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End User Monitoring | OPNET AppResponse Xpert

End User Monitoring | OPNET AppResponse Xpert

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OPNET's AppResponse Xpert uniquely combines end-user experience monitoring and in-depth analysis of network performance to obtain complete visibility of IT services across the enterprise.
OPNET's AppResponse Xpert uniquely combines end-user experience monitoring and in-depth analysis of network performance to obtain complete visibility of IT services across the enterprise.

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Published by: OPNET Technologies, Inc. on Sep 05, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Solution Overview
OPNET Technologies, Inc.
End-User Experience, Network Monitoring and Analytics
Solution Overview
 Troubleshoot application perormance problems aster.
Detect application perormance problems early, with no overhead on your applicationenvironment.
Ensure the perormance o web-based business transactions.
Eliminate “nger-pointing”among IT teams concerning the source o application peror-mance problems.
Understand and address usage and perormance trends or your applications and networks.
Detect unauthorized or anomalous usage o network and server resources.
Use AppResponse Xpert to:
Measure application perormance or internal and external users o your enterpriseapplications.
Monitor live perormance or all users all the time, and alert against SLAs.
Break down application response time into contributing sources and launch troubleshootingo root causes.
Analyze trac and response time among servers to manage multi-tier applications.
Visualize communication within the data center and across the WAN.
Measure trac by application, user, business division, and location.
Analyze historical inormation or trending and capacity planning.
Measure perormance o VoIP calls while they are in progress.
Detect unexpected com-munication between ap-plication components.
Baseline perormancebeore making a change,and quantiy the impact.
AppResponse Xpert is an appliance-basedsolution that monitors and analyzes end-user experience or all levels o transac-tions. It also supports in-depth monitoringand analysis o the underlying network,a domain that is vital to comprehensiveApplication Perormance Management(APM). AppResponse Xpert leverages thecentral role o the network in transportingtransaction data to obtain vital inorma-tion about relationships among clientsand servers, and also among server tiers.On-board analytics extract transactionsrom application ows and break down ap-plication response time, identiying whichparts o the inrastructure are contribut-ing most to delays. AppResponse Xpertautomatically summarizes data accordingto applications and user-dened businessentities such as locations or departments.
A single AppResponse Xpert appliancesupports a variety o use cases, includingdeep packet inspection and applicationrecognition; end-user experience monitor-ing at the user transaction level (e.g., webpage level); high-volume packet captureand storage; ow-level analytics; NetFlowcollection and reporting; and VoIP callmonitoring. Other solutions typically re-quire multiple appliances and servers andcover ewer use cases.
Pinpoint the source o application response time delay.Monitor response time o web transactions at the page level.
Key Features
Agentless deployment or low overhead.
24x7 monitoring o all users and applications.
Automatic application discovery and classication.
Web page-level perormance analysis.
Automatic URL classication or SSL decryption.
Centralized appliance management, including dataaggregation and consolidation.
Executive-level business reporting and web-baseddashboards.
High-volume packet capture and large capacity, long-term storage or orensic analysis o any transaction.
NetFlow data collection, to obtain visibility o communications between remote locations,and provide joint analysis o trac fows and application response time data.
Real-time monitoring and historical data collection or VoIP calls.
Broad amily o appliances to support a range o throughput and storage requirements.
Sotware appliance that restores visibility o trac between virtual machines within a server.
Specialized support or networks with WAN acceleration, including Riverbed Steelhead andCisco WAAS devices, or accurate, end-to-end visibility.
Customizable dashboards and workfows to suit your organization.
Citrix Certied support or applications deployed over Citrix.
Integration with Other OPNET Solutions
From dashboard view, seamlessly drill into AppTransaction Xpert or in-depth analysis o individual multi-tier transactions.
Drill-down into AppInternals Xpert or conclusive root cause diagnosis whenAppResponse Xpert indicates that the server is the source o excessive end-to-endresponse time.
Leverage AppTelemetry Xpert to display network perormance data along the entirelayer 2/3 network path or a transaction, and inspect server perormance.
Export trac fow data into OPNET’s network perormance management solutions, ornetwork operations and planning.
Incorporate SQL transaction perormance data rom AppSQL Xpert intoAppResponse Xpert, or a single, unied view.
AppResponse Xpert provides detailed inormation about application components andrelationships to AppMapper Xpert, which automatically creates a run-time applicationdependency map.
Ask Us About...
How our breakthrough storage architec-ture enables long-term retention o un- precedented volumes o data or orensic analysis o perormance problems.
How our appliances leverage their expan-sive data set to report perormance o bothobject-level and business-level transac-tions.
How our appliances are based on mature, proven technology with a 10-year track record o success in the feld.
Web transaction response time is mea-sured at the page level—the same wayusers experience it. Many vendors oferonly HTTP request/response perormancemeasurement.
Each appliance operates independently,and can serve its own data, avoidingdependency on a centralized platorm oranalysis and reporting that represents asingle point-o-ailure.
Flexible deployment options include bothhardware and virtual appliances.
One-minute resolution or aggregatedperormance statistics is more ne-grained than the typical 5- and 15-minutecollection intervals.
Web application perormance is reportedor every individual transaction.
Dashboards and reports are easily cus-tomized to provide application-specic,intuitive screens and workows adaptedto the needs o your staf.
Simple, ast deployment delivers rapidROI and low TCO.
CompareAppResponse Xpertto Other Solutions
OPNET Technologies, Inc.

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