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Pioneer Review, January 2, 2014

Pioneer Review, January 2, 2014

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Published by surfnewmedia

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Dec 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I'( T%7
N/)+ , +' E'+ !'+N/)+  C+*/P(/) H+'/ ,M/*'* EM!
P, !D'' 57567"*'<, J''< 2, 2014;;;. ++-++;.)
N. 19, $. 108
LEGALSI+/'"# &'/ 3##(
E*  D'< 12/30/13
12 P %/+ %+'........$5.78A< P........................$5.4814 P !/ %+'........$5.83M/....................................$3.23C...................................$3.43M/+..................................$9.25!F! B/*++*...................$17.50
N+; C, 2014
12 P %/+ %+'........$5.6414 P !/ %+'........$5.69
D+a'+% )""#/ /a# )'#/
 FLI >=K F= FF I<P F<JKK<I, <M<E KFL> PFL E<M<IEFN NFJ< =< PFL M< JM<.<NFIEJ KF K< <<IP <E<=K =IF FF KIEJ=LJFEJ,FI FF FGFE<EKJ JL JGJ E GK<<KJ.ILJ IKE<Q EFNJ KKJF<FE< JM< J =< <LJ<K<P FEK< FF.E 2006, IKE<Q   KFEJ-<KFP E <EF<KFP. NFJ GIF<LI<J KK <M<FG<=<-KI<K<EE> JJL<J =FI .FFNE> J JLI><IP < <<E> =IF J KIFK. <<<E> >I<N NFIJ<, KF K< GFEKKK < NJ FJE> FI< FFKE < FL ==FI. IKE<QJ <  FJK <EFL> FFKK < NJ KLIEE> M<IP NK<E J GJ N<I< L<.IKE<Q NJ I-=K< =IFK< +G FJGK KF G CKPN<I< < LE<IN<EK LK<IQ-KFE JLI><IP FE J <EFJ.#< NJ >M<E KNF KIEJ=LJFEJF= FF LIE> J FI<, FFKK JF<FE<  FEK<. U<=K KK JF<FE<, JF<N<I<KFF K< FLK F= K<I LJP J<-L< KF < GF< E GIF< =FIKK< KF EF G<IJFE >E KF  EK< M<FF F= EFK<I G<IJFEJKFEJ<J <. FIJ EEFK <O-GI<JJ FN GGI<KM<   =FIKFJ< NF FEK< FF. K < K< ==<I<E< N<E  NJJ. K FF IFL>K < KF =<,V J IKE<Q.IKE<QXJ F, CIPJKJ<EILE, J <<E  FFFEFI =FI FLK 30 P<IJ, FEK-E> FI< KE <>K >FEJ LI-E> KK K<. U  JKIK< FEKE>J  I<JLK F=  GFE<  =IFFE< F= K< >IFLGJ KK JGFEJFIK< FF IM< E +G.  FLEFK KE F= EP I<JFE EFKKF F-EK< E K J<<< M<IP J<=J KFJP EF KF JF<KE> KK FLK<IP JM< JF<FE<XJ =<.B<E> =IF  J FLEKP, LE<IJKE K< E<< KF MFLEK<<IN<E<M<I GFJJ<,V J J<E-ILE. UX JF KE=L  J,WP<J, J>E < LG. X >M< K  KIPXJF EP P<IJ >F. K <J PFL=<< >FF EFNE>  JG< JI-=< F= E FLI FI JF F= K<,FL <E =< KF EFK<I JFL. FI FEJ, FEFI I<ILK-<EK I<GI<J<EKKM< NK EK<BFF <IM<J E G CKP JK<P I< FNE K< FF EKFGJ E GK<<KJ = E<<< KF<<K UFI<IJV =IF FJGKJ.+<FG< E FEK< < EML-P, KFF, J< J.<E JF<FE< FEK<J FF,KK FF E < LJ< J UNF<FFV FI FGFE<EKJ JL JGJ, I< FF <J EGK<<KJ E < I<FM< E>M<E J<GIK<P.  F= K<J<E JF < FEK< EMLPKIFL> ==<I<EK GIF<JJ<JN K<  KK< FE><I KELJL FF FEKFEJ.< FF <J I< >FF =FI 42PJ E FEFIJ E >M< K<<M<IP <>K FI 16 N<<J. +K<<KJ I< >FF =FI FEP =M<PJ E FEFIJ E >M< K<<M<IP KNF N<<J. <P I< LJ<KF <G FF FKKE> E GK<EKJE E E<I GK<EKJ.