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Published by BronteCapital
A prospectus for a late subprime securitisation - with extra protection for Freddie Mav
A prospectus for a late subprime securitisation - with extra protection for Freddie Mav

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Published by: BronteCapital on Sep 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   T   h  e   i  n   f  o  r  m  a   t   i  o  n   i  n   t   h   i  s  p  r  o  s  p  e  c   t  u  s  s  u  p  p   l  e  m  e  n   t   i  s  n  o   t  c  o  m  p   l  e   t  e  a  n   d  m  a  y   b  e  c   h  a  n  g  e   d .   T   h   i  s  p  r  o  s  p  e  c   t  u  s  s  u  p  p   l  e  m  e  n   t  a  n   d   t   h  e  a   t   t  a  c   h  e   d  p  r  o  s  p  e  c   t  u  s  a  r  e  n  o   t  a  n  o   f   f  e  r   t  o  s  e   l   l   t   h  e  s  e  s  e  c  u  r   i   t   i  e  s  a  n   d   t   h  e  y  a  r  e  n  o   t  s  o   l   i  c   i   t   i  n  g  a  n  o   f   f  e  r   t  o   b  u  y   t   h  e  s  e  s  e  c  u  r   i   t   i  e  s   i  n  a  n  y  s   t  a   t  e  w   h  e  r  e   t   h  e  o   f   f  e  r  o  r  s  a   l  e   i  s  n  o   t  p  e  r  m   i   t   t  e   d .
Subject to CompletionPreliminary Prospectus Supplement, Dated December 8, 2006Prospectus Supplement to Prospectus dated July 21, 2006
 Issuing Entity
Sponsor and Servicer 
$1,445,250,000 (Approximate)
Consider carefully therisk factors beginning onpage S-12 in thisprospectus supplementand on page 1 in theaccompanying prospectus.
The certificates willrepresent interests only inthe issuing entity, which isLong Beach MortgageLoan Trust 2006-11 and donot represent an interest inor obligation of LongBeach Securities Corp.,Washington Mutual Bank or any of their affiliates.
Neither these certificatesnor the underlyingmortgage loans areguaranteed by any agencyor instrumentality of theUnited States
The Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-11 will issue fourteen classes of offered certificates, which areidentified below, and seven classes of privately placed certificates. Each class of offered certificates will beentitled to receive monthly distributions of interest or principal or both, beginning on January 25, 2007. Thepass-through rate for each class of offered certificates will be variable and will be based in part on the one-month LIBOR index. The table below contains a list of the classes of offered certificates, including theoriginal certificate principal balance of each class and pass-through rate. Further information concerningthe offered certificates, including the calculation of the applicable pass-through rates, is included in thesummary of this prospectus supplement, beginning at page S-1.The primary asset of the trust will be a pool of sub-prime first and second lien, adjustable-rate and fixed-rate residential mortgage loans. The trust will also contain other assets described in this prospectussupplement.The Offered Certificates
Total principal amount $1,445,250,000 (approximate)First payment date January 25, 2007Interest and/or principal paid MonthlyAssumed final distribution date December 2036Credit enhancement for the offered certificates is being provided by two classes of privately offered subordinatecertificates, which have an aggregate principal balance of approximately $23,250,000. Further credit enhancementfor the senior certificates is being provided by ten classes of mezzanine certificates, which will be subordinated tothe senior certificates. Additional credit enhancement is provided in the form of excess interest,overcollateralization, allocation of losses and cross-collateralization. The offered certificates will have the benefitsof the swap agreement.
ClassOriginal CertificatePrincipal BalancePass-ThroughRate
 Price to PublicUnderwritingDiscountProceeds to theDepositor
Class I-A..................................... $408,047,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class II-A1.................................. 332,114,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class II-A2.................................. 136,392,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class II-A3.................................. 243,208,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class II-A4.................................. 91,489,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-1.................................... 48,750,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-2.................................... 44,250,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-3................................... 27,750,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-4................................... 24,750,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-5................................... 23,250,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-6................................... 22,500,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-7................................... 19,500,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-8................................... 11,250,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%Class M-9................................... 12,000,000 Variable [___._____]% [_.____]% [__._____]%
Determined and subject to limitation and increase as described in this prospectus supplement.
Before deducting expenses estimated to be approximately $810,000.
WaMu Capital Corp. and Goldman, Sachs & Co., as underwriters, will purchase the offered certificates from Long Beach Securities Corp. in theamounts described in “Method of Distribution” beginning on page S-130 of this prospectus supplement.
