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Saape 3rd General Assembly Declaration

Saape 3rd General Assembly Declaration

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Published by nafso_lk1736
This is the declaration of 3rd General Assembly of SAAPE took place in Kathmandu Nepal 2009.
This is the declaration of 3rd General Assembly of SAAPE took place in Kathmandu Nepal 2009.

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Published by: nafso_lk1736 on Sep 07, 2009
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SAAPE 3rd General Assembly DECLARATION
Tuesday, 18 August 2009
We the citizens of South Asia, representatives of civil societies from Afghanistan, Bangladesh,Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, met in the Third General Assembly of the South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication in Kathmandu from 8 to 9 August 2009. ThisDeclaration represents the collective will of the members present to work against neo-liberalism. Weembrace sustainable development for the definitive eradication of poverty and the betterment of thelives of all people in the region, particularly those living in poverty and without rights, thosesuffering injustice and the effects of conflict and discrimination.We call on all governments of the region, and the international community as a whole tounreservedly ensure the universal right of all to life, shelter, social security and livelihood. All thehard won rights must be preserved and built upon. We demand that all governments of the regionrecognize the global failure of the neo-liberal model to bring equitable development to all. Theglobal economic crisis is symptomatic of the broader failures of commoditization of the world’sresources and exploitation of nature.While we recognize the threat of climate change the solution does not lie in either displacing peoplefrom the forest and land, or in international carbon trade. The International Financial Institutionshave accentuated land grab and displacement of forest and rural communities, loss of traditionallivelihoods and a sharp increase in hunger and farmer suicides. We demand a reversal of neo-liberaleconomic policies and the restoration of public management and ownership. The restructuring of South Asian economies has led to the loss of millions of jobs and rampant poverty andintensification of poverty in both urban and rural communities. Elitist growth-led economicstrategies have reduced possibilities for overall livelihood concerns in economic policy.Neo-liberal policies have led to an attack on democratic struggles including the use of anti-terrorlaws against people’s movements. The states cannot claim impunity since these are in violation of international human rights law. In view of the crushing debt burden there must be cancellation of debt by the IFIs and Northern lenders. South Asian governments must not borrow any more fundsfrom the IFIs.Therefore, we commit here to redoubling our efforts as a united South Asian community to act insolidarity with people’s movements in the region- Dalits, indigenous peoples, labour (includingmigrant workers), fisherfolk, women, peasants, refugees, minorities, displaced peoples, and allother excluded peoples. The access of youth to secure futures must be ensured. Travel within SouthAsia should be visa free. Our solidarity extends to people and movements worldwide.We demand governments to recognize and support the emerging diverse development alternativesinitiated by communities that have successfully incorporated principles of gender justice, ecologicalsustainability and participatory democracy. Adequate resources must be allocated to implementthese alternatives on a national and regional scale. The state must respect, protect and fulfill thebasic legal, social and economic rights of all citizens, including food sovereignty. This will requireincreased prioritization of financial resources to this end.The people of South Asia are witness to the increased militarism and militarization in the region,and the heightened arms race and trade, while poverty and destitution, civilian deaths, and

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