+J E < =IFQ<E =FI LG KFFE< P<I E FEFIJ E >M< K<M<IP FEK. K J LJ< =FI LIEMKJ.FEJ J KK EK< BFF<IM<J E G CKP J<IM<J 94FJGKJ E K<I I<>FE E K<PM< KF F<K 500 LEKJ F= FF< P KF <<G K< FJGKJ K J=< FF JLGGP <M<.UF<KE> KK J <P< FG<EE>E  KK< JIP J KK 80 G<I-<EK F= K< GFGLKFE N E<<FF E K<I =< K< E FEPFLK 5 G<I<EK F= K< GFGLKFEJ <>< KF FEK<. F KK 5G<I<EK J <<GE> <M<IPFE< <J<J=<,V J FEJ. U= K< 60G<I<EK F= K< GFGLKFE KK J<>< KF FEK< KLP  N<NFL FEP E<< K< KF FEK<KN<  P<I KF <G LI FFJFIK><J.VME> FF J <JP. BJ I<-HLI<<EKJ I< KK PFL < 17P<IJ F= ><, N<> K <JK 110GFLEJ E I< E >FF <K T KK PFL =<< N< E E G<I-=FI EFI KMK<J. +LJN<E PFL I< FE< PFL ><K FF< E  >JJ F= L<!< E<OK FF IM< E +GJ L<JP, ELIP 7, =IF10:30 .. KF 5 G.. K K< BM<I <EFI CKQ<EJ C<EK<I. FL E FEKK <E I<M<I K859-3312 FI 685-8010 FI BIKKE<PDILIP K 441-4909.J<EILE J UB<LJ<ILJX JLI><IP (KFEJ<KFP)NJ IFLKE< E K< IJ F= <-FII>E> NJ II<, N< N<I<EXKMJ< KF E EP FF <=FI<-E LK N<E K< LI><EK E<<IFJ< KK < E<<< FF E< E<<< K EFN,  NJ JF M<IPKE=L JF<FE< JF<N<I<JF I<F>EQ< K< GFIKE<F= <E>  <IF.VF <IE FI< PFL E MJKEK< BFF <IM<JX N<JK<,KKG://NNN.LEK<FFJ<IM<J.FI> FI < FLK K<I <FFG>< TEK< BFF <IM<JDFKJ <>FE.
 < FLK DFK IJJECFKFE, FE> NK K< E-E> =FI +IF=K FF, N GI<J<EKU< K<I < F= DJJK<IV TKNF-P J<EI P >L<JKJG<<I, DM< +IKK, ELIP 15-16, K K< B<JK <JK<IE FKE G CKP. +IKKXJ GI<J<EKKFE N GIFM<ML< KFFJ E KGJ, J N< J<EFLI><<EK, =FI GIFL<IJ NFM< <OG<I<E< J<KJ E GIF-LKFE <LJ< F= LEFEKIF<ILJKE<J, JL J KF<IXJNEK<I JKFI AKJ. E KFE KF JJIFF K<,KK<E<<J E <<K NK +IKK =FI<M<EE> JLJJFEJ FE <E<J-P. A CKK<O N<EI J E-L< E LIJPXJ ><E, EN <>E K 1:00 G.. +IKK J FE< F= K< FJK JFL>K=K<I JG<<IJ E I<JG<K< L-KFIK<J FE JLJKE< IEE>E FIK A<I. #J GIF>IJ,N EL< K< EE> =FI+IF=K FF E O<LKM< E,M< <E<=K< KFLJEJ F= =-<J E FEJ F= I<J. +IKKJI<J J EFN<>< F= E><-<EK EK<EJM< >IQE> EJKIK<> JJL<J GKE> K<GIF=KKP F= IE<J. #< J <-K< KF <GE> G<FG< KIEJ=FIK<I =IJ E IE<J EKF JLJ-KE< LJE<JJ<J. U<XI< FEFI< KF M< DM<+IKK JI< J <OG<IKJ< NK FLI=<FN IE<IJ TGIKLIPKFJ< NF I< =FI< KF <KFL> LJE<JJ <JFEJ =FFNE>K< KF<I JKFI,V J BFM<, FLK DFK IJJECFKFE FI I<KFI E#FE CFLEKP IE<I. U+IKK JE <OG<IK E EP I<J F= GIF-LKFE >ILKLI< N<E K F<JKF JLJKEKP TJF<KE>N<XI<  NFIE> KFNIJ. < =<<J GI<J<EKKFEJ N <E<=K EP-FE< NF KK<EJ.V < <M<EK J =I<< F= I>< KF K<=IJK 200 I<>JKIEKJ. A=K<I 200I<>JKIKFEJ I< I<<M<,  FJKG<I G<IJFE N < GG<. K<-IJ E <J I< EL< <P. F I<>JK<I FI KF <IE FI<,FEKK L>< <JJFG K 605-280-0127 FI < KF <JJFG@JFEJ<I-MKFE.FI>. <>JKIKFEJ I<<GK< LEK ELIP 6. FK< IFFJ I< M< K JFLEK< IK<, =FI  K< K<.< I<J<IMKFEJ P E> 605-343-8550 E J =FI K< FLKDFK IJJE CFKFE F. <IE FI< FLK +IKK KNNN.EE><<EK.F. JK K< FLK DFK IJJECFKFEXJ N<JK< K NNN.D-IJJ.FI> FI < K< FE <-FF.
