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Find Hot News in Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1312

Find Hot News in Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1312

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Published by: CCM International Limited on Dec 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Find Hot News in Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1312Tag:
TiO2, Price, Import volume, Export volume, Trend, Production, Sichuan Lomon, Henan Billions, DuPont, Huntsman Corporation, Coatins, Titanium !eedstoc"
ummary: Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report o!!ers timely update and "lose !ollow up o! China#s $arious %ind o! Titanium Dioxide mar%et dynami"s&
Pu#lished on the 2$
 ever% month, Titanium Dioxide China &onthl% 'eport is a monthl% pu#lication released #% CC&( It o!!ers timel% update and close !ollo) up o! China*s various "ind o! Titanium Dioxide mar"et d%namics, anal%+e the mar"et data and trends( TiO2 China &onthl% 'eport )ill provide intellience o! Chinese TiO2 industr%, includin suppl%demand, compan% d%namics, ra) material suppl%, etc, and the latest policies and technoloical proress to !acilitate %our search !or commercial opportunities in this promisin mar"et(
Following are headline news o! the Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report:
-he.ian Trans!ar to ac/uire Trans!ar Coatin0s 13 e/uit% )ith a transaction value o! 4SD12(21 million( The ac/uisition is a hori+ontal interation, and is expected to create s%ner% and improve e!!icienc%(
215 domestic auto output is expected to reach 22 million units( Ho)ever, local overnments0 controls on vehicle purchases )ill a!!ect the development o! the auto industr% in the !uture(
Domestic TiO2 price declined massivel% at the end o! 215 as the producers have ta"en a lo) price strate% to achieve their 215 sale oals(
Tian%uan 6roup is taretin s%nthetic rutile as a ne) ro)th point amidst the sluish chlor7al"ali mar"et(
Domestic TiO2 mar"et )ill li"el% "eep stead% )ithout lare !luctuations in 218, mainl% #ecause o! the lac" o! o#vious drivin !actors(
Both the import volume and export volume o! TiO2 declined in Oct( The export price o! TiO2 en.o%ed a rare &o& ro)th, )hile the import price declined slihtl%( The total export volume !or 215 is li"el% to exceed that o! 212, )hich )ill help to relieve the hih inventories in the domestic mar"et(

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