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Raising Your Metabolism With EFT

Raising Your Metabolism With EFT

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Published by glaringwolf

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Published by: glaringwolf on Sep 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Raising your metabolism with EFT
Hi Everyone,It should come as no surprise to experiencedEFT'ers that better metabolism (which isessential for improving health and overallenergy) is achievable through EFT. Simplytapping for....
"Even though I have lometabolism..." 
is likely to provide a picker-upperfor many. Fortunately for us, EFT ContributingEditor Silvia Hartmann, PhD of the UKexperienced these improved metabolismpossibilities many years ago in a hypnotherapysession. As you will see in her message below,the results were stunning. In recent times shehas converted the hypnotherapy protocol to amore efficient EFT protocol and shares it with usin her article. You might wish to give this a try.Here is some of the feedback Silvia has receivedso far from those that have tried it...
"I just went through it, and now feel zingy and enthusiastic ... in spite of only four hours sleep.I'm intrigued by the instant change of attitude.... never thought to connect that with themetabolism before." "Just a quick not to say WOW! to your EFT &Metabolism protocol- this is truly excellent! Tried it and tnoticed he change in feel and state after the first round. I'm buzzing all over, rearing togo and just dashing this off quick because I can't wait to get back to work." 
Hugs, GaryP.S. I just got the following note from Silviaaugmenting this article.
"Gary, I just thought you might make thecomment too that for a hyperactivemetabolism/energy buzzing out of control this protocol would be well good to calm themetabolism down to a more ecological rate -might prevent strokes and heart attacks and nervous breakdowns as well." 
By Silvia Hartmann, PhDA very long time ago, when I was still ahypnotherapy student, I learned a technique toraise people's metabolism beyond its currentrate of functioning in order to assist in weightloss. Clearly, if the metabolism runs faster, morecalories are burned whether you sit, stand orslouch and this is indeed a great help.I was the demonstration subject for the exerciseand the sense of building energy that occurredwhen we did this raising of the metabolic ratewas really amazing. It took place just after lunchon a rainy day when I was drooping and sleepy.It had the effect that at 2am that night I was stillbuzzing around like a merry bee, full of energyand excitement, without a hint of tiredness,absolutely lively and discussing details of thetraining with a bunch of fellow students in thekitchen of the venue.Now, this was achieved at the time with hypnosisand a pendulum percentile chart and the simpleinstruction was to turn up my metabolism safelyto a higher level.When it started out, my "metabolismpercentage" was at a shocking 23%; I proceededto do the protocol and my body mind via thependulum called it a day at 67%. This wasconsidred a "safe level" for me at the time.There was more to it than just feeling completelywide awake and brightly aware as though I wason amphetamines. For example, I wasn't coldany longer. I sat up straighter, walked faster andeasier too. I wasn't particularly hungry because Iwas too busy *doing things*. I could literally feelthe energy like electricity prickling in my entirebody and I wanted to move, do things - Ilaughed a lot too and did little dances of amusement when something funny happenedduring the exercises (I also clapped my handsand was actually for once, in my own body).And all of that for the sake of a little hypnosisand a pendulum exercise!Now we have better options to do somethingvery similar - and faster, better and mostpossibly, far more holistically because we cantake out the stoppers that are slowing down ourmetabolism! Here is first of all, an EFT version of this occurrence to be used at any time when youneed more energy. I would certainly recommenddoing this anyway, and without needing aparticular reason, as a kind of five minute energysystem workout. I suggest doing this first thingin the morning as a matter of course. I wonderwhat that might do for your effectiveness duringthe day? Your thoughts, your actions and your allimportant *attitude* toward what must be done?Try it for yourself. This really rocks.
EFT Metabolism Protocol
1. What level in percent is your metabolismfunctioning at right now? Let a number come toyou or simply guess (which is one way of allowing your unconscious mind to tell you whatit actually is). You don't have to be completelyaccurate here. We're only looking for abenchmark for later comparison.2. First round of tapping:
"Even though my body runs at only XX percent, I deeply and profoundly love and accept my body." 
This clears out the most obvious blockages tothe whole process and leads us into the next andmore specific step.

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