Pa %'#/ )/a+" '/ $ a%
Ch"i#$ma# ligh$ing cn$e#$
The 2013 winner of the annual outdoor Christmas lighting contest sponsored by the Community Betterment Committeewas the house of Gary and Gretchen Phillips on Larimer Avenue. All possible entrees in the contest must be nominated by someone.
Del Bartels
The 2013 second place winner of the annual outdoor Christmas lighting contest sponsored by the Community BettermentCommittee was the house of Bob and Shandon Fugate on Sunshine Drive.The 2013 third place winner of the annual outdoor Christmas lighting contest was the house of Andrea Carley on MyrtleAvenue.
NMB benefi$ f" Reckling
Members of the Philip chapter of National Mutual Benefit held a fundraiser bratwurst feed benefit for Kay Reckling, Monday,December 23, in the high school commons area during the doubleheader basketball games with Philip hosting Kadoka. Re-sults of the free-will donations went to help with expenses incurred by Recking in her fight against cancer. Shown, back row from left: Brandon Moos, Mike Koehler, Harlan Moos and Bruce Kroetch. Front: Matt Reedy, Doug Hauk, Maureen Palecek,Reckling, Becky Brech, Linda Kroetch and Pennie Slovek.
Del Bartels
I??GG H?<G< < L G <I ?GG < @@G  L J GL  ? ?<  L H- =G.   I G <G G <G L <I @G<?  ? G <G G <?? G ??GG .  ? I G <GG =G L  ?? ?GG.H ?<  <G< < G HL <H < G < L G 5:00 .@. GG <G  @ G  I??GG H?<G< J H?  @<?   ?<I G  <<I<H?J <. A?? ?GG
 G <<? <GH,   G? H@  G HG.
'CA EE  HE ED:
 ?<G<? ?GG  G H G GJ J> < G  ?G<. PGGQ ?H@ < <G G   G GH<GL G K G< <<. "G < G @G G ? -IG<<   @  < ?.< H?<G<R ? < G GG G <G @@G HG   . H @@G  J?@  -H.
 '=<?  K'.. B= 788 K'>, D 57567-0788 K(605) 859-2516  FA: (605) 859-2410
Ra#))## P)'!a'+/, I+!.
Letters Policy 
J''< 2, 2014 = P++ ++;
 ?>=< 
: F >, >,   HG<,C<G, ??, *H<, H, J, ?<I<J,  L -: $36.00  L (+ K); E?J: $42.00  L.
S&%h Dak%a #e$iden%$ a#e #e"&i#ed % !a* $ale$ %a.
 <<? G < G <?<, D. G@G,     G< G:
Pinee# Re'ie,
BK 788, <?<, D 57567;  FA G: 605/859-2410.
 ?>=< :
E- ?:
: .>=<?-?.= E < 1906.
 < I<J, G <<? J  > CHGL, GGJ  <?<  <?,  > ? D<G<G 27-1 < H-?< J>?L L I??GG H?<G<, ".
Pinee# Re'ie 
< <?G G 221 E. > GG < <?<, HG D>G.
'=<: (605) 859-2516; KFA: (605) 859-2410;
-: @>=<?-?.=
 C=>? 1981:
I??GG H?<G<, ". A?? <G I.G< @L  <G, G<,  < L JL H @G< H?<G<, < J?  < G, J<GHG G J<GG G  GH?<.
DEAD%E:D> & CA?<:
HL G 11:00 .@. ()
F<L G 5:00 .@. ()
D I??GG
G<. ?. = >?=</A D<:
??L G< 
E=?/% >=??:
D? BG?
>=??/A D<:
L <
A :
BH I??GG
E-MAIL ADDRESSES:ADS: %'@0*((1-1(*(6.  NE"S: (6'(+@0*((1-1(*(6.
'>, D +..'.. 433-780
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N < < FEP, EL-IP 6, K 7:00 .. E K< <E< AGKJ. FP, +G. A <JN<F<.
 HI%& #A$&IE% 
KIKE> ELIP 9, K 7:00 G.., NJK GI-K<J N < < <M<IP LIJP KIFL> <ILIP E EKF IK K< B M<I <EFI CKQ<EXJ C<EK<I. M<IPFE< N<F<.
