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Magic Weavers. 4 PIC.docx

Magic Weavers. 4 PIC.docx

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Published by Pat Ruth Holliday

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Published by: Pat Ruth Holliday on Dec 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OccuLT MYsTicisM Bi LOcaTiON Magic PaRaNORMaL TELEPaTHic PsYcHic cLaiRvOYaNT NEw wORLD PagaN RELigiON
God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods,” (Psa. 82).
PaTRicia KiNg NEw MYsTics ~ THE NEw BREED ~
 (The Word Mystic means: Shaman, sage, medium spiritualist, magic, paranormal), mystical presence of their god.
Ps 82:1 "God standeth in the assembly of God."
God is among his people; and he presides especially in those courts of justice which himself has established. The Court of King's Bench is  properly the place where the king presides, and where he is supposed to be always present.
 Beware what you do! God is in his court, and in the midst (of the assembly) God will judge!
 – that we do not fall for the gravest of sins: murder, worship of the wrong deities, alcohol and unlawful sexual relationships.
God’s Eye
 is everywhere.
New Age teachings in the Christian Church- Who are some that are leading the New Breed? John Crowder, Joshua Mills, Georgian Banov, Lucy Rael, Kay Beyer, and Benjamin Dunn:
 "Manifestations of Glory" Conference in; McDonough, GA. See below Ad info. Join us on Passover week for this
radical conference
as we position ourselves for Jesus to manifest Himself through unusual and bizarre signs and wonders, infusing us with faith and awe in the Son of God! Prepare for higher realms of Glory in this year of new beginnings! Experience the bliss and ecstatic joy of the Holy Spirit with veteran worship leader Georgian Banov (http://www.riverlution.net) & the intimate, joyous, worship sounds of Benjamin Dunn All of our speakers are marked by unusual signs and wonders at this event, as we believe God is
 preparing a supernatural generation in the glory: Information: Manifestations of Glory These New Mystic “Christians” always charge for their conference.
WHO IS JOHN CROWER? John Crowder of the New Mystics
Crowder says, “Wales, hosted "Slosh Fest," a time of experiencing the drunken bliss of Jesus! Prior to Sloshie, we ventured to Bristol for three days of wildfire gatherings. I must say that the week was a blur. There was a deep realm of divine ecstasy that opened during the gatherings. Many were equipped and activated in the supernatural, along with a powerful release of prophetic revelation.” -enterthefurnace.blogspot.com
JOHN CROWDER AND THE NEW MYSTICS, SONS OF THUNDER ~ PATRICIA KING Since these New Age Mystics and their demonic angels claim to be materializing gold, platinum dust and gem stones and Diamonds, why are they still passing around the begging bucket to fleece God’s people? Why do they charge to come to their meetings? Mariam Franklin’s article is an eye-opener. (Miriam Franklin) writes and excellent article concerning the New Mystics called
Ms. Franklin exposing the fakery of the gold and gem stones writes: “This comment was made by ‘Lillian Ching’ in the comments section, and I am flagging it up as I know not all people read the comments, and this is most interesting. “As a custom jeweler, gemologist and “rock hound”, I have 44 years of experience in identifying rocks, minerals, crystals, etc; I was myself geology major at Shoreline College. I have also extensively dredged and panned for gold since 1961. My wife and I operate a custom jewelry business, as well as pastor a non-denominational Full-Gospel Christian church in Lynnwood, Washington. While in Baltimore I was given samples from Ashland, VA to identify. To do so, I employed my knowledge of gold, my geology books, as well as my jeweler’s double microscope. Under microscope this material is clearly gold colored Mylar. Mylar, as we know is a man made plastic. The material shows under the microscope as
squares. It is easily recognized as Mylar. I also applied a gold acid test; this also showed this material as not gold, but synthetic man made material. There has been much of this Mylar, and other man made materials being passed off as gold in the Christian arena as a phenomena of God… Natural ground Mica is also passed off as gold, but usually in the retail business. To date, I have had three different individuals bringing me “flakes” of what they thought were gold to identify which were obtained in Christian services. One sample was from a church in Washington State (mica). Another sample from a Christian Camp in Ashland, Virginia (Mylar) and this third sample which was given to me in Maryland, which came from Ashland. None has been gold. Unfortunately this has not stopped modern day charlatans from passing off this material as “God” and His “glory” to innocent and trusting Christians . . . .”
These New Mystics use biblical words and quote from the Bible, but the Latter Rain gospel was not drawn from the Bible. It was received ''prophetically'' - that is, by men in direct communication with the spirit realm. They then use symbolism and allegory to draw far-fetched support of their doctrines out of random words or fragments of Bible verses.
 "This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God." (Jn. 3:19-21).
Great deception
is afoot in the churches today, happening right before our very eyes. In fact, it may have already come to your church. False doctrines, a different gospel, and even doctrines of demons have been introduced into many churches via books, music, videos, teachers and movements that claim to be of God. Please watch the u tubes on this site from a wide variety of denominations and authors on the subject of
deception in the church
 before you encourage anyone from your church to go to meetings where false teachers claim to be able to transfer the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands and subsequently soften people up to receive false doctrines which can ultimately shipwreck their faith or prevent them from ever coming to salvation in Christ.
Because there will be certain people who have crept in to the House of God, who pervert the gospel once delivered to the saints… And because of this some shall fall away… 1Ti 4:1 But the Spirit saith expressly, that in later times some shall fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.”

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