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Wilderness Challenge Handout

Wilderness Challenge Handout

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Published by santanvarsity
2009 Wilderness Challenge Activity
2009 Wilderness Challenge Activity

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Published by: santanvarsity on Sep 04, 2009
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San Tan District Varsity
Wilderness ChallengeNovember 13-14, 2009
What is it?
The San Tan District Wilderness Challenge is a physical and mental challenge for the VarsityTeam/Squad and the Varsity Scout.The Wilderness Challenge is an awesome team competition that will test the scouting andwilderness skills that have been learned in Boy Scouts and in Varsity. There will be shooting,knife and tomahawk throwing, orienteering, GPS, team challenges, races, C.O.P.E. challenges,team challenges, and individual challenges. It is timed from beginning to end and points for timeand precision will be given at each challenge.Its activities will be similar to some of the team and individual challenges of reality shows likeSurvivor and The Great Race. It will be fast, action packed, fun, challenging, and rewarding.The winning team and individual will be awarded the highly coveted “Varsity Man” award.
Who Can Attend?
This rendezvous is for all Varsity units in the San Tan District. Only Boy Scouts and VarsityScouts age 14 – 15
at the time of the rendezvous
may participate in the Wilderness Challenge.No younger persons in any capacity including siblings, younger unit members, children of adultleaders, etc. will be allowed to attend. Older boys may only attend if specifically invited andthen only as staff - not as participants. We are inviting Venture Crews to work events atWilderness Challenge as a crew. The parent or guardian of any child younger than 14 will beasked to take that child home. There will be no exceptions!
How Do We Sign Up?
Registration forms are at the back of this packet. Feel free to copy this form and give it to otherteams. Forms with payment may be turned in at Huddle. We strongly encourage teams to pre-register. You are
registered until payment is received in full. A copy of the receipt will beissued to the person at the time of registration
How to Registration
In order to better plan for the needs of this event and to encourage early preparation for theoutpost activities, incentives have been established for those teams with early paid registration.The price schedule follows:
Required Leaders $0.00 (1 per every 5 youth, minimum 2), Additional Leaders $3.00Varsity scout Price
Leadership Requirements
Two-Deep Leadership, two registered adult leaders, or one adult and a parent of a participatingScout, one of whom must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips andoutings. There should be a minimum of one adult for every five youths in attendance (alwayswith a minimum of two, of course). Each participating Varsity Scout Team should also have anappointed Team Captain who will be responsible for leading and coordinating all of his team’sefforts. Information will be furnished to the Team Captains or squad leaders throughout therendezvous for relaying to their teams. If a team has more than 6 youth, a team captain shouldlead one squad and a squad leader should lead the other. Adult leaders will be required to standback and allow the Team Captain’s and squad leaders to carry out his duties and to run the Teamand or squad, both at registration as well as during the activities.
Paperwork Requirements
The form and payment are to be turned into the Varsity San Tan Districts. Contact Stephen W.Follett 480-234-5405 or stephen.follett@gmail.com
• Fees and registration must be turned in to consider a team registered!
Tour Permits
A tour permit is required.
Physical Forms
Coaches are required to have "evidence of fitness assured by a complete health history fromphysician and parent, or legal guardian" for every boy and leader. Use the
Medical RecordClass 2 form
for all youth and adults. Also, as a reminder, this form is good for one year only.The Team Captain will present a completed form for each youth and adult leader at check-in
ones that will be still valid as of the Wilderness Challenge may be turned in at registration tospeed up the registration process.
Medical Consent Forms
Each participating youth and adult
have a completed Medical Consent form
even if the parent is in attendance
. These forms insure that prompt medical attention may be given in caseof need. These forms along with the others required, will be presented at check-in
may beincluded at the time of registration to speed up the registration process
Preparing your Team
There are several things that you can do as a team to prepare for this grand event. Those teamsthat come prepared tend to have the greatest success and the most fun. Here are some of theways that teams can prepare ahead of time:
Team Leader Training
– This will allow your Team Captain and other team leaders to beready to take the full responsibility of leadership. This is key to your team’s success.
Build Teamwork
– Work together to build teamwork within your team. Your success in theWilderness Challenge activities rely heavily on teamwork. Use C.O.P.E. exercises in your teamprogram to accomplish this.
Build a Service Attitude
Service, spirit and deed. Instilling a general attitude of service andexcellence in your team will help them to succeed. Look for opportunities at the WildernessChallenge to go above and beyond what is expected.
Vehicle Preparation
Transportation for scout outings is very important. The BSA is very much aware of the specialneeds for travel. Being safe is of utmost importance. Please make sure there is adequate space forall passengers in the vehicles you will use for transportation to and from the rendezvous. Don't
count a place for a rider unless an operational seat belt is available.
Count thevehicles you need by the number of seat belts available in the vehicle. Team registration willtake place from 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Personal/Team Camping Gear
During November the weather can get rather chilly in the evening and night hours. Sometimes itwill be close to freezing. You should come prepared with warm clothes that can be removed inlayers as the day warms up. Also remember that if you do not bring a burn barrel for your fireyou will not be able to have a fire in your camp for those chilly nights.
Arrival and SetupWilderness Challenge Rules
• A three–times–three ringing of the bell will designate an emergency. Assemble at yourcampsite and send buddy runners (2) to HQ for information or instructions.• Each unit is required to have a properly stocked first aid kit and plan on treating minor injuries.Medical staff and facilities will be identified at the rendezvous site for any major problemsencountered. Band-Aids, Pepto, Aspirin (and it’s many forms) should be supplied by you, not themedical staff, so be sure your First Aid kit is stocked appropriately and abundantly.• After lights out time designated on the schedule of events, all teams should be in and remain intheir campsites until reveille the next morning. HQ staff will be on patrol in the area at timesduring the night and any team member found out of camp will be escortedback to his campsite and the leader notified. If malicious mischief was involved, the team maybe asked to leave the
• Tents other than yours are
off limits
. Do not enter these structures. Adult leaders and TeamCaptains will be responsible to instruct their team members regarding the off limits policy priorto attending, and will be held responsible for any unit member who violates the above statedrules. Other areas, such as the shooting areas, will be marked off by yellow tape. These areasmust not be encroached upon or serious consequences could result.Crossing these lines will result in expulsion from the rendezvous.• Varsity Scouts are expected to follow the Scout Oath and Law. Vandalism hurts us all and isagainst the law. Anyone caught destroying property will be expelled from the rendezvous andtheir names turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution.
This includes plants and animals as well as structures
.• Possession or lighting of illegal fireworks will result in immediate confiscation and notificationof authorities.• Campsites are laid out and grouped by ADC
Space is at a premium. Please be conservative inyour camp setup so that all members of your campsite will have sufficient room to camp also.All disputes regarding campsites will be arbitrated by your ADC or assistant campsite leadersand their decisions are final.
Parking will be provided as directed at the time of onsite check in. Signs will be posted alongthe road way highway indicating what area to camp. Pull vehicles off the road! We will need theroadway in the event of an emergency. We are in public lands and do not have the right to block roadways. Please be a good example to your boys of being obedient and trustworthy byfollowing these simple rules.
Camp Location
We are still finalizing the location for the Wilderness Challenge. It will be at a location withinone and one half hour from Chandler/Gilbert.
Camp Site Assignments

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