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N< < FE FEP, ELIP 6, K 1:00 G.. K K< B M<I <EFICKQ<EXJ C<EK<I, +G. +<J< < PFLI LII<EK +A I KF J<<= PFLI <EJ< J <OGI<. FL LJK IE>  IM<IXJ <EJ< FIGFKF .D. NK PFL N<E PFL KK<E K< KIEE>.
& = < !"!-#$"FI& ; ; ,  <+-; ; + : 859-2516,  - ;: @-=>. .  > < < =; ; ; ;><;<=;;  .
L A:+?
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"+ ' 
 S&a(#-I-U Da+!#/ '+ #$*a+!#
The local young ladies who make up the dance performance group, “Shake-It-Up,” offered a Christmastime routine during halftime of the home high school basketballgame, Monday, December 23. They danced to the song, “All I Want for Christmas.” The group is co-directed by Doreen Vetter, Brittney Drury and Christine MetzAndrus. Shown, back row from left, are Gypsy Andrus, Reghan Bloomquist, Kendra Schofield and Kiarra Moses. Middle row: Macy Martin, McKenna McIlravy,Danessa Heltzel, Karlie Coyle, Rehgan Larson, Grace Pekron and Bailey Bierle. Front: Mallory Vetter, Ali Schofield, Hannah Thorson and Romy Andrus.
Del Bartels
+ G=. D D<
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 WJ K< J<JFE =FI I<JFLKFEJ! ELIP 1 J  E<N <>EEE>,JF KXJ EF JLIGIJ< KK J<KKE><N <IXJ I<JFLKFEJ J <-F<  FP KIKFE =FI EP.< N<  EFN KK FK-<EK KF LGFE> EP F= K<J<I<JFLKFEJ F=K<E =<J, AIEFE I<EJ LJ KK UPFLI FNEI<JFLKFE KF JL<< J FI< -GFIKEK KE EP FK<I.V  FE EP FLK DFKEJ E<E> =ILJKIK< NK K< GIF>I<JJ< E JE>KFE FM<I K< JK=<N P<IJ. BLK K J  E<N P<I,E   FE> KF K< K< NK I<E<N< I<JFLKFE KF JL<<. FNI K< <E F= 2013, CFE->I<JJ >E< J>E=EK F<E-KL FE  EL<I F= JJL<J KKKK<I KF FLK DFK. K F-<EKL J EFK <<E FJK. IJKE =FI<FJK, I B E<>FK-KFEJ FEKEL< KIFL> K< F-PJ. < < E<>FKKFIJ T <G.IE LJ ( <GLE) E<E. D<< K<EFN ( D<F-IK) T M< F< KF  FEJ<EJLJ FEE FLKE< F= K< I<=FIJ K<P>I<< E < < E K< IB. >K <=FI< CIJKJ, K<PN<I< < KF ><K <JKK<J  KFJ<< FN L K<J< I<=FIJNFL FJK T FI E JF< J<J,JM<. FN, K J  KK<I F= KN<E>K<  KF < JLI<  K< EL-<IJ  LG, LK N< I< FE KIKF =EJ  FGI<<EJM< =M<-P<I =I  LIE> K< =IJK GIKF= 2014. < JF <>E KF < GIF>I<JJFE E<N J<O KI==E> <>JKFE.P, KJ J E JJL< FLKDFK J J<<E FI< F= E I<<EKP<IJ. F N <E=FI<<EK F==-<IJ M< FE<  >FF F F= <E-K=PE> E IE>E> EKF LJKFPKFJ< NF I< J<E> K< MKJF= LE KI==E>. EP F= K<FEMKJ I< IFL>K KF LJK<LE<I =<<I N, J K<I< I<IJ<I G<EK<J T E<P, =< EGIJFE T =FI J<O KI==E> K KK<M<. F <EJLI< F N <E=FI<<EKF==<IJ M<  K< KFFJ K<PE<< E KK K<I< I< EF >GJ E=<<I N, XM< <<E IME> K<E <O I==E> AK E J-E>KFE. J <>JKFE I<JJ<JJ<O KI==E> =IF K< <EJ< P JKI<E>K<EE> K< =<<IN N<E K F<J KF KFJ< NFJFK, GKIFEQ< FI FKE K<J<IM<J F=  KI==< MK. AJ+I<J<EK <FI>< . BLJ JKK<LIE>  LJK< D<GIK<EKKIEE> FE J<O KI==E>, U<EEFK GLK LE KI==<IJFLK F= LJE<JJ LEK E LE<JJN< < NK K< GIF< F= <-E.V AKFEP, KJ P<I, X <NFIE> KF I<=FI K< <M< F= E-=L<E< K< >FM<IE<EK E N<FM<I FLI F JFF LE<J.E<I LII<EK N, FLK DFKJFFJ =< J>E=EK KKFEJN<E K F<J KF NK K<P EJ<IM< FLI J. E =K, K< NJPJ KK JFFJ E FEP J<IM<E M<I>< F= KNF FLE<J F= <KG<I <. KXJ LJK KI<< <EEL>><KJ =FI  > JFF JKL<EK. <J, N<  NEK FLI J KF <<K<I, LK