Neither the SEC nor any state securities commission has approved or disapproved of the offered certificates or determined that thisprospectus supplement or the accompanying prospectus is accurate or complete. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.
Delivery of the certificates offered by this prospectus supplement will be made in book entry form through the facilities of The Depository TrustCompany, and upon request, Clearstream Banking Luxembourg and the Euroclear System on or about December 14, 2006.
. G
In relation to each Member State of the European Economic Area which has implemented the ProspectusDirective (each, a “Relevant Member State”), each underwriter has represented and agreed that with effect fromand including the date on which the Prospectus Directive is implemented in that Relevant Member State (the“Relevant Implementation Date”) it has not made and will not make an offer of certificates to the public in thatRelevant Member State prior to the publication of a prospectus in relation to the certificates which has beenapproved by the competent authority in that Relevant Member State or, where appropriate, approved in another Relevant Member State and notified to the competent authority in that Relevant Member State, all in accordancewith the Prospectus Directive, except that it may, with effect from and including the Relevant ImplementationDate, make an offer of certificates to the public in that Relevant Member State at any time:(a) to legal entities which are authorised or regulated to operate in the financial markets or, if not soauthorised or regulated, whose corporate purpose is solely to invest in securities;(b) to any legal entity which has two or more of (1) an average of at least 250 employees during the lastfinancial year; (2) a total balance sheet of more than €43,000,000 and (3) an annual net turnover of more than €50,000,000, as shown in its last annual or consolidated accounts; or (c) in any other circumstances which do not require the publication by the issuing entity of a prospectus pursuant to Article 3 of the Prospectus Directive.For the purposes of this provision, the expression an “offer of certificates to the public” in relation to anycertificates in any Relevant Member State means the communication in any form and by any means of sufficientinformation on the terms of the offer and the certificates to be offered so as to enable an investor to decide to purchase or subscribe the certificates, as the same may be varied in that Member State by any measureimplementing the Prospectus Directive in that Member State and the expression “Prospectus Directive” meansDirective 2003/71/EC and includes any relevant implementing measure in each Relevant Member State.
Each underwriter has represented and agreed that:(a) it has only communicated or caused to be communicated and will only communicate or cause to becommunicated an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity (within the meaning of Section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act (the “FSMA”)) received by it in connection with the issue or sale of thecertificates in circumstances in which Section 21(1) of the FSMA does not apply to the issuing entity; and(b) it has complied and will comply with all applicable provisions of the FSMA with respect to anythingdone by it in relation to the certificates in, from or otherwise involving the United Kingdom.
The distribution of this prospectus supplement (A) if made by a person who is not an authorized personunder the FSMA, is being made only to, or directed only at persons who (1) are outside the United Kingdom, or (2) have professional experience in matters relating to investments, or (3) are persons falling within Articles49(2)(a) through (d) (“high net worth companies, unincorporated associations, etc.”) or 19 (InvestmentProfessionals) of the Financial Services and Market Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (all such personstogether being referred to as the “Relevant Persons”). This prospectus supplement must not be acted on or reliedon by persons who are not Relevant Persons. Any investment or investment activity to which this prospectus
supplement relates, including the offered certificates, is available only to Relevant Persons and will be engaged inonly with Relevant Persons.Potential investors in the United Kingdom are advised that all, or most, of the protections afforded by theUnited Kingdom regulatory system will not apply to an investment in the trust fund and that compensation will not be available under the United Kingdom Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
Important Notice About Information Presented in thisProspectus Supplement and the Accompanying Prospectus
We provide information to you about the offered certificates in two separate documents that progressively provide more detail: (a) the accompanying prospectus, which provides general information, some of which maynot apply to your series of certificates, and (b) this prospectus supplement, which describes the specific terms of your series of certificates.
You should be certain to review the information in this prospectus supplement for a description of the specific terms of your certificates.
Investors are encouraged to consult their own counsel, tax advisors, accountants, financial and other advisors for considerations of investing in the Certificates that may be particular to the investor’s individualsituation.We include cross-references in this prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus to captions inthese materials where you can find further related discussions. The following table of contents and the table of contents included in the accompanying prospectus provide the pages on which these captions are located.You can find a listing of the pages where some of the capitalized terms used in this prospectus supplementand the accompanying prospectus are defined under the caption “Index of Defined Terms” in this prospectussupplement and under the caption “Glossary” beginning on page 132 in the accompanying prospectus. Capitalizedterms used in this prospectus supplement and not otherwise defined in this prospectus supplement have themeanings assigned in the accompanying prospectus.

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