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Seralura (work in progress)

Seralura (work in progress)

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This is one I started a while ago, set down for some reason, and just haven't gone back to. Perhaps her story will find its end some day...
This is one I started a while ago, set down for some reason, and just haven't gone back to. Perhaps her story will find its end some day...

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Published by: Danielle Sirbu Zepess on Sep 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The girl stepped out into the cool night, the loamy earth squishing between her toes, and breathed deeply of the fresh air. Leaving the tiny village behind, she made her way toward the ancient forest that dominated the surrounding land. Though the far sideof the forest was invisible from the medieval community, the girl knew it ended. She had been to its boundary, where chalky white cliffs met a vast body of water. Her grandfather, who had taken her on that journey, once told her stories of the sea thatstretched away from those cliffs, and a land, much greater than their own, beyond it.These memories flashed through her mind as she skipped past small fields and into theforest.Though a cloudy sky obscurred the full moon, the girl had no trouble finding her way. In the darkness, her nose told her what her eyes could not. The soothing fragranceof wildflowers and harvested grass permeated her body. She entered the woods, a silentwraith, with her white robe and flaxen hair trailing behind. She sensed, rather than sawthe movement of the trees around her, as a light breeze tickled their boughs, making her own skin prickle. She was young, barely sixteen, but her lithe, graceful frame possessednothing of the awkwardness of youth, and her crystal eyes reflected an intelligence that belied the appearance of innocence.
This is my night 
she thought. As she picked her way among the trees, her elationrose with each step, her heart pounding out the rhythm of her excitement. Nothing couldhave been more perfect. Her whole life, she had anticipated this night above all others.On this night, she would
 From the darkness, the voices of the woods greeted her with their buzzing andchirruping, as if urging her to hurry, she must hurry, for the ritual would soon begin.Her feet did not hesitate as they led her swiftly to her destination. A vision of the ancientstone at the heart of the wood burned brightly in her mind. It had been there forever, itseemed, its original purpose lost in time. The carved and polished stone only hinted atthe wonders of a race which had ceased to exist, of rituals long forgotten. Its elaborate
decorations revealed nothing of its true age, but she knew it was old because of the power it possessed. She smiled to herself. Tonight, that power would be
 As she followed a path few knew existed, her thoughts turned to her great-grandmother, and the stories the old woman had told. Many years ago, her great-grandmother had followed this same path, leading her to a similar destiny. The younggirl smiled inwardly with the remembrance of the woman who had raised her, andrealized that she herself would soon be counted among generations of women who hadgone to their fate at the center of the wood. She thought of the ritual itself, and the roleshe would perform in it. Tonight's ritual would give her a place among the most powerful beings in existence, if she survived. She was not afraid. Her upbringing had prepared her for this very night.She neared the clearing, calling her name softly to the sentinels she knew werehidden in the screen of trees. Seralura. She had been named after her great-grandmother,and for sixteen years had carried the name with pride, but tonight it would change.Tonight, if she was worthy, she would cease to be Seralura, and become Sheiliula.Sheiliula was a name that went back for generations, a name almost as ancient as thestone she sought this night. The name itself held power. It was a title, a mark of honour,given only to those worthy of the responsibilities it entailed. Tonight Seralura wouldfinally take those responsibilities upon herself. Her pulse quickened as she stepped intothe clearing, into the arms of a fate she would gladly accept.###As Seralura entered the clearing, her heart pounding, both from the exertion of her travels and her anticipation of what would happen here tonight, her eyes wereimmediately drawn to the stone. It glistened with a light that didn't come from the still

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