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65article Marketing Tips

65article Marketing Tips

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Published by Theodore Bagwell
65 article marketing tips
65 article marketing tips

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Published by: Theodore Bagwell on Dec 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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65 article marketing tips
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Article marketing tips
1. Keep the headline interesting. Once you start writing an article to market yourself, it isimportant to concentrate on the content and the heading as well. You should write a clickworthy heading that captures the interest of users and makes them read your article.2. Keeping the readers interested while reading your article is a subject of prime importance. Youshould provide relevant information about your business not just concentrate on sellingyourself. Reader should feel that there is something in your business for them.3. While deciding the content for your article, you have to decide what purpose are you writing forand your main goal. Select the quantity and quality of words accordingly. High quality articlesimpress the readers while lengthy articles makes them lose their interest in your article andconsequently in your business.4. Writing and posting an article on your blog is not enough. You have to promote your article sothat it can reach out to maximum number of readers. Social networking will do that for you butyou have to socially active and reactive.5. Another effective way of article marketing is to publish an eBook which contains the bestarticles written by you and excerpts about your business profile. You can offer this free to theinterested users.6. Research is a very important phase of article marketing. Thorough analyses should be carried outand high traffic keywords should be used frequently. This makes sure that whenever a usertypes a phrase that you have already researched for and used it in your article, your article willbe displayed as one of the top results.7. The article that you write should be completely original. It should not be copied from any sourcesuch as the internet. Researching and finding out the content is fine but you should use yourown words. Entirely copied articles can lead to the readers drifting from your business.8. One easy way to get your articles written well is to outsource them. It is a cheap way and youget good results quickly. But the main problem with outsourcing is that you don’t know if youridea has been conveyed well in the article or not.9. Once you are ready with your article, you have to find a place to post it. This is very critical asthe place you post it will decide the number of users it brings to you. If you don’t have a blog,you can post it on a web page that has a high rank or you can post it to high traffic websitesrelevant to your business.10. Place a back link of your webpage beneath every article you post on other sites. This back linkwill point to your web page and can draw much traffic. You can also leave your contact detailswith every article so that the readers can contact you directly.11.Itisadvisabletopostallyourarticlesonyourblog.Youcankeepcompletecontrolofthe contentthisway.Youcanoptimizeyourarticlewheneveryouwantandpostnewarticles without much hassle. This saves advertising and hosting costs.12. Do not write extra long articles. A small paragraph with some points will do just fine. Providebullets and numbering in your article so that the reader doesn’t have to go deep into your
article to know what you want to say. You should give him prior idea of what the article is all13. If have a blog and would also like to promote you’re article on authority sites, you can do it in avery shallow manner. Just post the article with semi unique content whit a back link on the site.Post the original article on your blog. So, this makes traffic to redirect to your blog from thesesites.14. Article Spinning has become common these days and it a very effective way to modify yourarticles. The articles written by you can be passed through the article spinning software and itprovides you another influential article from the original one. You can make a variety of synonymous articles through the spinning software and post it on the chosen sites.15. When you post an article and provide a back link, you have two options. One option is, yourback link points to your blog which is a repository of all your blogs. The second option is to makeyour back link point to a collection of you most successful and highly rated articles. You are freeto proceed either way.16. Various tools like Article Marketing Robot and Unique Article Wizard help you in the postingprocess. You can automate the article spinning and posting process with the use of these tools.The article is posted to every directory that you want it to be posted at.17. Always remember at the back of your head that what the purpose of posting this article is. So,be accurate, provide relevant and accurate details and write precisely about your business goals.Your business will improve when you have a dedicated piece of writing.18. Post the articles to directory site which first check the aptness of the article and then approve itto be posted on their site or not. If the article is approved, you have taken a big leap. But if thesite does not approve of your article, this means that your article is not apt and lacks something.So, this gives you an opportunity to improve your article.19. Always try to write an article that solves the issues of the readers that you are writing for. Itshould address and answer their concerns. Once you publish your newsletter or e magazine, itbecomes very important to address the reader’s questions and should write back to him yourresponse.20. You should provide accurate information about your resource box i.e. where the reader can findmore information if he wants to. Lead the reader to your blog or your website and try to satisfyhim.21. Back links should be laid most stress upon. It is through these links that you can get traffic. What if a reader who has read your article and wants to find more information about you and yourbusiness. What is he to do in that case if you don’t provide any back link with your article?22. If you don’t attach a back link with your writing, you lose an opportunity to attract a potentialcustomerandthatisagreatloss.Backlinksaresimpleimplementatione.g.Readmoreabout”, “Completearticleherelinksthatredirectthereaderstoyourownblogandgivethemaccessto all the information you want them to know.

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