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Breakable Bella (Part 14)

Breakable Bella (Part 14)



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Published by Rachel
My replacement for Eclipse. Starts off by Edward losing control after a spat with Jacob.
My replacement for Eclipse. Starts off by Edward losing control after a spat with Jacob.

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Published by: Rachel on Sep 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella’s POV:I woke up to Edward gently massaging my thigh. I sighed and sat up to escape theslow torture. It was officially September now. The only definite plans I had todaywere to see off Ben and Angela when they left for Seattle this afternoon. All thefreshmen were moving into the dorms this week. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t see eachother again until January.“So you and Jasper seem to be getting along well,” Edward observed with distinctsuspicion. They were his first words of the day.“Uh-huh,” I agreed as nonchalantly as possible.“Now I just have to win over Rosalie,” I scoffed, trying to change his focus.His forehead creased but he did not reply, so I retreated from the bed and headedfor the shower.Who knew that one hug could cause so much Cullen family drama? Jasper was a goodguy and sometimes I think he felt left out. It was common knowledge that Emmettwas Edward’s favorite brother. There were many logical reasons for this: Emmettwas playful, funny, and Edward knew him longer. But I still felt bad for theobvious preference. Not that I wasn’t playing favorites myself. I much preferredAlice to Rosalie, but that was a little different because Rosalie loathed me back.I smiled when I realized that I just considered myself part of the family.In any case, even though I had a favorite sister, I didn’t have to choose afavorite brother. Jasper probably thought that I already chose Emmett as myfavorite and in a subconscious way, I suppose I had. Emmett offered bone-crushinghugs and Jasper offered nods. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t care about me.Probably the opposite. He was being careful. And his family no doubt pressured himto be overly careful.And by family, I mean Edward.I ran a towel through my hair to soak up any extra moisture before brushing itout. I wrapped myself up and walked back into my room to retrieve my outfit.Edward was still on the bed with a contemplative face. I withheld a sigh and optedto get dressed in the bathroom like old times’ sake so I could avoid any morequestioning. After I was dressed, I was seriously contemplating blow drying myhair to waste more time when Edward knocked on the door and I heard his ratherfrantic voice.“Bella? We have to go.”___________________Edward’s POV:Bella opened the door immediately and the look in her eyes nearly crumpled me. Itwas the look she had the night of the baseball game, the look in that Port Angelesalley, the look when Jane was torturing me. The fear was palpable, and the worstpart is that I couldn’t do a thing to relieve it.“The Volturi,” I breathed.It all happened quickly yet impossibly slow. I grabbed her before she even hadtime for a panic attack. Then we were at my house. Everyone was hugging Bellawhich only made her more afraid. Then Esme babysat her in the kitchen while weformed a plan in hushed whispers, a few rooms away. Bella yelled at us, demandingto be included in the planning. But we all over the place. Alice’s vision onlyshowed them arriving: Demetri, of course, a blurry male, and two females that mustbe their guards. There were no visible outcomes, even when we decided how we would
hide Bella. Of course, that was because of our escort choice.“Jacob?” Bella called, walking out of the kitchen after she heard him greet us.Her face was confused.“Hey Bells.” Jacob shifted uncomfortably, knowing from the phone call what weneeded from him.Alice was focusing all she could on the blurry male in her vision when she gasped.“Alec,” she choked. “The fourth person is Alec,” she told no one in particular.Bella looked concerned and confused by Alice’s reaction.“What gift does Alec have again?”“It’s unimportant,” I interjected. Great, just we need..She scowled. “So what’s the plan?” she asked defiantly.“Bella..” I started. She was going to hate this. “We’re going to hide you.”“No!” she yelled. “I told you no hiding! I said that months ago.” And I neveragreed.Demetri can’t track you or Jacob, so he’ll escort you,” I continued.“I’m not going,” she said stubbornly. “Just change me! It’s inevitable anyway. Itwill just speed things up.”Carlisle shook his head and decided to step in.