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History, U.S. Honors - Course Syllabus 2009/2010

History, U.S. Honors - Course Syllabus 2009/2010

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Published by Marty Irwin
Course Syllabus - Mr. Irwin's 2009/2010 Honors U.S. History class.
Course Syllabus - Mr. Irwin's 2009/2010 Honors U.S. History class.

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Published by: Marty Irwin on Sep 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COURSE SYLLABUSUniversity City High SchoolMr. Irwin -
School Year 2009 – 2010
858-457-3040 Ext 102 - www.mirwin.weebly.com
Above average academic achievement as indicated by a grade of “A” or “B” in both 10
grade World History and 10
grade English; recommendation for student enrollment in Honors U.S. History by the student’s 10
grade World History teacher, the 10
grade English teacher, or both. Students/parentswho wish to challenge this policy must attend a student-parent conference with the teacher & counselor andsign a commitment agreement.
A People & A Nation – Eighth Edition (Houghton Mifflin, 2008).
Designed for the college bound, the GATE qualified, or for the student whoseeks a challenging academic curriculum in U.S. History. In this course, students will acquire knowledge of American history from the colonial period to present day, with major emphasis on the development of American ideals and institutions. Students will use original source documents and other resources tosupplement the text as they study the social, cultural, intellectual, economic, political, and diplomatic historyof our country. This will require all students who take this course to possess good reading, essay writing andcritical thinking skills, and to continually improve theses skills as the school year progresses.
All students enrolled in this course will be required to take the SDCS semester examinations for Honors U.S.History, which will be given near the completion of each semester. Student scores on these exams will beused in the computation of the student’s grade in Honors U.S. History.
Reading from textbook, literature and other material ~ Lectures and note taking ~Class discussions relating to assigned readings ~ Films, slide shows & PowerPoint presentations ~Homework including both assigned readings and written responses ~ Term projects ~ Current eventsassignments ~ Small group activities ~ Independent research ~ Written essays.
Throughout the school year, students will:Master a broad body of historical knowledge ~ Demonstrate knowledge of historical chronology ~ Usehistorical data to support an argument or position ~ Differentiate between historiographical schools of thought ~ Interpret and apply data from original documents ~ Effectively use analytical skills of evaluation,cause and effect, compare and contrast ~ Work effectively with others to produce products and solve problems ~ Prepare for and attempt to successfully pass the SDCS semester examinations.
A weighted points system will be used to determine student grades as detailed below:
Tests will comprise 50% of a student’s overall grade.
Written homework and notes in student’s notebook - 15% of the overall grade.
Weekly quizzes - 10% of a student’s overall grade.
Term projects - 15% of the overall grade.
Class work, participation, including current events - 10% of the grade.
1.The student is to be on time, in assigned seat and beginning work by the time the bell rings.2.The student will come to class prepared to work by bringing all needed materials such as notebook, paper, pencil, pen, textbook and any other material that may be required.3.Respect the authority of the teacher and the rights of all students to learn.4.Obtain teacher recognition before speaking; do not talk when the teacher or an acknowledged student isspeaking.5.Electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, iPods, other MP3 players, CD players, accessories tothese devices, or similar items are to be kept turned off and stored out of sight, in purse or backpack.6.Obey and follow all school rules, respect others and their material and property.
1.ONE (1) tardy results in a student/teacher talk and loss of citizenship points.2.TWO (2) tardies will result in a call to parent or guardian and loss of citizenship points.3.THREE (3) tardies will result in detention and loss of citizenship points.4.FOUR (4) tardies will result in a referral and citizenship grade of “U”.5.TRUANCY – truancy policy SB813 will be enforced. Truants will be assigned Saturday School, andcitizenship points will be deducted. Repeat truants will receive a referral, parent will be notified andstudent will receive a citizenship grade of “U”.
Daily/Weekly homework assignments, which will include reading and written work, will be given. Studentsare expected to complete all homework, and to manage their time in such a way as to meet all homework duedates. No Late Work Will Be Accepted!!!
I maintain a website for my Honors U.S. History students and their parents. The website can be accessedfrom either of two web addresses. They are:www.mirwin.weebly.comor  www.universitycityhigh.org  Posted on my website on a weekly basis are all class assignments, objectives and due dates. Students willvisit this site regularly. Parents are encouraged to visit the class website at any time, in order to stayinformed about tests, quizzes, homework assignments, projects and their respective due dates. This classwebsite will be used as a portal to online quizzes that will comprise 10% of the student’s grade. Also,through either method of accessing my website, students and parents can email me, simply by clicking on theicon that says “Send Email to Mr. Irwin.”
Student grades, by assignment, are posted regularly on the San Diego School District’s Internet based Zanglegradebook. Parents are encouraged to register for Parent Connect, by contacting UCHS to obtain a PIN sothat they and their student can view grades at anytime. Zangle gives parents and students to ability to check academic performance, without having to wait for a six-week progress report.
Since the student will be in class every day, except for legitimate reasons such as a serious illness, thereshould be very few instances in which a student needs to make up work. All assignments will be posted onthe class website so that students remain informed about their assignments and due dates. As the result,students will be expected to turn in legitimately missed work on the day of their return or at the latest, within24 hours of their return. Legitimately missed tests must be made up by appointment after school, within thenext five class days. The teacher reserves the right to use alternative tests for make-up purposes. Failure tomake up missed assignments, including tests, in the manner described, will result in a grade of “zero” for themissed assignment or test.
The state of California has adopted educational standards that describe the knowledge and skill sets that thestudent is expected to acquire as the result of this course of study. I will plan lessons that address thesestandards and will deliver a curriculum that meets the California Standards. In order to acquire the proper knowledge and skill sets mentioned,
the student must make the effort to learn, by acceptingresponsibility for all work assigned and by self-managing the reading/homework load each week.
Properly executed, each student will exit this course with solid knowledge of all aspects of U.S. History.
UCHS has an academic honesty policy that will be adhered to. Student behavior involving any form of cheating and/or plagiarism will not be tolerated. This includes cheating on tests or quizzes, using “canned”essays, copying another student’s homework, and/or any other form of dishonesty. Evidence of violation of the UCHS honesty policy will result in a grade of zero for the assignment, no make up opportunity, a referral,a call home to parents and the lowering of the student’s citizenship grade to “U”. Repeat offenders will besubject to more severe consequences that can include reporting the offense on the student’s high schooltranscript, receiving an “F” for the semester, and being dropped from Honors U.S. History.
In order to maximize the learning process, I encourage parents to talk to their children regularly aboutschool, homework, tests and projects, and to provide a home environment that supports learning. I plan tocall and email parents from time to time, to let them know how their child is doing in class. Parents shouldfeel free to contact me by email or by phone, with any question about how their student is doing. I welcomethe student and his/her parent supporters to Honors U.S. History!
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