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Find Hot News in Corn Products China News 1312

Find Hot News in Corn Products China News 1312

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Published by: CCM International Limited on Dec 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Find Hot News in Corn Products China News 1312Tag:
 corn products industry,GM corn,inositol,citric acid,lysine,VC antitrust lawsuit,Solid fructose-glucose,functional oligosaccharide,corn purchase for temporary reserve,sugarcane
Summary: Corn Products China News offers timely update and close follow up of Chinas !arious "ind of Corn mar"et dynamics#
Published on the 2
 every month, Corn Products China !ews is a monthly publication released by CCM" #t offers timely update and close follow up of China$s various %ind of corn mar%et dynamics, analy&e the mar%et data and trends" Ma'or columns include the latest information on new price fluctuation, new mar%et trends and intelligence, new legislations and policies, new technologies, new area dynamics and new corn supply that are shaping the mar%et"
Following are headline news of the latest issue of Corn Products China News:2$13 annual re!iew of China%s corn product industry
#n 2(), the domestic corn products industry has faced great challenges, and most corn deep-processing industries even suffered losses under the bac%ground of high raw material costs, lower prices of products from downstream industries at both home and abroad, as well as governmental supervision" *owever, some corn deep-processing products still have opportunities to develop"
+he government of Guangi further decreased the 2()2(. minimum sugarcane purchase price in Guangi" #t is predicted that the decrease in the minimum sugarcane purchase prices in other sugarcane growing regions will be a foregone conclusion in 2()2(."
/ith several years0 development of functional oligosaccharide, its good properties have been gradually accepted" #n this paper, the authors mainly analyse applications of the product in soybean products and collagen beverage"
Meihua Group0s annual net profit to increase in 2()
1ecently, Meihua Group has been committed to develop its products li%e organic fertili&er, MSG and anthan gum as well as epanding new business fields"
 ccording to data from CCM, the e-wor%s price of lysine in China underwent an overall downtrend during 3an"-!ov" 2(), mainly due to decreasing demand and increasing supply"
Changchun 4acheng cooperates with #tochu Corporation in feed business
Guang'i Pharmaceutical0s net profit to increase significantly in 2()
Price update of corn products, 4ec" 2()
5n 4ec" ., 2(), the 6S#6 reported that China has again returned (2, tonnes of corn to 7S eporters, as the domestic 8ntry-8it #nspection 9 6uarantine :ureau found that the corn was unapproved GM corn containing the M#1(;2 ingredient"
5n 4ec" ), 2(), !orth China Pharmaceutical announced that its subsidiary /elcome Pharmaceutical was ruled by a 7S district court to pay compensation of 7S4(<) million in a VC antitrust lawsuit, and that /elcome Pharmaceutical has decided to appeal again"
87 launches anti-dumping sunset review investigation on China0s MSG
 ccording to data from CCM, the domestic e-wor%s price of citric acid underwent a downtrend during Sept"-!ov" 2(), due to wea% demand and decreasing cost support"
 ccording to data from China Customs, during 3an"-5ct" 2(), China0s eport value of inositol reached 7S4.="2 million, with a large year-on-year growth rate of <;">?, while its eport volume fell to ),= tonnes in this period, down (("2? year on year"
Solid fructose-glucose is a new carbohydrate source and its main ingredients are glucose and fructose" Solid fructose-glucose is generated after vacuum drying and crushing of the raw material@@high fructose corn syrup A*BCS" #t has more advantages and can be more widely used than *BCS"
!ortheast Pharmaceutical acDuires the high-tech enterprise certificate
5n !ov" 2<, 2(), Sinograin, the designated enterprise, started the government corn purchase for temporary reserve" +he other enterprises commissioned to purchase will also start the corn purchase once they obtain approval and get funds from the government" +he deadline of this purchase of corn for temporary reserve is on pril ), 2(."
#n 5ct" 2(), the total import value of corn products in China witnessed a significant MoM increase of 2<(? while the total eport value declined slightly by ;? MoM"
2th China0s Corn #ndustry 8ecutive Summit to held in Eiaoning

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