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Alice and Jasper Before the Cullens

Alice and Jasper Before the Cullens



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Published by Michelle
i love alice and jasper so i wanted to write something about them, please lt me know what you think
i love alice and jasper so i wanted to write something about them, please lt me know what you think

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Published by: Michelle on Sep 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I wanted to write about them becuse it’s not much out there and i think they areawesome. So please let me know if you like it or hate it.Jasper P.O.V.It’s have been weeks since my last hunt, it’s was a man that was in the wrost time and place but i was glad the trirst was consuming me. I check if there were no witnesses ididn’t want to kill more than one person.After i checked i let myself been cary away by my vampire instints and i attack him, because i was so thirsty i didn’t pay much of attention to the emotions of my prey butwas only a matter of time when i was done all the thoughts that i was having beforecame back.This gift i have it’s turned out to be a curse, i can’t even eat bacause i can feel theemotions of my prey the fear, the pain, the relief when i’m finish.I was always glad to be able to manipulate everyones emotions specialy when i was ahuman but now that i was a vampire was driving me insane. I felt that i was missingsomething that i wasn’t complete. I was totally alone since a decade ago i already leftMaria’s family she is how make me a vampire and after i left my nomad friend Peter and his mate Charlotte 2 years ago.For one side i’m glad i care about them but be around they was not conforting but theside was that i feel alone with nobody to talk even i don’t very much but vampires havedo not sleep so i’m awaik 24 for 7.It’s almost a week that i was in San Francisco and i already was planing to leave. I waswalking now and it’s starting to rain and all the people was begining to hide from it, iwnted to keep walking but that would look strange because humans don’t like to get wetso i enter to a restaurant.The people in the restaurant started to watch me a few with fear, other find me atractiveof course the fact that i was a vampire make them to feel curios about me even theydidn’t know why that make laugh, humans were very predictible.I sat next to the bar and then the smell hit me, my first thought tell me that i was indanger, that someone like me a vampire was here, i track the smell and then somethingchange in me, i look at her she was smiling at me, i didn’t know what to do the joy, the power of the emotions that she having was so diferent that anything i felt before.

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