, you have two common authoritat
ive sources: the Strong’s Bible
Concordance and the collegiate Dictionary. So, basically, pharmaceutical is from pharmakon/pharmakiea/sorcery. Now, what is pharmakon/pharmakiea/sorcery? Answer: It is the use of POISONS/VENOMS renamed DRUGS as MEDICINE to produce MAGIC
(quick, short-lived, healing) effect, but sad to say, LONGTERM POISONING. This long-term poisoning, or what scientists have today calculated as an average of 70 side effects and at least 11 new diseases, is primarily CANCER. I repeat: THE LONG-TERM POISONING HAS RESULTED TO CANCER. Put another way, THE LIFETIME OF POISONING IS WHAT WE CALL CANCER TODAY! Cancer is simply the state of long-term, the end-result of a lifetime of poisoning when the cells of the body can no longer cope. Cancer is the result of the body no longer able to cope with the poisoning. Another way to put it, THE END OR ULTIMATE RESULT OF POISONING THE BODY THRU VARIOUS TOXIC CHEMICALS IN FOOD, DRINKS, AIR, ETC., IS CANCER. We are now seeing the 1st of the 7 Last Plague in action (Revelation 16). The first verses of the chapter speak of an ugly sore. I had looked at more than 32 English versions of the Holy Bible, and one of these puts it this way:
malignant sore
. Now, it is getting clearer. What is malignant except cancer? Therefore, the first plague more popularly known as "ugly sore" is malignant cancer. It is the result of chemicals; chemicals have poisons. No chemicals, as made or prepared by man, is not poisonous. All chemicals are poisonous to the body.
Chemicals in food, drinks, air, smoke, etc. are causing cancers to mankind. Synthetic or chemical medicines are contributing largely to the increase of cancers in man. These are not of God. God does not endorse the use of chemicals (poisons) for healing our diseases. God advices us to use His herbs and vegetables, even fruits, as our medicine. God has His own plant; mankind has made his own counterfeit plant ----- chemical plant. God has His own photosynthesis (cleansing of the substances using the sunlight), man made chemical synthesis as the counterfeit. God has His photo-synthetic products; man has synthetic products. We are now in the process of proving which is safe: God's plant or man's chemical plant (factory)? God's photosynthesis or man's chemical synthesis? Photosynthetic products or synthetic products? Natural medicine or synthetic medicine? You choose. We choose. And reap the fruits of our own decision. What we choose, we reap. **** Get your Bible, and search these words:
“sorcery/sorcerers” for the Old King James version (NIV) and “practitioners of magic arts” for New International Version (NIV)
 Confine your search at the Book of Revelation. These words are the
modern translation of the old Greek word “pharmakiea/pharmakon” which is “sorcery” in much older time.

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