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Faith Partner Payback

Faith Partner Payback

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Published by Patricia Backora
Christians obey bad doctrine and expect God to reward them. But that reward isn't very nice, as one deceived Christian learns.
Christians obey bad doctrine and expect God to reward them. But that reward isn't very nice, as one deceived Christian learns.

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Sep 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Faith Par
ner Payback
By Patricia Backora
 “You’ve got just THREE days to cough up my rent, kid!” Greg’s rich andord arned"  “#an’t you give me a $reak, mister%” Greg peaded" “God i $ess you i& you give me a &e e'tra days"”  “(hat do ) care a$out God%” the man $ustered" “)& He reay oved you, hy oud ) $e standing at your door threatening you ith eviction on *riday% This hoe $uiding $eongs to me and every$ody here is at my mercy"”  “You might on this $uiding, +r" harkey, $ut my *ather ons this hoe ide ord" You can’t put me on the street uness He aos it"”  “(e’ EE i& ) don’t! - ) kno, kid, is you $etter $e at +Y o&&ice ith the dough at nine a"m" sharp *riday morning, or you’ $e $umming on the $each pushing a shopping cart"”  “+y *ather i provide,” Greg said" “-&ter a the money )’ve sent to T. preachers, He’s $ound to" They promised me a mirace harvest"” The andord smirked" “You’re dum$er than ) thought you ere, kid" Those guys are ying to you through their teeth" (hy do you think they’re a iving in ocean&ront mansions and driving a +ercedes /en0 hie you can’t even make the rent on this grotty dump% This ord’s not &it &or seet suckers ike you" Ho do you think )’.E made it so &ar in i&e, kid% ) give no mercy and ) ask &or none" You’re iving in #oud 1oo 1oo and" )n the RE-2 ord you’ve gotta *)GHT &or everything you get, and you either sink or sim"” 
 “)t says in the /i$e, 3(hat good does it do you to gain the hoe ord and ose your on sou’, +r" harkey" God is the 4ne (ho et you have a this and He can take it aay anytime He ants"” Greg shuddered" )t asn’t ike him to stand up to $uying authority &igures" He as too nice a #hristian &or that" +r" harkey shoved his &ace into Greg’s" “5o you kno ho ) am, you snot6nosed punk% )’m a muti6$iionaire! The man upstairs can’t do 74TH)7’ to me! ) coud have sent one o& my agents to ork you over today" /ut ) anted to put the &ear o& god in you myse&"”  “/ut you -RE7’T God, +r" harkey"” +r" harkey ooked donright ounded" “4ne more peep out o& you, kid, and you’ $e sucking your $reak&ast through your nose" +ake me any madder and )’ thro you out no! ) don’t care ho you get it, *riday morning’s the deadine or you’re 48T!” Greg didn’t even say “God $ess you, sir” as the $iionaire andord staked aay to his ne't victim" Greg shut the door, dre the sha$$y curtains and started pacing the &oor" 34h, 24R5!” he cried" “5id you see ho mean he as to me, and hat he said a$out You% (hen ()22 You make good on the T. preacher’s promise to mutipy $ack a that money ) sent% ) sent it in &aith, 2ord, my RE7T money, and ) just ost my jo$ at /urger 5eite! )& You don’t mutipy it $ack, ) don’t kno (H-T i happen to me! ” Greg as out ooking &or a jo$ the ne't day hen he &ound +r" harkey sumped on a park $ench" Greg greeted him ony to $e tod to mind his on $usiness" “/ut +r" harkey, )’ve just put in my appication at +c5onad’s and they said they’d ca me $ack to et me kno i& ) can ork part time" ) might $e a$e to $orro the rent o&& my unce ti ne't month" #oud you ait ti ne't +onday, may$e%”  “Get ost kid, your rent’s nothing to do ith me anymore"” The &ororn andord pued his e'pensive -rmani $usiness suit coser a$out his shivering &rame" uch icy eather as unusua &or this area"  “(hat are you doing, sitting out here in the park, +r" harkey% 2ook, it’s snoing" You shoud go home"”  “-in’t got