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Breeding Discus

Breeding Discus

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Published by ismailk83

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Published by: ismailk83 on Sep 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The secrets of breeding discusBefore breeding discus, you will definitely need to learn all you can on thehabits of these exotic and charming creatures. Before breeding, discus like tochoose their partner alone, which may make it a little difficult and evenexpensive for the owner. Breeding discus should be kept in groups of maximum four individuals as the ideal formation. Keep the water warmenough and feed them properly and breeding discus will be a true joy; itwon’t take too long before they will spawn. To understand the principles of  breeding discus you’ve got a lot of things to read as there will be quite somechanges in your tank.First of all you should know that breeding discus will choose an almostvertical site for their mating and will clean it before laying eggs. Don’t besurprised if they spawn on the bottom or the side of the tank. After laying theeggs and fertilizing them, the two parents will be guarding the perimeter  preventing other fish to come close. Breeding discus also means noticing behavior changes in your so calm and shy fish. They are not going to become aggressive to other tank inhabitants unless the eggs are in danger.Breeding discus sometimes means having some eggs sacrificed. Therefore,the parents eat the eggs they cannot protect.It is easy to find out when you’ve got a pair of breeding discus; once two of them start defending a perimeter in the aquarium, you need to act quickly. Itwould be perfect if the owner separated the breeding discus to a differenttank set up for the purpose. Don’t put anything on the bottom of the tank of the breeding discus as you’ll have to clean it very easily. They only need avertical surface to deposit their eggs. To improve the environment of the breeding discus you can add a small bag of peat moss in the power filter,thus recreating the natural water conditions of the discus.Water and food are the two main principles for successful discus breeding.For assistance and useful information on how to deal with breeding discusyou may visit the following web page:discus-fish-secrets.Practicalinformation is always welcome particularly when you haven’t been breedingdiscus before; so, enjoy the experience and don’t forget that the appearanceof new healthy fry is entirely your responsibility from the beginning to theend. Good luck!More Discus Fish Secrets

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