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Boxing by Edwin Haislet

Boxing by Edwin Haislet

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Published by gagimilo
A classic of its kind, made famous by being Bruce Lee's main source on boxing illustrations and principles.
A classic of its kind, made famous by being Bruce Lee's main source on boxing illustrations and principles.

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Published by: gagimilo on Dec 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FOREWORDThis document is an attempt at a faithful transcription of the original document. Special effort has been made to ensure that original spelling, line-breaks, and ocabular! are left intact, and "hen possible, similar fonts hae been used. #o"eer, it contains original formatting and image scans. $ll rights are resered e%cept those specificall! granted herein.&ou ma! distribute this document in "hole, proided that !ou distribute the entire document including this disclaimer, attributions, transcriber fore"ords, etc., and also proided that !ou charge no mone! for the "ork e%cepting a nominal fee to coer the costs of the media on or in "hich it is distributed. &ou ma! not distribute this document in an! for-pa! or price-metered medium "ithout permission.$ "ord about the original cop!right. '! m! best research, the
cop!right on this "ork "as rene"ed once in ()*+. n accordance "ith the op!right $ct of ()*, the original cop!right date of this book, ()/0, "as e%tended b! * !ears. This means that the original has  passed into the 1ublic Domain as of 200.DED$TO3Special dedication to m! loel! and understanding "ife 4!linda, m! energetic and enthusiastic son hristopher, and m! stunningl! beautiful daughter $llison.-5irk 6a"sonS1E$6 T#$35SSpecial thanks to #esperus of bullshido.net for proiding the strait scans in 1DF form for me to transcribe.
 6. #
 is E%ecutie Director,Department of $lumni Relations, 7niersit! of 4innesota. #e "as formerl! 'o%ing oach and$ssistant 1rofessor of 1h!sical Education andRecreation there, as "ell as Director of the 3orth"est 8olden 8loes.
EDW,3 6. #$,S6ET
 Former Boxing Coach, University of Minnesota Director, Northwest Golden Glove
T#E RO3$6D 1RESS O41$3& 3EW &OR5 

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