N< FEXK NEK K<KF >F LE>IP <K<I. E -D<-<<I,  EKIFL<  E<N  KF=K K< NXJ FE<IFLJ <K E>IE KKFEJ, >ME> JFFJFI< =<OKP KF << NKK<P N =<< FLI J KLEK<. GP GLK T LI<L-IKJ E JE>KFE JFLEXK << KF KK< NK >F<J FE FLIJX GK<J <I< E FLK DFK.J J E JJL< KK J >EE>F<EKL E N <  =FLJ F= P KK<EKFE FM<I K< E<OK P<I. CFE>I<JJ <E< 2013 NK  I<-=I<JE> <M< F= FFG<IKFE KK FG< N < II< FE KIFL>-FLK K< E<OK P<I. AE J  GI<-GI< KF I<KLIE KF CFE>I<JJ,  <K<IE< KF >E EJK EJE>KFE JF<KE> KK +I<J-<EK AI EFE JGF<FLK:  I<JFLKFE KF JL<<.
Re#l%$in $ #%cceed
CIJKJ.  GIP =FI K< J=< I<-KLIE F= K< 1742E, E  F==<I GIP<I F= KEJ KK K< 152E JF< =FI K< FPJ.  NJ < F= K< E  F= PFLK< G<< E >FFN F=  <IIPCIJKJ.
E= <
Bb Fanning. Field S!eciali#$Winne" Reginal E($en#in Cen$e"
#: L;
J''< 2, 2014 = P++ ++;
Friday:Mostly sunny skies. High 37F.Winds W at 10 to 15mph. Friday Night:Afew clouds. Low 21F.Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.ursday:Partly cloudy skies. High near 20F. WindsE at 5 to 10 mph. ursday Night:Mostly cloudy skiesearly will become partly cloudy late. Low 12F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.Saturday:Cloudy with some light snow. High24F. Winds N at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 40%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.Saturday Night:Periods of light snow. Low 6F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 40%. 1 to 3 inches of snow expected.Sunday:Cloudy with 󿬂ur-ries around in the morn-ing. High 18F. Winds Nat 10 to 15 mph. Sunday Night:Mostly cloudy. Low 3F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.Monday:Intervals of clouds and sunshine.High 13F. Winds NNWat 10 to 20 mph. Mon-day Night: Partly cloudy. Low -3F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.
 ; B < C F?
 AJ  <<I F= K< J<I F-KK<< =FI  E<N EK<I <KBI<<<I E  E<N K BI<<<I KD,  M< <<E I<E>KIFL> K< >IFLEJ, <L-KFE E I<<EKJ F= EL<IFLJEK<J =FI K<J< KNF GFJKFEJ.<I< J  K<EK< >IFLG F= E-MLJ =IF N N< FG< KF I<KNF G<FG< NF N =FLJ FE K<GG< I<<E> E LKMI <-M<FG<EK =FI K<J< KNF GFIKEKIFGJ E FLK DFK =FI EPP<IJ KF F<. #ME> I<<EKP I<J<I< ENIKK<E E IK< I<=P >>K-E> K< FEKILKFEJ F= FIEBFIL> E >I <E, KNF<IP GFE<<IJ F= ILJK I<JJKEKN<K, K< GFK<EK GFIKE< F= K<J< GFJKFEJ F<J KF >K. D<-M<FGE> E<N MI<K<J F= N<K,FKJ E FK<I IFGJ KK FE<J<J< E EJ<K I<JJKE< FE>NK P< GFK<EK E MIFLJFK<I GFJKM< IK<IJKJ J K<-FLJ, LK GFIKEK NFI. AKFL> > G<I=FIE> IFGMI<K<J I< FE< F= K< =FLEKFEJF= IFG GIFLKFE, EP FK<I E-EFMKFEJ E K< G<FG< <EK< FEKILK< KF =I<IXJ JL-<JJ E K<I KP KF =<< K<NFI. F<K<J J<J< E E-J<K I<JJKE< <F<J FM<I-N<<, E K< <J KKM< <<E <M<FG< KF GIFK<KE/FI I<JL< K< IFG <F< IL-. EEFMKFEJ E =IE> GI-K<J, =<IKQ<I GIFLKJ EGGKFE <KFJ, N<< FEKIF,E <HLG<EK <M<FG<EKJ =FIK>< (= FE<), GEKE>, =<IKQ-E>, JGIPE> E IM<JKE> FEKILK< KF JL<JJ=L IFG GIF-LKFE. E< F= K< <PJ KF FE>-K<I JLJ-KEKP F= =IE> J KF GIFL<> P<J F= HLKP IFGJ E EFKE<>KM<P ==<K K< <EMIFE<EK.J N I<HLI<  FJK G-GIF J K< A<IE =I<IE =I<IJ IFJJ K< NFI FF< KF =<<E> EE< FE G<FG<E K< EFK KFF JKEK =LKLI<.
