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Frequently Asked Questions About Islam

Frequently Asked Questions About Islam

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Published by sbmemon

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Published by: sbmemon on Sep 05, 2009
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22 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Islam
What is Islam?
Who is Allah?
Who is a Muslim?
Who was Muhammad? (pbuh)
Do Muslims Worship Muhammad? (pbuh)
What Do Muslims Think of Jesus? (pbuh)
Do Muslims Have Many Sects?
What are the Pillars of Islam?
What is the Purpose of Worship in Islam?
Do Muslims Believe in the Hereafter?
Will the Good Actions of Non-Believers Be Wasted?
What is the Dress Code for Muslims?
What are the Dietary Prohibitions in Islam?
What is "Islamic Fundamentalism"?
What is the Islamic Year?
What are the Major Islamic Festivals?
What is Sharia?
Was Islam Spread by the Sword?
Does Islam Promote Violence and Terrorism?
What is Jihad?
Does Islam Promote Polygamy?
Does Islam Oppress Women?1. What is Islam?
The word "Islam" means peace and submission. Peace means to be at peace with yourself andyour surroundings and submission means submission to God and obey his commandments. Abroader meaning of the word Islam is to achieve peace by submitting to the will of God.This unique religion with a name whcih signifies a moral attitude and a way of like. Judaismtakes it name form the tribe of Judah, Christianity from Jesus Christ, Buddhism from GoutamBudha and Hinduism from Indus River. However, Muslims should no be called"Muhammadans".
2. Who is Allah?
Allah is the Arabic word for "one God", the same as Eloh in Aramaic. Allah is not God of Muslims only. He is God of all cretions, because He is their Creator and the Sustainer.
3. Who is a Muslim?
The word "Muslim" means one who submits to the will of God. This is done by declaring that"there is no God except one God and Muhammad is the messenger of God". In a broadersense, anyone who willing submits to the will of God is a Muslim, thus all the prophetspreceding the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were Muslim. The Qur'an specifically mentionsAbraham who lived long before Moses and Christ that, "he was not a Jew or a Chrisitian bu aMuslim," because he had submitted to the will of God. Thus there are Muslims who are notsubmitting to the will of God and there are Muslims who are doing their best to live anIslamic life. One cannot judge Islam by looking at those Muslims who have a Muslim namebut in their actions, they are not living or behaving as Muslims. The state of being a Muslim
can be according to the degree to which one is submitting to the will of God, in his beliefs andin his actions.
4. Who was Muhammad? (pbuh)
In brief, Muhammad (pbuh) was born in a noble tribe of Mecca in Arabia in the year 570 A.D. His ancestry goes back to Prophet Ishmael (pbuh), son of Prophet Abraham (pbuh). Hisfather died before this birth and his mother died when he was six. He did not attend anyformal school. He was raised first by a nurse as it was the custom those dasys, and then by hisgrandfather and unlce. As a young man, he was known as a righteous person who used tomediatate in a cave. At age 40, he was giventhe prophethood when the angel, Gabriel,appeared in the cave. Subsequently, the revealations came over 23 years and are in the book called the Qur'an which Muslims consider as the finall and last word of God. The Qur'an hasbeen preserved, unchanged, in its orginal form and confirms the truth in the Torah, the psalmsand the Gospel. Qur'an is the only scripture in existence todat with its original Arabic text.
5. Do Muslims Worship Muhammad? (pbuh)
No. Muslims do not worship Muhammad (pbuh) or any other prophets. Muslims believe in allprophets including Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses and Jesus (pbuh themall). Muslims believe that Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of the Prophets. They believe thatGod alone is to be worshipped, not any human being.
6. What do Muslims Think of Jesus? (pbuh)
Muslims think highly of Jesus (pbuh) and his worthy mother, MAry. The Qur'an tells us thatJesus was born of a mirculous birth without a father. "Lo. The likeness of Jesus with Allah isthe likeness of Adam. He created him of dust, and then He said unto him: Be and heis!" (Qur'an 3:59) He was given many miracles as a prophet. These include speaking soonafter birth in defense of his mother's piety. God's other gifts to him included healing the blindand the sick, reviving the dead, making a bird out of clay and most importantly, the messagehe was carrying. These miracles were given to him by God to establish him as a prophet.According to the Qur'an, he was not crucified but was raised into Heaven. (Qur'an, ChapterMaryam)
7. Do Muslims Have Many Sects?
Muslims have few sects than Christians. In Islam, there are two major sects, the Shia andSunni. Both sects have many things in common. They follow the same prophet, Muhammad(pbuh). Both offer thier prayers five times a day. Both fast in the month of Ramadan. Theyboth go for Hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca. The difference bewteen these two sects are more like

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