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Yadnya Procedure

Yadnya Procedure

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Published by Jyotindra
Describes how to do Yadnya/Pooja with mudras
Describes how to do Yadnya/Pooja with mudras

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Published by: Jyotindra on Sep 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a photo of the setup. The elements I usein offering homa for the pleasure of the Lord arecompact and simplified. In the middle of thephoto is a vedi constructed of 3 pieces: a baseplate of brass, a copper kunda (available in LoiBazaar), and a good strong 8-sided bell-metalplate that has a circular fire pit in the middle.As you see in the photo the fire pit is nowstocked with bits of wood. Actually these areincense sticks broken to size. Bamboo is usedfor making joss sticks, and bamboo is one of the 7 kinds of woods recommended for yajnas.I've sprinkled camphor and ghee on to thesticks. To the north of the fire altar (from the Vedic point of view it is actually eastbut that's too confusing--take north in this picture to mean "in the direction abovethe vedi") is an incense holder in which 5 sticks of incense are burning. To thenortheast is a silver plate bearing a brass ghee pot and the sacrificial ladel. To thesoutheast is a incense holder which, like the one to the north, also has a holder for asmall ghee wick. I've put camphor into that holder. To the southwest is a copperacamana cup and spoon for myself, a silver acamana pot and spoon for the fire, anda little silver kumbha (pot topped with coconut and five mango leaves). To the westis a brass bowl with extra camphor, should that be needed. To the northwest is acandle, standing by as the "garhapatya flame" or source of fire for the offering.I ingite a piece of camphor and drop it into the camphor at the southeast of the vedi.I chant: om kravyadam agnim prahinomi duram yamarajyam gacchatu ripravahah.This mantra is for casting away the inauspicious aspect of fire.I ignite another piece of camphor and drop it into the yajna fuel. I chant: om bhurbhuvah svar om. Then I chant om sri vaisnava namaagnaye and...
 ...showing avahana-mudra, I chant iha'gaccha iha 'gaccha.Then, showing stapana-mudra, I chant ihatistha iha tistha.Showing sannidhapani-mudra, chantingiha sannidehi iha sannidehi.Showing sannirudhana-mudra, chantingiha sannirudhyasva, iha sannirudhyasya.Showing sakali-karani-mudra. Showing sammukhi-karani-mudra,chanting iha sammukho bhava ihasammukho bhava.
 Showing cakra mudra and chanting omastraya phat!Snapping fingers 8 times in 8 directionsaround fire.Showing maha-mudra. Showing pranama-mudra.Showing hrdaya-mudra, chanting klim-hrdaya namah.Showing sirsa-mudra, chanting krsnaya-sirse svaha.

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