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Chronic Pain Relief Use the Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT

Chronic Pain Relief Use the Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT

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Published by glaringwolf

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Published by: glaringwolf on Sep 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For lasting relief, clear your emotions.For lasting relief, clear your emotions.
EFT Step-by-Step GuideEFT Step-by-Step Guide
Rod SherwinAdvanced EFT Practitioner 
Chronic PainChronic Pain
For lasting relief, clear your eFor lasting relief, clear your emotionsmotions
by Rod Sherwin, Advanced EFT Practitioner 
Have you got a pain in the shoulder or neck that just keeps coming back? Have you got lower  back pain that you've had for years? What abouta pain in the elbow?You've tried physiotherapy, chiropractic, cold packs, hot packs, herbs, rubs, massage, lotionsand potions and yet the pain still persists.
Modern medicine is now acknowledging thatthere is an emotional component which canblock the healing of physical pain.
 Once you address this emotional component, the physical pain is often relieved or completelygone. Physical treatments, if still required, arethen more permanent and lasting.How do you treat the emotional component of  physical pain?You use an innovative approach to healing thathas gained attention from medical professionalsand laypersons all over the world. This approachis called:
Emotional FreedomEmotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)Techniques (EFT)
EFT has taken Einstein's discoveries (thateverything is energy, including your body) andmarried them with the ancient tradition of acupuncture (except there are no needles!).The success of EFT lies in the balancing of your  body's subtle energies that flow through the body, in much the same way as blood flowsthrough your veins. This balancing is done withan elegant sort of emotional acupuncture.Instead of using needles, specific points on the body are stimulated by tapping with thefingertips.EFT is so simple that it can be easily learned byanyone and self-applied.
Please note
: While the same tapping is used for all ailments, the APPROACHES to the various problems can differ widely. This is where anEFT Practitioner comes in - there is an "art of delivery" which is necessary for complicatedcases and this involves finding core issues andaspects as well as appropriate reframing andother artistic uses of this flexible tool.
EFT Step-by-StepEFT Step-by-Step
EFT is done by using your fingertips to tap oneasily found acupressure points on the body. Ahandy reference for the EFT Tapping Points isshown on Page 3 of this guide. The points arethe same on both sides of the face and body.The tapping is done with the same firmness asyou might drum your fingers on the desk. Usethe two or three fingers of either hand whentapping so that you don't need to be worriedabout getting the location of the points exactlyright.Tap on both sides of your body as you go. For example, use the left hand to tap on the lefteyebrow point and the right hand to tap on theright eyebrow point. Tap with the left and righthand at the same time and alternate each side.For example, left hand left eyebrow point, righthand right eyebrow point, left hand left eyebrow point, right hand right eyebrow point, etc. –  before moving onto the next point.As you tap, you will speak out loud a focusing phrase that keeps you tuned into one individualissue, in this case, the physical pain. When youfocus on the problem and tap on the acupressure points, the energy system in your body is balanced and the pain is relieved.1.Take a reading of how bad the pain is so thatyou can tell if there is any change. Do this by picking a number on a scale from 0-10,where 0 is pain free and 10 is the worst. If you are unsure of the number than guess asthis will usually be the correct number.Write the number down so that you cancompare it to the reading you take after applying EFT.2.Start and continue tapping on the KarateChop point while you say the focusing phrase out loud 3 times. In this example,we'll use “this pain in my left shoulder”, but
Copyright © 2007, Tap4Health EFT Practice, All rights reserved.Page 1 of 4

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