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House Boys - Chapter 18 - Plans

House Boys - Chapter 18 - Plans

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Published by JemGirl
We find out more about Johnathon and realize that something has been bugging Al.

This is a gay/yaoi story and contains mature content.
We find out more about Johnathon and realize that something has been bugging Al.

This is a gay/yaoi story and contains mature content.

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Published by: JemGirl on Dec 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. Names, characters, places, and incidentsare either the product of the author's imagination or are usedfictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,events, or locations is entirely coincidental.The sexuality of allcharacters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. f youare offended by gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, hatever you call it, stories, or it is illegal to vie such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.No, if you still feel li"e reading on, en#oy, and please leave a comment if you actually li"ed it.  ill be repeating this arning for every chapter of this story.
==========Chapter 18 - Plans==========“So how is Johnathon?” Jake asked as the waitress walked away. “Well,” I told hi as I rea!hed "or y #$r%er. “&e said that he was happy, and he looked it,” I added on #e"ore takin% a #ite o$t o" y l$n!h. “'id he %o #a!k to s!hool "or his asters like he kept tellin% $s he wo$ld?” was his ne(t )$estions. I !ontin$ed to !hew $ntil I y o$th was ostly !lear. “&e*s still workin% on it,” I said with a sall sile as I ree#ered how he !ontin$ally said that e+ery tie we walked or dro+e past o$r old !olle%e stopin% %ro$nds. Jake was the "irst to oin the &o$se while Johnathon was the last, #$t the "irst o" the three o" $s to %et o$t. “,” I started to say as I ree#ered that I was s$ppose to #e talkin% a#o$t Johnathon and not $st ree#erin% st$"" a#o$t hi. “&e*s !alled the adin o""i!e to see i" his !redits were still %ood towards his asters, or i" he had to start all #a!k o+er a%ain,” I in"ored hi #e"ore #rin%in% the #$r%er #a!k to y o$th that I kept a hold o" as I talked. “Was he $nder?” Jake asked h$rriedly as he too paid soe attention to his eal. “&e #arely ade it,I answered. “&e had one ore year when he !alled,” I "inished #e"ore rea!hin% "or y %lass. “hat*s %ood,” Jake !oented. “/eah, i" he doesn*t want to play ho$se that is,” I said as I went "or soe "ries. “&e*s #een playin% ho$se "or a year already,” Jake reinded e. “/es, and it*s those new nie!es and nephews that has hi thinkin% o" #ein% a daddy now,” I in"ored hi with a wa+e o" a lone "ren!h "ry. hat stopped hi. he "ork had $st to$!hed his lips when all o+eents le"t hi. I !hewed on a new pie!e o" #ee" patty that was !o+ered in onions and $stard with a #it o" ket!h$p and two pie!es o" "lattened #$n as I tho$%ht o" eatin% soe "ried pi!kles that we ordered to share, as I !ontin$ed to look at hi. Slowly he started to o+e a%ain and !ontin$ed to !hew as he then pla!ed his kni"e and "ork $nto the plate as he %a+e e his $ndi+ided attention. I went "or a "ried pi!kle as I waited "or hi to "inish. J$st as I saw hi start to swallow, I rea!hed "or y %lass. “0k, it*s not that ...he stopped to "ind the !orre!t word. “It is $nderstanda#le,he !orre!ted hisel". &e !ontin$ed to think "or a oent lon%er as I res$ed eatin% what was on y plate. It wasn*t s$!h an o$tra%eo$s idea. It was that, like e, Jake was tryin% to ree#er i" Johnathon e+er said that he wanted to do this d$rin% the "i+e years we knew hi #e"ore he “#o$%ht” his way o$t o" the &o$se.“I didn*t ree#er hi #rin%in% $p that he wanted kids either,” I said when I saw Jake open his o$th to tell e what he !ae $p with.“So yo$ were !a$%ht a #it o"" %$ard #y this little anno$n!eent also?” Jake asked e as he "$lly re%ained his !opos$re and started to eat a%ain.
 little,” I !on"essed. I didn*t need to tell hi that y oent o" silen!e lasted twi!e as lon% as his. I had no wish what-so-e+er o" raisin% kids ysel", so it was a #it harder "or e to $nderstand why he wo$ld e+en want to do it in the "irst pla!e. “So he*s tryin% to de!ide #etween #e!oin% a 2r. 2o or a "$ll tie st$dent?” Jake now asked as he happily ate a%ain. I kept on eatin% "or a while #e"ore answerin% hi.
 are talkin% a#o$t their options,I sli%htly !orre!ted hi. “/o$ "or%et. &e*s a arried an now,I reinded hi.“I* still $pset with hi o+er that,” he )$i!kly shot #a!k at e. &e still so$nded as an%ry o+er it now, as he did when I "irst told hi. “We !o$ldn*t ha+e attended,” I went on. “hey were arried in 2aine and it was a shot %$n weddin% on Johnathon*s end,” I e(plained on!e a%ain. “2r. Phan planed it to happen at the end o" one o" his #$siness trips that he talked Johnathon into takin% with hi.”“I ree#er,” Jake said as he narrowed his eyes at his "ood "or a oent. I %$ess he "elt a #it ore disappointed at not #ein% told than I was. I on the other hand didn*t really e(pe!t "or $s to ha+e that $!h !onta!t on!e he le"t.“I" I* e+er !ra3y eno$%h to let soe %$y talk e into arryin% hi, I*ll ake s$re to in+ite yo$,I proised Jake. “So yo$ ha+e #een thinkin% o" it,” he !o$ntered instead o" siply sayin% thank yo$. ------------------“nd that is the end,” I said as I raised y hand to t$rn o"" the '4' player with it*s reote #e"ore swit!hin% it with the t+*s reote that was on the !o""ee ta#le in "ront o" $s. When the roo was dark and )$ite a%ain, I leaned #a!k into y spot whi!h was a !o"orta#le an%le #etween his ar and the ri%ht side o" his !hest. “Is this really the last one?” he asked as I "elt hi r$# y ar a little. “here isn*t another one on it*s way is there?” 2r. Stroker asked to ake s$re. “I ha+en*t heard anythin%, #$t I %$ess it*s possi#le,” I answered hi as I looked $p at the !lo!k. We had spent a week wat!hin% all "o$r o" he Pirates o" the Cari##ean o+ies. Soe ni%hts he wasn*t in the ood, or "ell asleep near the end and I wo$ld ha+e to stop the o+ie there while I %ot hi to #ed. 5$t when e+erythin% was ri%ht, it was a %reat !o$ple o" ho$rs. I liked the o+ies, and seein% the a%ain on s$!h a %ood set $p was a #on$s "or e. 0n top o" that, l"red asked )$estions now and a%ain and I was ore deli%hted than I tho$%ht I wo$ld #e when I saw hi enoyin% the o+ies also. “So what do yo$ think o" the,” I asked hi as I t$rned y "a!e to look at his. &e seeed to #e thinkin% a#o$t it "or a in$te #e"ore he looked $p at the !lo!k. “It*s tie "or #ed,” he said instead o" answerin% e. &e said it in s$!h a way, that I wondered i" I had said anythin% at all. &e he sat $p a little #e"ore t$rnin% to sile down at e. “/o$ ay not ha+e s!hool toorrow,

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