#=; A; C;/; ;
 +IMK< AGGKFI C<IK=KFE<<KE>J IFJJ FLK DFK N<>E E<OK N<< E FEKEL<KIFL> L F= I. A F-G<K< JKE> F= K< <<KE>J EFLK DFK E < =FLE K:KKG://>IFN.FI>/LG/IK<J/13-105-+AJ<L<.G=. +IMK< GGKFIJ E JF <-F< <IK=< FI I<-<IK=< PFG<KE>  K< F< FI FEE<K<JK. < F< K<JKJ I< M<K PFLI FJ<JK <>FE OK<EJFEC<EK<I, E E J<M<I CFLEKP O-K<EJFE F==<J. < FEE< K<JK JM< K K< FLK DFK D<-GIK<EK F= A> N<JK<: KKGJ://GGJ.J.>FM/F/GNK/.
 E. 6: +A, 1:00 G, , I.CKQ<EXJ C<EK<I, +G E. 13: +A, 1:30 G, C/12:30 , D OK<EJFE C<E-K<IJ E EE<I, +<II< E <-FE, E K< <JK M<I A>C<EK<I E G CKP E. 17: +A, 1:00 G, , -IIP CFLEKP FF, IKE E. 28: +A, 1:00 G, C, I<#, +I<JF <. 5: +A, 1:00 G, C, CMC<EK<I, BLI<, <. 10: +A, 1:00 G, C,D OK<EJFE C<EK<I, EE<I
  
   
  
  
   
  
   
   
    
G+ < )++ --+-+)' ;+'++)':
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   $ "#$ $  ')"  % $  (%  % $ !"&    (%) &" 
  
   
$ 
  ( "  ( & 
  %'   &    ( %%%"#!$##
    !   
  
   
     
 < N<K<I =FI CIJKJN<< KLIE< FLK GI<KKP E< NKJF< PJ E K< > 40J. LI=P  =LE FE K<  T GLE> J<J NK =FLI-N<<<IJE GPE> E K< JEFN. K'J JFE< KF M< K< F< LIE>KJ K< F= P<I.  FG<  F= PFL>FK KF <EFP K< NK PFLI =PE =I<EJ.CIJKJ M< >L<JKJ K <EE < NPJ' N<I< DIEE < <J, D<FE E AEJ-<P, +<II<, CI<P E IE -NP, FLO J, FI <E<,<NFF, CFF., I< -NP, +G, E AI<, I<K<EE JFE NP, +EM<N.CIJKJ DP K< J< >IFLGNJ K FI'J I<J<E< E +G. BPIFE E +<>>P +IJFEJFJK< K< =FFNE> =FI CIJKJM<: F< E FP PK<,BF, B<P E CJJ, LEE,BI<EEE E FE +IJFEJ, -P<< E P<<, +<FEK,FEE< +IJFEJ, G CKP, EBFP E I +IJFEJ. L<JKJ K BFP E I +I-JFEJ' CIJKJ DP N<I< FEE<+IJFEJ, <JJ< E <IP#EJ<E, I, P E PEBJKE, +<II<, <, IP, AL-KLE, I E <<EE +I-JFEJ, APJJ E CFEE<I D<FLE>E  #EJ<E E FEKECE,  F= FLO J. < E IP +IJFEJ E=P FE< IP'J =P =FICIJKJ M< K  E B<KKPK'J E +G. < I<MFI K =P FJK<JF< F= FK I<MFI E CIJK'J=<J =FI CIJKJ M<.I<MFI, CIJK E FPJ JG<EKCIJKJ K IME E <'J, FE> NK CIJK'J JJK<I,CI, E <I =P F= <KK<,E IP <. < =FFNE> N<I< K I EF +IJFEJ' =FI CIJKJ M<: KFI E FP <I, DFEE<E I P<I, BIPE EIFE M<I, < M<I,G CKP, <FI>< E EP #F-N<<I, BI<P E FIE, AL-IFI, <., AEP #FN<<I, NEJ, F, < E <FP+IJFEJ, B<P, CIK<I E E-FE, G CKP, E BIK E <. BIPE E IFE M<I N<I<JLGG<I >L<JKJ FE CIJKJ K<K E D< K'J, FE> NKEP F= BIPE'J =P <<IJ. F +IJFEJ, < E I,IFM< KF #>FI< KLIP KFJG<E LEK FEP NK <I =-P K < E B<KKP DFE-E<'J. I FE< K< LEP. DFEE< E I P<I EK<I =P <<IK< K<ICIJKJ K  BF E P'JIP E KLIP. L<JKJ N<I< P<I E <I >IEI<E,'J =I<E, BIPE, <E<J E =I<E, FP, E E  P<I, BI<EFEE BIKKEP.  