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Practical Recommendations in Cattle

Practical Recommendations in Cattle

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Published by alaoui ali

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: alaoui ali on Sep 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Practical recommendations in cattle
Food conduct
1. The conduct of the cows milk ingredients:
-Avoid the use of corn as a source of protein, for dairy cows to high production glutenbecause it decreases performance of production, as well as those of reproduction(memory 3rd cycle IAV Hassan II).Substitute the gluten of corn by the whole cotton seeds, they are very rich in energy andin protein. In addition, these seeds proteins are very balanced (in) (essential aminoacids) than those of Corn gluten (memory 3rd cycle IAV) (Hassan II).-Examples of rations for a dairy cow (550 kg weight) (MADRPM / DE):MainfoodAmount(kg)Complementary concentrated foodDairyexpected(litre/day)AlfalfaGreen506 kg barley (crushed) or 7 kg of beetpulp or well 3.3 kg barley + 3.5 beetpulp kg25BersimGreen704 kg (crushed) barley or 4.7 kg of beetpulp or well 2.2 kg of barley +. 2.2 kgof beet pulp15BarleyGreen401.5 kg (crushed) barley or 1.7 kg of beet pulp or well 0.8 barley kg +. 0.8beet pulp kg8Hay of Vicia-oats10This ration only covers maintenancerequirements and does not allow theproduction milk, is why we need theworkout with one of the mixtures of listed below concentrates.nothingHay of alfalfa115 kg barley or 6 kg of beet pulp or well2.5 kg barley + 2.7 kg of pulp beet17Silage of Vicia-oats401.3 kg barley or 1.5 kg of beet pool orwell 0.9 kg barley + 0.9 kg of beetpulp6Silagecorn352 kg of sunflower meal13-To improve the milk production, it recommends using mixtures of food concentrates. Arepossible, constitutions of a mixture kg (MADRPM / DE):
700 g barley + 300 g of sunflower meal + 50 g of CMV;
400 g barley + 600 + CMV; 50 bean g
500 g pulp of beet + 500 g of bean + 50 CMV.
100 barley + 900 g sound + 50 g of CMV.
-The first weeks of the far-off which lasts about 2 months, are characterized by a dietmoderate, then that the last 3 weeks of gestation, the quantity and the type of fooddistributed to the cow are high to ensure all needs of gestation. This, prepares thecalving the cow (MADRPM / DE).2. The conduct of calves :For a calf, its first months of life arevery important. That is why we needwell take care of his power.Noting that the milk Breast is veryessential for the calf during its firstweek (MADRPM / OF).This is what it is recommended for feeding calves (MADRPM / DE):Age (inweeks)Breast milk(litre/day)Artificial milk *(litre/day)Number of mealsConcentrated foodand hay of goodquality.FirstweekColostrum03nothingSecondweek422at will3 to 4 242at will5-6072at will7-8 072at will9-10052at will11 to 12021at will12 to 14 011at will*: To prepare a milk artificial, should dissolve 100 to 150 g milk powder in a litre of waterwarm (MADRPM / DE).*: As for the concentrated food and hay, they must be comprised of (MADRPM / DE):
For the Foin it is recommended: good quality; alfalfa hay
And the concentrated or food a blend of: 75 to 80 % of crushed grain (barley orcorn) + 15 to 20 % of grain oilseed meal or legumes (petit-pois, bean,....) + 5 %of CMV.
3. The conduct of taurillons:
The taurillons need energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and water (MADRPM / DA;2005).
The energy affouragements: maize, barley, straw, the pulp of beet, citrus pulp andmolasses (MADRPM / DA; 2005);
The protein affouragements: soybean meal, the meal of Sunflower, the bean,small pea, alfalfa and sound (MADRPM / DA; 2005).
it is recommended to add vitamins to herd ratios at the beginning of every threemonths (MADRPM / DA; 2005)
The decrease in the proportion of gross in the ration improves them (3rd memory)taurillons fattening growth performance cycle, IAV Hassan II).Taurillons feedlot needs are as follows:Liveweight(kg)Weight gain(g/d) GMQEnergy (feedunit) UFDigestedproteins(g/d) MAD(G/d) CAcalciumPhosphorus(g/d) P15010003.3380271412003.7425311720010003.9425301612004.3465351825010004.4465341912004.9510392230010005.0505372212005.5545422535010005.5540412612006.1580462940010006.1575453112006.7615503445010006.6610503312007.4645553650010007.3645553512008.16656138
This We can recommend as rationing in the taurillons (MADRPM / DA; 2004) :
The straw or hay oat: 1 to 2 kg/head/day.
Mixture food concentrated: 2 to 2.5 kg for each 100 g of live weight of taurillon;
The salt : at will (we do mixture with the affourragement);.
The water : free.
The molasses is also a good food for the taurillons fattening.Here is thecomposition of a ration of molasses for cattle-based in growth (MADRPM / DE):
IngredientsPercentageMolasses40Straw crushed12Barley concassée30Meal Sunflower15.5CMV2Powder bone0.5
Practical recommendations in cattle

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