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Scientific Miracles in the Quran Debunked

Scientific Miracles in the Quran Debunked



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Published by Doctor Jones
A critique of the concept of Scientific Miracles in the Quran by an Ex-Muslim.

As well as a general criticism, he discusses:

1. The Big Bang
2. The Expanding Universe
3. Geocentric Cosmology
4. The Seven Heavens

Scientific mistakes in the Quran and why is cannot be the word of God.
A critique of the concept of Scientific Miracles in the Quran by an Ex-Muslim.

As well as a general criticism, he discusses:

1. The Big Bang
2. The Expanding Universe
3. Geocentric Cosmology
4. The Seven Heavens

Scientific mistakes in the Quran and why is cannot be the word of God.

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Published by: Doctor Jones on Sep 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scientific Miracles in the Qur'an Debunked
By Aliadiere
I would like to take this opportunity to write about my views of the supposed scientificmiracles that the Qur'an accurately predicted.Before I start to talk about the supposed miracles, I want to talk about some major issues Ihave with this idea.1. This idea among Muslim's is a very recent phenomenon, not known before the 1970sand having gained massive popularity through the Internet.2. I have yet to see a verse in the Qur’an, which clearly contains modern scientificinformation. All of the verses, which contain supposed scientific miracles are very vagueand can be taken to mean a number of things, and very often, the supposed scientificmiracle is one of the least likely meanings. People often use a psychological tendencycalled "confirmation bias" which means to interpret information to confirm one'spreconceptions and to avoid information and interpretations, which contradict prior beliefs.
”I know this scientific fact to be true, and the Qur'an is written by God and istherefore infallible, therefore, the Qur'an cannot mean anything else.”
3. To support this concepts, Muslims often state that Mecca at the time of the prophet wasa backwards place with no civilization, full of superstition and with no knowledge of science. However, Mecca was a centre of trade and goods would pass through Meccafrom Africa, Byzantium and Asia. If all these people were passing through at the time,certain religious and scientific ideas would pass through Mecca as well.The "science" in the Qur'an is no more remarkable than the science of the time.Now, I would like to talk about the actual so called scientific miracles in the Qur'an.
Big Bang predicted in the Qur'an?
I would like to start at the beginning with the big bang. The Qur'an apparently describesthe big bang with the following verse
21:30 “Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joinedtogether (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made fromwater every living thing. Will they not then believe?”
This verse clearly does not mention the conditions of the big bang. This states that theheavens and the earth were two separate entities and they were split apart. The Earth isactually a part of the universe, not separate from it.
Qur'ansays the Solar System is Orbiting center of Galaxy ? 
Secondly, Dr Zakir Naik claims that the Qur'an states that the sun rotates around thecentre of the galaxy with the following verse
21:33 “It is He Who created the Night and the Day, and the sun and the moon: all(the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its rounded course. “
This verse clearly states that the sun and the moon rotate around the Earth, as wascommonly believed at the time which agreed with the Aristotelian model of a geocentricuniverse. Why would God refer to the sun rotating around the centre of the galaxy in averse about night and day? If that were the case, the verse would not make much sense.
Qur'an predicted an Expanding Universe?
The following verse is supposed proof that the Qur'an states that the universe isexpanding which has only been discovered in the past one hundred years-
51:47 “With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who createthe vastness of Space.”
However, nowhere in this verse does it say that the Universe is expanding, only that it isvery big!There are also many other verses, which I will not go into much detail about because theyare debatable, such as whether the Qur'an states that the Earth is flat or round. However,even if the Qur'an did state that the earth is a sphere that would not be a scientific miracle,as this fact has been commonly known for more than 2500 years.
The Seven Heavens
Lastly I would like to talk about the concept of the 7 heavens in the Qur'an.
41:12 "So He completed them as seven firmaments in two Days, and He assigned toeach heaven its duty and command. And We adorned the lower heaven with lights,and (provided it) with guard."
The idea of the seven heavens is very ancient and was well founded at that time which iscompletely contradictory to what we now know. This concept comes from the idea that thefirst heaven is the sun, the second heaven is the moon and the third to seventh heavensare mercury, Venus, mars, Saturn and Jupiter. This verse also states that the stars arecloser to the earth than the moon as they are in the lowest heaven!I know a Muslim might say that this refers to a different concept of the seven heavens. Butif that was the case, surely God would have explained it further, otherwise people would just think that it refers to what they already believed. If I were to write a book now, and in itI would refer to a completely new idea that I had and I called it "the big bang theory", it

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An Ga added this note
Hi Doctor_Jones, I have posted two documents to refute quranic verses. One of them refutes the barrier between two seas and the other refutes the mixing of fresh and salt water.

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