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Make Nokia 5800 Battery Last Longer

Make Nokia 5800 Battery Last Longer

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Published by 87291472BG

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Published by: 87291472BG on Sep 05, 2009
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Analysis, tutorials and tips for yourNokiaand Samsung Phones
How to make the Nokia 5800's battery last as long as possible
Published byTzer2at 23:45 GMT, January 31st 2009The 5800 has got a pretty big battery for amobile phone. But how can you make it last even longer? Read AllAbout Symbian's special feature to find out how to maximise every charge.Click here for a complete list of All About Symbian's Nokia 5800 XpressMusic tutorials 
How to make the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic's battery last as long as possible
If you want to squeeze as much battery life as possible from your 5800, here are some hints and tips on how todo it:
Fully charge the phone's battery
Okay, this might be an obvious point, but it's a very important oneand you'd be surprised how many people still don't get this! :-)The battery is charging when the battery icon's bar chart (in the topright corner of the screen) is animated. When the battery is full, thebar chart is full and has stopped moving. If you want to make surethe battery is full, wait for the animation to stop moving before youdisconnect the charger.The whole charging process on an empty battery may take a coupleof hours, but this can vary tremendously depending on what kind of charger you use. The higher the charger's "mA" rating, the quicker it will charge the battery. Different Nokiachargers have different mA ratings, which are visible on an engraved panel below the prongs.
Page 1of 9How to make the Nokia 5800's battery last as long as possible -All About Symbian Fe...8/12/2009http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/features/item/How_to_make_the_Nokia_5800s_batte...
you do not need to empty the battery before charging
. Modern lithium phone batteries can berecharged however full they are.
Money-saving, tree-hugging hint:
Disconnect the charger from the mains wall socket when not in use. Chargerswhich are left plugged in use a small amount of electricity which will cost you money and cause needless damageto the environment. This applies to all electronic appliances, unplug them when you don't need them.
Do NOT switch the phone off!
We're often told to turn lights off to save energy, but this advice does not work onmobile phones.In fact, although it sounds crazy, your phone's battery charge will last longer if you DON'T turn it off!The reason for this is that devices like the 5800 are actually pocket-sized computers with a phone built intothem, which is why they're often called "smartphones". Just like PCs, smartphones take a while to boot up, andthis booting process involves lots of intensive computing tasks that help to get the phone ready for use.Switching a phone on actually uses far more battery power than simply leaving the phone on, and of course if you switch the phone off you will have to switch it back on again at some point.If you switch a phone on and off lots of times, it will use up the battery very quickly, because you're asking it toboot up lots of times. Your battery will last a LOT longer if you just leave the phone on all the time, and charge itwhile it's still on.A fully-charged 5800 can stay switched on in standby mode for up to two weeks, because in standby mode withthe screen switched off it doesn't have to do much except wait for calls or commands.You don't need to do anything special to put the 5800 into standby mode, it is automatically in standby when itisn't being used.There is no real need to ever switch a mobile phone off, unless something has gone wrong with it and you wantto try rebooting it.
Shut down unnecessary applications
The 5800 is an S60smartphone, and can run several applications at once (for example you can listen to musicwhile surfing the web and receiving instant messages). However, the more applications you run at once, thequicker the battery will be drained, so it's a good idea to shut down any applications you don't need.You can see all the current running applications by doing the following:
Hold down the white menu button for a few seconds (you can let go of the button once the Open Applicationsmenu appears). Select an icon in the Open Apps menu to go to that application, and exit the app from its ownoptions menu to shut it down. Alternatively, most apps can be shut down by going to them and pressing the redbutton below the screen.
 The fewer apps that run simultaneously, the longer the battery will last.Running fewer apps simultaneously will also make the phone run faster overall, because it has less to do at once.
Turn down the 5800's screen brightness to the lowest acceptable level
One of the biggest battery drains on portable devices is the screen's lighting system, which is whymobiledevicescreens usually dim themselves when they're not in use.You can make your phone's battery last longer if you turn down the screen's brightness to the lowest level thatyou're okay with. Here's how to do it on the 5800:
Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Phone", select "Display", select "Light Sensor", thenadjust the slider towards "Minimum" to dim the display. Use the lowest setting that feels comfortable. Whenyou've finished, select "OK", then press the red button to go back to the front page.
Page 2of 9How to make the Nokia 5800's battery last as long as possible -All About Symbian Fe...8/12/2009http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/features/item/How_to_make_the_Nokia_5800s_batte...
Switch off your 5800's screen when not in use
When you're not using the 5800 it's a good idea to lock thescreen, partly because it stops the screen being touched bymistake, but also because it switches the screen off too. Thephone itself carries on running, but the screen being off willmake the battery last a lot longer.You can lock the screen manually by flicking the "keyguardswitch", which is in the middle of the right side of the phone.You can unlock the screen by flicking the same switch again.(Don't worry about the switch returning back to its originalposition, it's meant to do that.)In case you forget to do it manually, you can make thescreen dim automatically when it isn't being used. Here's howto set the screen auto switch-off period:
Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Phone", select "Display", select "Light Time-Out", thenmove the slider to the quickest setting that you feel comfortable with. When you've finished, select "OK", thenpress the red button to go back to the front page.
 Alternatively, you can set the screen lock to go on automatically (which dims the screen as well as locking it):
Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Phone Management", select "Auto Keyguard", select"Keypad Autolock Period", select "User Defined", then enter how long you want the phone to wait before lockingthe screen, select "OK", then press the red button to go back to the front page.
Use headphones instead of speakers
If you listen to music on the 5800's built-in speakers you willuse the battery up more quickly than if you listen throughheadphones. Headphones are inside your ear so they use muchless power to deliver the same intensity of sound, whereasspeakers have to get the sound to your ear over a much longerdistance.
Avoid using the camera flash unnecessarily
In some situations (such as a dark room) you need to use the5800's camera flash in order to get a decent picture, and inother situations (such as being outdoors on a bright day) thecamera will automatically switch the flash off when takingpictures.However, there are many situations which fall between thesetwo extremes, where the 5800's camera will automatically usethe flash, but where you could get a reasonable photo withoutit. In those circumstances you may want to switch the flash off because it's using up the battery unnecessarily.To switch the 5800's flash off completely:
Press the camera button on the right side of the phone, selectthe flash icon (by default it's "A" for Automatic), double-click on"Off", then take the picture with the camera button.
 You can choose the other flash modes (On, Auto, Red EyeReduction) using the same process.
Page 3of 9How to make the Nokia 5800's battery last as long as possible -All About Symbian Fe...8/12/2009http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/features/item/How_to_make_the_Nokia_5800s_batte...

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