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D.G.C.F.S Iusse17

D.G.C.F.S Iusse17

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Published by Mr.Traylor
Houston Reality based Combatives, Martial Arts and Self Defense Training in Houston, Street Self Defense, Military Combatives,Reality Based Martial Arts;Fitness
Houston Reality based Combatives, Martial Arts and Self Defense Training in Houston, Street Self Defense, Military Combatives,Reality Based Martial Arts;Fitness

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Published by: Mr.Traylor on Sep 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Reality Based E-Magazine
The interview with Mr.Trayloran eye opening experience.
Volume 1 WWW.DARKGIFTCOMBAT.COMIssue 17 September 03, 20099/03/09
Your monthly E-Magazine guide to
Houston Premier Reality Based Martial Arts &
Combatives, Fitness & Nutrition
Combative Techniques, Tactical Airsoft, MilSim and Combative Fitness & Nutrition
The Interview with Mr.Traylor 
 Hello Mr.Traylor thank you for this interview I know you are busy man. Nowyou did an interview about a year or so correct Sir? 
Mr.Traylor :
yes I think you are right, thank you so much for asking me for aninterview Sir.
E-mag :
 So why the name "Dark Gift Combat" the names sounds like ..an occult
Mr.Traylor :
“LOL” no that’s not what we are or what we represent.DARK stands for the dark side of humane nature, the mean side of humanity,thugs, rapist, killers, ect. They could careless about you or your family.As far as GIFT COMBAT it signifies, That we are giving you the GIFT to COMBATthe DARK SIDE of humanity. Thus the name Dark Gift Combat, Yes it also has anegative overtone as well. Which is DOWN to business for our Military and specialoperation teams. Its like the YING & YANG, Light & Darkness. I also wanted aname that was so different from what every body else had that when you wentdown a list, D.G.C. caught your eye and it leant it self to what we do.
 WOW, Ok was not expecting such a deep type of answer, ok So you teachmartial arts. Is it like Karate and Kung Fu, or is it like cage fighting?
Mr.Traylor :
Will, it is NOT anything like the styles you mention but has elementsof various martial arts and combatives in it. Everything that these styles are NOTallowed to do,
we do
, like eye jabs, Head butts, Throat smashes..ect.. D.G.C.F.S.is designed to end a physical altercation in seconds plain and simple.
 These techniques are very serious. What makes you qualified to teachthem?
Mr.Traylor :
I have trained with some of the best reality based Instructors in theWORLD, BAR NONE. That and my past experience in martial arts and combativesgives me the qualifications.
 Isn't that a bit too violent Mr. Traylor ?
Mr.Traylor :
To violent? Yes but how important is you life? Violents IS NOT theANSWER but when it is it’s the only answer Sir. A mugger or a killer is not going toworry IF what he is doing is to violent. How many times have seen or heard in thenews paper or TV about a killing or a beating, mugging that was NOT Violent?LOOK don’t just defend your life… FIGHT FOR IT!!! Your life is in your hands,please do not just hand it over to some PUNK, He does not care about you or yourfamily or your well being at all!!!! That’s what I think
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 Mr.& Mrs. Traylor Owner &Founders of D.G.C.F. System.
Inside D.G.C.F.S 
.Interview Mr.Traylor 1Ronald’s Fitness Corner 2Coming events 3Bigger stronger no problem #4 4Airsoft Products 5Interview Mr.Traylor 7Kristine's testimonial
Master of the Universe 10Israeli Combat Shooting 11Good places to go 13
"Top 5" Approaches to Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Thanks to Växa International for this information.
Research conducted in 52 countries reveals several controllable risk factors attributeto 90% of all heart attacks. Previously, it was believed only half of the heart attackswere caused by factors such as smoking and cholesterol. Today, most heart attackscan be pinpointed to one or more of the risk factors mentioned below. These factorsare neither gender specific nor related to a particular ethnic group.
I. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Smoking changes the viscosity of blood. This can potentially lead to clumping in theblood vessels that supply the heart. The National Library of Medicine published astudy stating that smoking inhibits vitamin and mineral uptake. It also depletes levelsof vitamin C, and creates a toxic internal environment. An imbalance of essentialvitamins and minerals may exacerbate the harmful effects of smoke components oncancer and coronary heart disease. Giving up smoking can help avoid cancer andlower the risk of heart disease. Vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant; it protectsmolecules in the body from damage caused by smoking and free radicals generatedthrough normal metabolism. Coming in April: Växa's New Healthy SmokingProgram!
II. Watch Cholesterol Intake
It is important to not only control your cholesterol, but to decrease fat intake whenfaced with the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and otherdisorders caused by atherosclerosis (fatty deposits of plaque in the artery walls). Adiet high in "bad" saturated fats (butter, cheese, red meat, fast foods) increases yourblood cholesterol. The body has its own daily quota for cholesterol production. Toomuch cholesterol may cause fat to build up in the arterial walls and cause diseasesthat slow or stop the flow of blood. Växa's homeopathic medicinal,Cholesten-LDL helps to lower cholesterol naturally, as well as, regain proper cholesterolmanagement.
III. Control High Blood Pressure
A famous study, known as the Framingham Heart Study, found that half of all peoplewho suffer a first-time heart attack and two-thirds of first-time stroke victims, hadmoderate to high blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure can increasethe risk of atherosclerosis, aneurysms, loss of vision, and kidney failure. Normalblood pressure is considered to be 120/80. Experts have advocated eating less saltas a way of controlling blood pressure. In addition, mineral-rich foods and herbs likeHawthorn and Chinese Cat's Claw, folic acid, and branched chain amino acids areknown to naturally help control blood pressure. Växa's Homeopathic Medicinal,Circulincontains the ingredients mentioned above and other targeted specific nutrients to help maintain your bloodpressure.
IV. Reduce Unnecessary Stress
Stress causes chemical changes in the body and if left unchecked, it can have a negative impact on both physical andmental health. Studies show nearly 80% of all health related problems are attributed to stress. A study at the Ohio StateUniversity found that stress slows the body's metabolism of triglycerides (fat linked to cardiovascular system disorders).The slower metabolism allows fat to linger in the blood advancing the development of atherosclerosis. Try Växa'sHomeopathic Medicinal,Extressto help calm and focus attention, safely relax muscles, and replenish essential nutrientsused by the body during times of stress.
V. Diet and Exercise
Research conducted around the world showed waist circumferences of > 34 inches in men and > 32 inches in womenincreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Salim Yusuf, MD, who conducted the study says, "It is a measure ofabdominal fat, which is most closely associated with heart attacks." Walking is not only relaxing but a great, low-impactway to lose weight. For extra help curbing your appetite, try Växa's Homeopathic MedicinalB-T Plus.It restores yourbody's own ability to control weight, thus allowing weight to be lost the way nature intended it.
In Closing: Avoid Becoming a Statistic
"About 950,000 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each year, which amounts to one death every 33 seconds." - National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 
Mr. Honore isNASM –CPT, CES ,
PES,Certified Personal Trainer &Apprentice Instructor in Hand toHand Combat at D.G.C.F.S.
Inside D.G.C.F.S 
.Interview Mr.Traylor 1Ronald’s Fitness Corner 2Coming events 3Bigger stronger no problem #4 4Airsoft Products 5Interview Mr.Traylor 7Kristine's testimonial
Master of the Universe 10Israeli Combat Shooting 11Good places to go 13
Take a proactive stance on keeping your body healthy
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