one no more, kid"” The andord ooked ike he coud cry" “(ho% Y48%” (hy you said you oned to city $ocks o& apartments"”  “Yeah, ) did kid, ti ) $e it a at the race track" ) $et a $iion on *ying *ea$ag $ecause my pa /ugsy tod me the other horses got doped up $y one o& our stooges and ) just coudn’t ose" (e, it seems ike that dirty rat dou$e6crossed me! He as a secret agent &or the $ookies and he 2)E5 to me so )’d ose everything and he coud coect his cut! )t as either sign a my properties over to pay my gam$ing de$ts or )’d $e &ound &oating in the river the ne't day" /oo hoo hoo! The syndicate sei0ed a my $eauti&u mansions and properties" They even took my i&e aay! - ) got e&t is the cothes on my $ack and my ce phone, hich is aready running out o& juice" ) don’t even on a tent! )& my $odyguard /ee&y don’t phone me $ack and say ) can stay ith him, )’ have to
go stay at that homeess &ophouse on 7inth t", and every$ody’s gonna augh at me!” Greg patted him on the shouder" “+r" harkey, 9esus can hep you:” +r" harkey shoved Greg aay" “5on’t you 5-RE te me that junk! )& there (- a god, he oudn’t have et that happen to me! - ) did as try to $e a triionaire, and He et me don! Get out o& my sight!”  “/ut +r" harkey, oud you at east take my jacket i& you’re gonna stay out here% )t’s armer than yours"” -&ter +r" harkey hured unprinta$e insuts at him, Greg got the message and spit" He stopped to te a poiceman that someone shoud $ring +r" harkey out o& the cod $e&ore he &ro0e to death" The cop nodded ith a deadpan &ace and promised to take rea good care o& him"Greg as gone $ut the pudgy cop just stood here he as, munching on his doughnut, eighing his options" -&ter a the he that man had put him and his &amiy through:"7e't evening as (ednesday night service, a specia haring 7ight" Greg ent up &ront to testi&y" “)t as on the nes,” he choked" “+y andord, +r" harkey, as &ound dead this morning on a park $ench" He must have $een too proud to go to the homeess sheter a&ter he ost a his money at the race track" ) tried to itness to +r" harkey hen he came &or the rent, $ut a he did as curse my &aith and threaten to thro me out o& my apartment"” ome saints mum$ed their sympathy, $ut others hispered that it served that od devi right &or $eing such a mean repro$ate"  “) &ee rea $ad a$out it,” Greg continued" “) ish )’d hung around to itness some more to him, $ut )’ve $een so rapped up in my on trou$es" )’ve $een orried, uh, ) mean
 a$out my rent $eing due on *riday morning" Everyone pease pray &or me that )’ get my mirace $y *riday"”  “-men,” the pastor said" “imon harkey, $iionaire reator, ies sient in the grave, and his tongue $asphemes no more" 2et his tragic i&e and death $e a arning to a ho oud dare to cross the ministry o& this church" /rother Greg has kept current ith his tithes" -so, Greg has &aith&uy son seed in /rother 9u$a *i$ert’s T. ministry" on, you can rest assured o& our prayers" /e o& good cheer" E;<E#T - +)R-#2E! Tonight e’ $e joining /rother *i$ert’s service ive through the mirace o& )nteractive )nternet"” Head hung o, Greg sumped don in his seat, hardy daring to ook at anyone" Greg ondered i& he even $eonged here, in this $ig rich church that attracted $ig crods o& &anciy6dressed strangers you kne oud never =uite $e your &riends" Their stony sience and icy stares said it a" ome yaned or coughed" 7o$ody reay cared" Then he &et a ight touch on his arm" trange" Hardy any$ody ever sat near him, even i& the church as &iing up" Greg had never seen this edery ady $e&ore" - tiny isp o& a oman ith stee gray hair, earing a simpe $ue dress" he ooked od enough to $e Greg’s grandmother" /ut her cheeks ere rosy and her smie as $right and she had the armest, seetest smie" 8nike Greg’s party anima mom, ho as divorced and had run o&& ith her ne man, hardy ever $othering to ca or even rite"

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