“Bella, none of us are in favor of an emergency transformation if it can beavoided. You decided to travel and attend years of college as a human and we haveevery intention of making that possible. It’s unanimous among us.”“Everyone?” she clarified, looking at Rosalie. Bella knew that Rose valuedhumanity, but she probably expected a snide comment about her endangering thefamily like always. Heck, I expected it. But she just nodded. Even her thoughtsweren’t offensive. Huh. Ice Bitch was melting.“Well I’m glad everyone’s vote matters but mine,” Bella mumbled. I sighed andcontinued my instructions.“We acquired a modest house a few months ago that no one knows about. Jasperbought it in cash with a false name in case we ever needed a hiding place nearby.Jacob will take you up to the guest room where you will stay until this is over.It’s the only room with a bed in it or seats at all, actually. We’ve only juststarted to decorate the house. But there is some food in the cabinets that Jacobcan get you when you arrive.” I glanced at Jacob for confirmation. He nodded. Ileft out the part about Jacob’s responsibilities after they arrived because thatreally would not help to calm her.After checking with me in her thoughts, Alice slipped behind Bella and gave Jacoba set of handcuffs. She also whispered instructions in his ear. I’m glad we hadthe cuffs laying around for some reason, even though it pained me to think of mylove restrained like a criminal. But Bella can be feisty when she is determined. Iknow that better than anyone.Bella was still shaking her head and refusing to go, completely missing theexchange.I was pleading for her to cooperate, but she was going regardless.“There’s no point to this! I can’t live without you!” she yelled.“I’m not dying today, Bella,” I said softly.“But if anything did happen to me..yes, you can,” I said evenly. “And you will,” Iadded firmly. “People care about you.” I nodded my head over her shoulder, towardJacob. “I care about you. I need you to exist, even if I’m not there to witnessit. Promise me.” She can’t ever harm herself. Not my angel.
She shook her head bitterly. “What if I want to be a coward? I’m sure it’s myturn. It’s only fair.”“Bella,” I warned.“Jacob needs to take her now. We don’t have time for this,” Alice said sadly.‘Don’t worry, Edward. I wouldn’t let her do anything stupid,’ Alice assured me inher thoughts.“Alright, just let me say goodbye,” I murmured, moving toward Bella.She backed up slightly. “No.”“What?” I whispered.“I’m not saying goodbye to you,” she declared as she brushed by Jacob’s shoulderand headed toward the front door.“Wait!” Alice exclaimed, throwing herself at Bella to form a hug before kissingher cheek.Bella looked at her pixie sadly before turning her body to face the rest of thefamily, giving them a weak wave. Jacob pulled Bella out the door as she whispered“I love you all.”After the door shut, the family started pacing or strategizing. I, however, hadnot moved a centimeter since she refused my goodbye. I definitely had newmotivation to get my family and I through this. I had to be able to make amendsafter this was over._______________________Bella’s POV:Jacob ushered me into his Rabbit and took off as soon as my seatbelt was in placeand my wrist was attached to the center console.I was furious to say the least. I’m not a child. They can’t keep making thesedecisions for me, putting themselves in danger for me.“You know,” Jacob said, breaking the silence and running his fingers over thehandcuffs, “It’s too bad these aren’t fuzzy.” He smirked at me, trying to lightenthe mood.“Can it, Jacob. Unless you want me to repeat that comment to a certain blond Yalewannabe.” I was in no mood for his antics.Jacob scowled in reply.“You could be nicer. I left her in the middle of a fucking date for this andshe’ll have to find a ride.” His harsh words lacked venom.I felt a little bad for Jacob but I quickly pushed it away. I had to keep theanger inside of me for as long as I could. Because once I let the sorrow takeover, I knew there was no coming back from it. I swallowed.“Where did they get the handcuffs anyway? Why did they have them already?” I askedto distract myself. I would have totally blamed it on a certain sexed up couple inthe house, but I knew Emmett or Rose could snap them off with a flick of theirwrist.“I don’t know why your bloodsuckers do half the shit they do, don’t ask me.”I sighed. Maybe the silence wasn’t so bad.His phone kept buzzing every 5 minutes and it was starting to get annoying. Butevery time, he just looked at the Caller ID and winced.

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