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Scientific report discussion Examples

Scientific report discussion Examples



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Published by Jason de Nys
3 Examples of good scientific discussions for practical investigations involving seed germination (grade 8 level) with comments for improvement.
3 Examples of good scientific discussions for practical investigations involving seed germination (grade 8 level) with comments for improvement.

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Published by: Jason de Nys on Sep 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the experiment, the aim was to find out if the amount of water ina container affected the rate of seed germination. The experiment
proved that it doesn’t affect the rate, as seen in the results. Thehypothesis stated that the more water there is in a container, thefaster the seeds will germinate. This was not supported as all of theseeds germinated at the same time.An experiment that was supposed to last for 4 days only lasted for 1,as all of the seeds used in the experiment germinated in 20 hours.Some of the seeds may have germinated in less than 20 hours, butthis cannot be known exactly as they germinated overnight so a closeeye could not be kept on the seeds. Because of this, the results of theexperiment are all exactly the same. To improve the investigation,
the recording of results should start earlier in the day, so that resultscan be recorded to know exactly how long it takes for the seeds togerminate. Also, the container used to put the seeds in was verydeep, so it made it hard to observe the seeds as the container wastoo high. It would have made the experiment better if flat containerswere used, such as Petri dishes, were used.Taking recordings every 2 hours would also benefit the experiment,to ensure that the seeds won’t germinate suddenly all around thesame time and so that major changes can be easily recorded andnoticeable. Also, the amount of water placed in the containersshould be reduced, as the seeds inside the container with the 40mlof water didn’t really need that much water and the chances of theseeds drowning could be high. I think containers with 15ml, 20ml and25ml of water would be a better choice.
I was not able to record which seeds germinated thefastest. Without any difference between any of the results, notmuch can be learned from this experiment except that the seedsgerminated at the same time, which I don’t think is exactly accuratebecause I was not able to record overnight. The reliability of myresults is extremely low as it was not a fair test. Because I had to domy experiment from home, I did not have 3 exact containers that Icould use to put my seeds in. One of my containers was light blue,while the two others were dark blue. T
his made the experiment
unfair as the light blue container probably reflected off light.The experiment did not come across any problems, except minorproblems such as having to forgetting to record the results by 5minutes. 5 minutes probably wouldn’t have made a difference to theresults, but ensuring accuracy in an experiment would make the testfairer.
Comment [j1]:
Leave outstatements like this until theconclusion
Comment [j2]:
Comment [j3]:
Avoiddefinite statements as youcan not know this, use‘might’ or ‘may’
Comment [j4]:
Containers with 15ml, 20ml and 25mlof water
may be a betterchoice
Comment [j5]:
Comment [j6]:
This isgood, it explains whysomething is not fair orreliable
Comment [j7]:
Grammatical error, get someone toproofread your work toavoid these
Comment [j8]:
Therewas actually the otherproblem of differentcoloured containersrecorded above, the timingof the experiment and theheight of the containers
To extend my investigation, more trials could be made to ensure
accuracy, in case a few beans die throughout the process of recording.More water containers with different amounts of water inside could
also be added. A container containing absolutely no water could beincluded as well.The amount of beans in a dish could be doubled just to make sure
the results are precise.The trend of my experiment was that it the amount of water added
to the seed does not make a difference to how fast the seedgerminates, as seen through the results, which show that all of theseeds germinated at the same time.
Comment [j9]:
Manypeople mentioned havingmore trials, but few peoplementioned why, this waswell done here. This isactually an improvementrather than an extension
Comment [j10]:
This isan extension as it gives usmore varieties of theindependent variable
Comment [j11]:
Animprovement, not anextension
Comment [j12]:
The purpose of this investigation is to investigate and gatherinformation about the affection of the rate of seed germinationwhen the temperature of water is changed. The hypothesis of thisexperiment is that if the temperature of water affects the rate of seed germination, then the plant that is constantly watered with coldwater will germinate slower. I
n this investigation, the results showthat none of the seeds have germinated on the first day but most of the seeds start to germinate on the second day and by the third day,all of the seeds have germinated. In the cup that was watered withcold water, 4 seeds have germinated in 24 hours and the remainingtwo seeds germinated 12 hours later (36 hours). The average of thiscup is 28 hours. In the cup that was watered with tap water, none of the seeds have germinated on the first day and in the morning of thesecond day but they have all germinated on the second night (36hours). This cup’s average is 36 hours. In the cup that was wateredwith hot water, 2 seeds started to germinate in the second morning(24 hours) and 3 more seeds germinated 12 hours later (36 hours)and the last seed germinated in the third morning (48 hours). Thiscup’s average is 34 hours.The results of this experiment is not very reliable, all of the cups thatwere used to plant the seeds were the same size and colour, thetemperature of water was the same everyday for each cup but theamount of water for each cup was not accurate since it was
estimated instead of using a beaker or a measurement cup. Also, theamount of sunlight was not the same for each plant everyday andthis can affect the rate of seed germination.The results did not show a clear relationship between thetemperature of water and the rate of seed germination. Seeds thatwere watered with cold water germinated the fastest; however,seeds that were watered with tap water germinated the slowest andseeds watered with hot water germinated moderately. T
herefore, it
is not proved in the results that seeds germinate faster or slowerwhen the water temperature was increased or decreased.A few problems were faced during this experiment. The first problem
was that the seeds were growing too fast and that they all grewovernight, which does not really prove anything, so this experimentwas done again. Another problem was the decision of where theseeds should be placed, since the seeds were put in a very sunnyplace in the first trial of the experiment and they all grew overnight,the seeds were placed in the shade on the second trial for better
Comment [j13]:
Nopersonal Pronouns in thewhole Discussion, well done!
Comment [j14]:
Goodsummary of results thatincludes averages
Comment [j15]:
Goodpoints explaining why theresults are not reliable
Comment [j16]:
Thisstatement shows that therewas no trend. It is helpful touse the word ‘trend’ whentalking about them so that itis easier for your teacher tospot when you are talkingabout it
Comment [j17]:
Youshould leave these sort of statements until theconclusion

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