BF E P P<I <E- FP< CIJKJ M< NK P'JGI<EKJ, <EFE E +<I<I. D<<<I 21 E 22, E <P +IJFEJ, G CKP,N<I< K K< F< F= IEK EEI +IJFEJ. IEK E E-I'J L>K<I, A<I, E <ILJE JG<EK  =<N PJ NKK<. < >IEJFEJ, E EFJ<G, JG<EK K<I CIJKJ M-KFE =IF JFF NK >IEE >IEG. B E CFEE< +IJFEJ N<EK KF<EE E DEE< +IJFEJ' =FICIJKJ DP. K<I >L<JKJN<I< FI>E E P +IJFEJ,P<E E PEE<, FLOJ, <I<P E P D<-E<P, M<E E FE, GCKP, E A.. E C<J< PFIE Q, IE JE, <. L<JKJ K +<>>P K<E'J F<E +G =FI CIJKJ M< N<I<+L, DFEE E E K<E, <== E <II K<E, < E F<,CI<J K<E, E F<IK EEI #IIFN. FI CIJKJDP, +<>>P <EK<IKE< +L EE K<E (DFEE NJ NFIE>)CI<J K<E E F<IK EEI #IIFN. < DM< B<IIPJ FE< =P=FI CIJKJ DP K F<IK EB<KKP B<IIP'J. <P EL< <E-E<K E DFIJ B<IIP, P ECI B<IIP E =P ECI'J FK<I F= AI, <.,<K E CIF B<IIP E =P,G CKP, E PFE B<IIP. FEP, D<<<I 23, P,CI E J < KF K< DM<B<IIP F< KF LK<I  FN. KK AIKLI J <<E <<IK-E> E<IP  N<< FE>! CIJK-J M< < NJ K E< E B<K<==I<JX E +G, CIJKJ DPK I<> E KP AIKLI'J E+G E KLIP E<I <NE<INFF KF K< F< F= BIE A<I B<<I.  E E J<I< N<I< JF>L<JKJ K I<> E KP'J FECIJKJ. < E E <<J FJK<K< =FFNE> =FI CIJKJ M<:LJKE E P <<J, BI<<J E =I<E, KP, CFLIK-E<P <<J, FP IE<I E#<EIP #EJFE. L<JKJ CIJKJDP N<I< FP, CFLIKE<P, LJKE,BI E KP. AK K< DFEE< E BF<KK<F=< F< =FI CIJKJ M<N<I< PI ALJKE,  E E<,DNE E LJJ< FEJ, AE AE,  L<I E=I<E, IMJ, <== E CIPJKF=<, CJ< E I<, EK<M< E J FEJ. L<JKJCIJKJ DP N<I<  DP,PI E FPJ E K< FEJ. L<JKJ K <== E CIPJKF=<XJ =FI CIJKJ N<I<K<I JFE, CFEEFI, E CIPJK'JFK<I, IPE #FPK, E <IE<G<N, <<>E, K. +<II<. + E I<E CI<P M<  LJP N<<. FEP, I<E, AP E < IFL>K CIJK-J KF DM< E AE>< <JE =P E +<II<. CIJKJM< >L<JKJ K + E I<E'JN<I< F< E < CI<P E=P, AEI< CI<P E L>-K<I, <, E AP CI<P. FEE LK CI<P, AP CI<P E<, E <KK E PKK<J  CIJKJ DP K+ E I<E'J. IP, + EI<E IFM< KF K< KF IE>F<  =K<. CIJKJ M< >L<JKJ K IE LK NP'J N<I< K<M<E <I<J DE< EL<I, E B DE< (DE<NJ J). CIJKJ DP, I,LK E =P FE< NPI<KM<J K K< F< F= E IP FIIJFE, G CKP.P<< , <IJ, EE<I'J=I<E, JG<EK =IF LIJP LEKLEP K I E LK'J. I E +K #EIE N<I<E I<>FIP L<JP =FI K< =L-E<I F= +K'J LEK, <E I<<I.I, +K, < E I<, EC, KP E +I<JKFE #EI-E  <<IK< K<I CIJKJFE KLIP E LEP E BLI<NK +K'J =P. FEP, FE +KKFE IFL>KI<E< +KKFE FM<I KF +IFLK<J KFMJK NK P<. < <ME>FE >FK JKL E K KFF =M<+IFLK<J KF ><K <I FLK F= K<JEFN. < J KE=L KF K< =FIK<I <G. <F E FE +KKFEE K<I I<N N FEJJK< F= BF E AGI E>K E <I=I<E, BI<EK, G CKP, E K< KE>< =P LK<I< KNF<<=J L<JP. L<JKJ K <F EFE'J CIJKJ DP N<I< GE CIF IF<K, I AEJ<,I<E< <<JJ< E L>K<IJ,BIFF< E AJ<P, E DE<,DFFE E CFIE, < <<J(=IF +G), IP K<G<EJFE,<FI>< E P AEJ<, I<E<+KKFE E BI <I. LIJ-P, <F, FE, I<E< E EN<EK KF IP'J E +G KF MJK AE>< E =I<E, K<M< =IF ALJKI. AE>< J L< (K<G<E-JFE) E DINE F<GG'J L>-K<I. DINE E L< EFN M< EG<I=J. DE E P +IFLK< <<-IK< K<I 36K EEM<IJIP D<-<<I 23 P <E> KFBIFFE>J, N<I< K<P  =IJK<K. IP E K< FIEE>, K<PKFLI<  IP E FIIJ, EE.<I< N<I< FM<I 3,000 FNJ <E>< KN<  P E  I<MFME>IFLJ< KPG< F= IP KK FG<I-K<J 24 FLIJ  P. AFLK  FQ<EE<N M<J I< FIE < P. <ELI< J I<P< =K<I  21-PGIF<JJ E  L>< <<EK GK KF I<-FM< K< <KE< >J E FE-M<IK K EKF <<KIKP, NK L><><E<IKFI/FKFIJ. <OK NJ FLK DFK KK< EM<IJKPGLJ IM<-KIFL> KF J<< K< E<N LE>J, =FFN< P FM<. < P <E< NK =IFEKIFN J<KJ K K< EE<K<IF<I CIJKJ FE<IK EBIFFE>J. EEFNE KF K<+IFLK<J, P'J JJK<I E <ILJE N<I< E K< L<E< KK< FE<IK. <P  J<< FE E AIEJ ELKJFE NF N<I< JKKE> =<N IFNJ <E K< +IFLK<J.  E I FIIJFE  FLJ<=L KLIP N<E K<P <-<IK< K<I CIJKJ. A K<IJ (<O<GK <P) E  12>IEI<E >K<I< =FI K<P. K K< JKIFE> NE EF K<G<IKLI<J K NJE'K  >FFP KF < FLKJ<. CIJKJ M<, CI FIIJFE<EK<IKE< J<M<I <<IJ F= J =P, ELE>  E I- FIIJFE, D< E  FI-IJFE, FE I<M<, < ECI FJ<J, AP E II, E#<K E AP FIIJFE EBIK. E J<I< <EFP< LE E+<II< LIJP NK <I FLJE,D<< I, <I >IEJFE,< I, E LEK, #Q<LE<. L<JKJ K  E EJ<I<'J LEP =K<IEFFE =FIK<I CIJKJ N<I< CFIP, PEE .. E K<I =<J E E LP J<I<. A<E #FME FJK< CIJK-J EE<I NK J >L<JKJ, F<E D<< +IFLKP E <J,IE, CFEEFI E <EQ< #FM-E.  E LP'J FGEPCIJKJ M< P N<I< CJ<PE =P, NE E =P EP'J FK<I, D<EJ<, BIQ.<P  N<EK KF  E E'J=FI EE<I. PE E =P ECFIP E =P N<I< JF K<I<.CIJKJ DP,  E LPN<I< E +G MJKE> +L EFP J<I< K K< FJGK N<I<+L NJ  GK<EK. < FG<PFL'I< =<<E> <KK<I EFN, +L! LI =P NJ  F< =FICIJKJ E  =<N PJ =FFN-E>. <P EL< BIPE EIFE M<I, P<I M<I E=I<E, KP, E < M<I,<FI>< E EP #FN<<I, AEP, BI<P E FIE, IE F +IJFEJ, < EI, E < E <FP +I-JFEJ, B<P, CIK<I E EFE.*** < <JM< E><IJ 4-#CL <K K K< <JM< #IP E>K. A=K<I  JFIK <<K-E>, K< L NK<  FM< E  >=K <OE><.
Submitted by assistant reporter,Grace Pekron.
M; <
?J* "  544-3315

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